I’m Tired of Dealing with this Illness – Help


I’m 30 years old had has uc for ten years now and I’m tired of dealing with this illness. I do however love to read,write, and play sports.

Symptoms I’m Dealing With:

Nausea, tiredness, lack of appetite, and constant back and abdominal pain and constant constipation. Along with major bloatness.

My Story:

I have had uc now for ten years and I’m to the point where i want the surgery; however I’m scared to have because I don’t know what to except and i want to be able to have children still if anyone has advice please help me out.  I know the longer you keep the colon the higher of chance of getting cancer every year. My doctor says that we will need to see how damage is done and go from there, but I don’t want to wait anymore to decide if i need the surgery or not. I’m also taking asceol 1600mg 3 times a day and it’s hard to tell if the meds are working or not. I’m in constant pain and constant constantipation.If you know of anything that would help on daily basis for pain and any recommendations on new meds that could work. I live in Canada so I might be limited to what i have access to. I iv meds better than the oral meds? I’m tired of taking meds orally and want a change in them. My doctors won’t listen to what i want to have happen with me. What type of foods to help with the constipation and the bloating? How does the J pouch work and is it safe to have inside you and does it affect you sexually? Also can colitis lead into Crohn’s at all? I don’t eat a lot of meat and I love raw veggies and fruit should i also be taking a multivitmin?

Has ayone used Align at all and if so how does work and any reaction from taking it? If some people could help me answer these questions that would be great and appreciated also thanks for the support for those who can help me out.

written by Baby Girl

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  1. i had the surgery and that was the best thing that ever happened to me. byebye uc. i dont have any complications with the j pouch. i hate to type bcus theres so much that i can tell you. if u want to talk about it u can call my number (blocked) if u preferred, and ill tell u what ever u need to know. i live in ny and my number is 3473517694

  2. Hi Baby Girl..

    I totally understand. After 15 years of UC, i would opt for the surgery BEFORE I took any more of the meds used to treat it. The asacol that I was on for 13 years made me nauseated, sore, caused me hair loss, made me bleed more, caused terrible acne, etc…all things that the doctor attributed to the UC itself. Well, it wasn’t the UC. I went off the asacol and all of those symtems went away.

    Somehow, I have attained complete remission just taking probiotics and fermente L-glutamine powder. I swear never to take anothe UC med again. They all eventually fail and the short and long term side effects just are not worth it, to me at least.

    Align is a probiotic, as far as I know, so I’m all for it!! Give it a try!!

    Cheers, and happy holidays:)

  3. Have you tried radically changing your diet? SCD? Paleo? Getting rid of grains and dairy? Having your colon removed will probably make you a lot better but if it causes problems, as it sometimes does, there’s no turning back. Look into the risks of “pouchitis” and the others risks that surgery bring before you commit to surgery. Look at the benefits too. And look at the alternatives (diet, different drugs). It’s important that you are able to make a very informed decision as this is a very big decision.

    Some people with UC get Crohn’s but not very many. It is certainly possible to have both (and I am really sorry for anyone who does!)

  4. I use Align. My doctor gave me samples and it seems to help, so I kept it up. Once, the store didn’t have it and I bought another, cheaper brand, and my symptoms got worse. There are other good probiotics too. I started Boswellia, as some have said it is helpful and there is some research to back it up.

  5. Hey DON’T DO SURGERY!!!! at 30??? are you kidding me!!! Keep your parts and I started on ZYFLAMEND LIQUID 8 years ago and it SAVED MY LIFE. I thought my story was up about it but i can t find it ??? anyway, order it, get the liquid kind, put two droppers UNDER the tongue (taste hhhhhhorrible) and wash it down. Do it twice three times a day initially, but you’ll see results like within an hour.
    I do take probiotics to (PB8) but nothing ever helps as great as ZYFLAMEND !!!
    best of health to you!!!

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