I’m Here – To Meet You All


I’m 49 year old single indian woman….mother of two beautiful children….been very positive…..but now i feel like im losing my confidence…trying to get back to my track again……im here to meet you all……love you all…:)

Some more about me:

i love to write and sing…in love with nature and music….love gardening cooking…..doing charity works…i dnt hve much good friends….im a home bird….love to be at home…actually in search of good like minded friends…i want to be happy and dnt like to be a burden for any one….my book is going to get published soon….


after taking medicines my diarrhea stopped…often feel a nagging pain on my right side….my BP increased…..im always hungry ..but scared to eat…:(……………………foods reminds me of the sufferings i had in the past one year……

My Colitis Story:

I was suffering from abdominal cramps,bloody watery loose motions since almost two years.

One year ago went to a doctor done colonoscopy and my biopsy autolised and he put me on Prednisone, ciplox tz, and asacol with out any real biopsy report. Within 2 weeks my blood pressure went high and I had 3 episodes of severe nasal bleeding. After that I was continued taking asacol for 5 months and was perfectly okay. Again in last August 2012 started having bloody diarrhea and cramps. I couldn’t eat anything…my doctor told me that he can’t prescribe any steroids again and asked me to try to live with colitis..which made me really sad and felt like insulted. And i went to an other gastroenterologist…He asked me to stop asacol and treated me with different medicines including antibiotics..nothing worked much,,,i was in great agony….

One month ago been admitted to the hospital and done CAT scan…HIV test…and some other tests too and everything was positive…My new doctor is very gentle and caring and trying his level best to help his patients…Done 2 colonoscopies again.all biopsy reports shows unspecified mild colitis.he prescribed asacol..and the next morning i was at ER due to breathing problems and chest pain.so he precribed another medicines.now im on Budez CR (3 capsules)..pentasa one gram granules twice daily….with hyper tension tabs…Vsl3 and thyroid medicine…and zapiz..25……now i don’t have diarrhea. My BP increased a bit…so daily monitoring….my hemoglobin level is 12…colonoscopy shows right side inflammation which look like patches…done chromogranin test and its bit elevated and they suspect its due to my over usage of antacids like Happy D …I used to take it on daily basis since years with out knwing the horrible side effects….i dnt knw what to do and im really really worried too…..as i said i dnt want to be a burden for any one…:(.i trust in GOD..thank you friends for reading my post…i will pray for yo too…..regards Anu.


Budez CR
Pentasa 1 gram granules …are helping me
Along with Vsl3….hoping for the best..

written by Anu

submitted in the colitis venting area

2 thoughts on “I’m Here – To Meet You All”

  1. Hi. I read your story. I hope you get it figured out soon. I think the best way to go about trying to get better is by using supplements and vitamins. I was in a bad flare for the past month. Last year I was hospitalized for five days. Drugs, as you’ve discovered through using your Happy D and Prednisone can cause more issues. I, however need to use prednisone to pull me out of a flare if it is bad enough. Although prednisone didn’t work as well the second time I used it. I think, if you have to use drugs use them, but for me, I try to stay natural as much as possible. Right now I’ve added L-glutamine and a probiotic (Bev told me about it) to my regular regime of chlorella, astaxanthine, spirunila and Melaleuca vitality total (daily vitamins) and I’ve seen improvement after three days of using it. I am still not well, but it has improved. I’ve never heard of blood pressure going up or nose bleeds, but maybe other members on this site have. I was shocked to read about your first doctor. He should really refer you to another doctor. I guess it is too much for doctors to admit they don’t know how to treat something. I hope you can figure out how to get better soon.

  2. Hi Anu,

    Welcome to the website!

    You will find lots of good advice on here.

    I agree with Wendy….the drugs for UC can be quite ‘evil’. We have all been there and taken some of them. They all seem to eventually stop working, unfortunately…AND they don’t actually HEAL the colon. I think that you have to heal the colon to really treat and manage UC.

    I only take a good probiotic and L-glutamine. No more drugs for me. I am in remission for over a year now.


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