If You’ve Already Had Colitis Surgery, Please Help Out

Hi Everybody,


I’m Adam.  With the new year among us all, I hope that 2012 can be the best year yet in terms of this website helping others with information.  AND I really hope this posting helps out ALOT of people, myself included.

I know that thousands of people a week are wondering questions such as:

  • Should I or Shouldn’t I get surgery?
  • What can be expected if you end up having UC surgery?
  • Are people who have already had surgery happy with their decision?
  • AND Probably all sorts of similar surgery related questions (I FOR SURE have wondered these types of questions before)

So, I decided we should most definitely have conduct an informational survey where everyone who is wondering these types of questions can learn from a large group of other UC’ers who have already had surgery.  Like most things with UC, it’s one thing to hear something from a doctor, but in my opinion, its usually better to learn from others who have our same disease.


So, if you have ALREADY had surgery

or surgeries to treat/cure your UC,

please take a few moments and fill out the

“iHaveUC Surgery Survey”

The Link to the survey is right here: https://www.ihaveuc.com/ihaveuc-uc-surgery-survey/

I announced this a day ago on the facebook page and I can’t thank everyone enough who has already take the time to fill it out. Like ALWAYS, the surveys are anonymous(please do not include your name anywhere, as it will take me more time to remove that type of stuff), and all the results will be published once the information gathering period is complete.  I’ll make a new posting as well with the data so everyone can read it.


If you have been following the website for a while, you’ll remember that there have been several surveys so far, all of which can be view under the “Survey” category, located here:  https://www.ihaveuc.com/category/ulcerative-colitis-survey-data/

Thank you so very much, and I am positive that all of the other UC’ers, and parents, and family members as well of UC’ers who are contemplating or debating surgery will be very happy to read the results that previous surgery UC’ers can help out with providing.

Happy New Years again to everyone, I am so happy that there are so many helpful people using the website and sharing ideas and thoughts with others.  It’s pretty amazing.

Talk to you all soon, and from the looks of the survey results that are already filled out, this is probably going to be another super useful survey.


(and once again, thanks to everyone who has already filled out and who will be filling out the survey: the UC SURGERY SURVEY should only take you a few minutes tops:)

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