I’m All Better, Right?

Beth EI just turned forty in December and life was going pretty good. I live in Atlanta and enjoy being active. I have a horse I love to ride and spend time outdoors being active when I can. Pretty normal person with a pretty normal life.

I was admitted to the hospital when I went to GI appointment. He told me, “You are in trouble and I will not treat you outpatient.” I was admitted and didn’t realize how bad I really was. They could not keep an IV in me without blowing the vein for more than twelve hours. Five days later I was released. Life should go back to normal right? They wouldn’t have released me if I wasn’t better. Right?

Some more background info:

I am a Sagittarius in every way. I am fun and like constant change and stimulation in my environment to feel fulfilled. I have a times (mostly by my dad)been called flighty and my boyfriend doesn’t understand how someone’s plans can possibly change so much. Hey, go with the flow!


I was diagnosed on Jan 10, 2015. I am in a flare up. I am having pain and lose bowel movements. The diarrhea is under control and bleeding has stopped since being released from hospital. I am losing 1/2 to 1lb per day. I have lost 18 lbs since Jan 1st. I am fatigued and in a fog. I dare not attempt to drive due to my head being too ‘swimmy’.

I’m All Better, Right?

When the doctor at the hospital sat down to tell me I have Ulcerative Colitis it was simple and sweet. I was very exhausted from all the bloody bowel movements, starvation from lack of appetite (I simply could not eat), and stress from drugs and blown IV’s. I thought it was just a stamp on why I was so sick and now that I had all this medicine life was normal again. I was released with five prescriptions and told only one would be my ‘maintenance’ drug. I would eventually be off the others. Still didn’t dawn on me that this was serious or a condition I was going to have to live with much less attempt to manage.

I was home two days and had a bad day with blood and increased pain and discomfort. I could not reach my doctor or anyone that could tell me anything. I thought that maybe I should return to hospital. The doctor not calling me back was a blessing. It made me research, and find this site, what my diagnosis actually meant.

This is the second time I had a flare up in my life but didn’t put the two together. Two years ago I got really sick and lost 40 lbs in two months before getting better. I was given Cipro and Flagyl and told I simply had a bacterial infection in my colon. Miraculously I recovered with no more information. I did notice certain foods bothered me and it took a long time for my poop to form but I didn’t have the extreme pain in my side I had this time.

Now, I am seeking all the information I can find. I firmly believe that nutrition and diet are the answer. I don’t want to live on maintenance drugs for the rest of my life.

When I realized what UC is I cried. A lot. Only a few days though. This really is not a death sentence. It’s kind of a life sentence. I have quit smoking and learned a new reason to eat healthy and not stress out.

I have been open about the diagnosis and several friends have reached out to me. One has UC also. It was good to talk to her. I talked to my first cousin today. He also has UC. He was diagnosed 12 years ago and had some great info and advice.

I am having good and bad days but I can tell the inflammation is improving.

Medications / Supplements:

I am currently taking Cipro, Flagyl, Prednisone, Lialda, and Zofran.

I am reading about the Low FODMAP Diet but haven’t tried it yet. I am also taking probiotics and some suppliments that include marshmallow root, slippery elm,cabbage leaf, and cannibus oil CBD.

So far my only goal is to stop losing weight and I am not there yet.

written by Beth E

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7 thoughts on “I’m All Better, Right?”

  1. Hi Beth,

    Hang in there! I agree with you that diet is an important way to control the UC. I’ve had success following the SCD – and if I cheat excessively with dairy or wheat, I feel myself starting with symptoms. So I get myself back on SCD fast!

    You may find some foods more tolerable than others. SCD allows for plain yogurt – but I could not tolerate it. Trial and error – you’ll get there!


  2. Thanks for your encouragement Erin!

    My GI took me of the antibiotics last night, I am completely a different person today. I have done some housework and went for a short walk with a friend. The fog has lifted, I believe I can drive today if I wanted. My bowels seem to be coming back together nicely. I am actually having up to 12hrs between BM’s. I am ready to add in a few things to my diet and see what happens.

    What a difference a week makes!

  3. I have had C. Diff numerous times, please do not discontinue your use of probiotics while on antibiotics…or in my opinion ever in general. I cannot say enough about how horrible C. Diff is and people with UC are more prone to getting it.

    I have a very difficult time tolerating both flagyl and cipro…I think that antibiotics can be helpful but sometimes they can also cause a lot of pain, hopefully by being taken off of them you will feel better. I was on Lialda for years and able to have my disease under control until stress and who knows what else took over.

    Also, prednisone can take a lot out of you and cause lot of emotional side effects, hopefully this isn’t so bad for you, but taking antidepressants helped me to cope with prednisone much more easily.

    Wishing you well, hope you are able to get off of the steroids soon.

  4. Thank you, Amy. I just finished reading “The Road to Perfect Health” by Brenda Watson. I was very pleased to hear my Dr tell me to get some good probiotics and know that he is not relying on pharmaceutical companies to make me well. What probiotics do you recommend? What has worked best for you? .

  5. Hi Beth! Glad you found the site and are getting things figured out. There are lots of different probiotics that people recommend – I really like VSL#3 DS. It’s by prescription and your insurance may cover it. It’s made a huge difference for me. Explore diets and supplements – it takes time but you will figure out what works best for you. :) Good luck!

  6. After over 10 years of misery, I have made the decision to have colorectal surgery. It is the only cure for ulcerative colitis. I am in hopes that the quality of my life will be “normal” after the surgery. If anyone has had the surgery, has it worked best for you?

  7. I have a few friends that have had the surgery and are happy they did. I had never heard of UC until the doctor gave me my diagnosis so I certainly didn’t know that anyone had it. I hope you find relief.

    I have been home from hospital 12 days. I am a little confused, I did not have a BM today. It has been since 5pm yesterday. I have always been constipated so it is”normal” but I honestly don’t know if I should start adding in some fiber or stick to the low residue diet and take a stool softener. Any ideas any one?

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