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Incredible Update from Michael about Xelijanz

Sent to me from Michael on May 1st, and before anybody reads this…a BIG BIG massive thank you to all of you who posted comments to his original story, you can tell you are the ones who really hooked Michael up!!!!!:

Michael’s story was very much about a frustrating(to say the least) situation he was going through with insurance companies surrounding his UC treatment options. AND…the good side seems to be winning this war!!! his update is below, and at the bottom is a link to his original story for you to read too.

“Hi Adam,

So I wanted to give you an update to post regarding my issues with getting the Xeljanz approved.  I looked at the comments posted and after speaking with my therapist and doctors I reached out to Pfizer the drug manufacture directly.

They have a patient assistance program called Xelsource – I completed the application and submitted the initial denials received from my insurance company CVS/Caremark and they reached out to my doctor for additional information.  Based on my current income status I was informed that I qualified for their program and was granted the Xeljanz as needed from April 2019 to December 2019.  That was great news to me.  They were very  caring  and worked with me to get this approved.  They to date provided me with the first three months’ supply of the Rx at no charge.

While waiting to see if this would be approved, I had read that another member of your website had posted that their doctor reached out to a Specialty Pharmacy in Main called Apothecary By Design {877-814-8447} and had good results getting their Rx approved.  So with nothing to lose I called this Pharmacy and spoke with Rachel one of their Specialty Benefits Coordinator .

I explained my situation to her and asked if she can help with maybe getting the Xeljanz approved through CVS/Caremark – I sent her all of the documents I had and she also reached out to my doctor for some additional items.  Two weeks later I get a call from Rachel and she advised me that she was able to get CVS/Caremark to reconsider their previous denials/appeals and have approved me for the Xelijanz until 2021.  I did not expect this!!!  What great work by her and the pharmacy!!!

I then needed to notify my case manager at Xelsource and advised them that my insurance company has agreed to process my claim for the drugs.  They were now able to set up a co-pay assist card that also allows me to get the medication at no charge.

I must say without your website, I would have not known where to turn and definitely would not have known about this Specialty Pharmacy Apothecary By Design.

I have had good results since starting the Xelijanz about 2 ½ months ago!!

Please pass this information on to the site users/members.  Thanks again for doing what you do!!!!

All the best,

Michael “

his original story is posted here

1 thought on “Incredible Update from Michael about Xelijanz”

  1. My name is Jack and I went thru the same stressful problem of not being able to afford Lialda. Lialda is made by Shire Pharmasutical.
    They have a program called Shire Cares. After 3 months of dirreah and losing a lot of weight and a Colonoscopy I was diagnosed with doctor prescribed Lialda and at a $1000.00 a month there was no way I could afford it.
    Well my doctor’s nurse told me about Shires program and she submitted all the paperwork for me and I was approved.i have been
    In remission since I got it 11/20/16. At no charge. If you have medication from Shire you need to contact them.Micheal I’m so glad you got what you needed as I know how you felt and it’s terrible.
    I hope you stay in remission forever and may God bless.

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