If You Don’t Know Where You’re Going, How Will You Know When You’re There?


Hi, I’m Stephanie. I’m a few months shy of turning 30. A lot of people usually start to freak out about this time in their life but not me. 28 was a crazy year filled with loss of loved ones, friends and family having babies, my cousin getting married, and a new job description at work. Oh yeah- and being diagnosed with UC a week before my cousin’s wedding in July. 29 was a welcomed change but I’m still looking for more. I’m hoping by the time 30 comes along, I’ll have more of a handle on this new me.

Some more about me:

Up until August, I had never swallowed a pill in my life (I chewed Prednisone for the first few weeks). This was just one of the many things that I got over.

If You Don’t Know Where You’re Going

I used to have anxiety about trying new foods but after I had a lot of my favorites and safety foods taken away from me, I got past that pretty quick. That spilled over into other parts of my life as well. I also grew a lot stronger in my faith which is the silver lining I’m most grateful for. For all of these reasons, I’m never unhappy that I got UC but I do get upset now and then that I have it (if that makes any sense).

I’ve been feeling ok for the most part. I had a bit of a flare up in January and was put back on Prednisone for a short time and upped my daily dose of maintenance meds. My trips to the bathroom have gone back to normal but I still don’t feel there just yet. I recently had my check-up after my flare up and all of my blood work looked good. That, combined with my toilet talk, resulted in my doc saying my UC seems to be under control. I don’t feel quite as in control.

I’ve tried to gain control through understanding. I’ve been doing a lot of reading up on this over the last few months but the most helpful resource has been a fellow UCer. Looking at this site seems to confirm the trouble my doc has in saying for sure what may be UC symptoms and what might just be related to other things. Everyone seems different. So my questions for the group, how long was it before you figured out what worked for you and what was your normal? Are there any books or other resources you can recommend that helped you understand all this? Any help is greatly appreciated. Here’s to all of us feeling well!

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  1. Knowledge IS control, Stephanie. Right you are!

    This site is wonderful.

    I am in remission and on NO meds, after 14 years straight on UC meds. We are not in control when we are on medication, at least that’s how I feel. We are at the mercy of our doctors and the medications. Until you find what works for you naturally, you are not in control of your own health.

    I am only taking probiotics and L-glutamine these days…and feeling normal again! Also, some other things that have ‘cured’ UCers on this site are extra virgin olive oil, and now, aloe vera!

    Give something natural a try…it can’t hurt you. You just may be thrilled with the results!


    1. Thank you Bev for your response. I’m so glad to hear you’re feeling well and are med free! May I ask what probiotic has been helping you? I started Florastor about a week ago.

      1. HI Stephanie,

        I’m sure that the Florastor probiotic that you are taking is going to do the trick. I take ULTIMATE FLORA CRITICAL CARE by RENEWLIFE, but I’m positive that there are just as good ones as that. As long as there are at least 50 billions strains, you’ll be fine!


  2. What is normal? Does normal exist anymore? Your strength lays from within but what strength can you have when inside its inflammated and mimicking hell!! Sorry, I am venting…one year with UC this month. Happy anniversary!!lol, and I am sick of this disease.

    I am currently going between remission and relapse. When in remission I say 2 BM a day. Thankfully my relapse isn’t too overwhelming due to having some control via diet.

    I have learnt a lot though, will post my findings soon enough but one door leads to another and I am on this trail of discovery. I have discovered a lot and it is this that will eventually be the answer to total full time remission/cure

    But for now I am dealing with not having a decent nights sleep in weeks, bags under my eyes, looking weak, tired, fragile and under weight. I am dealing with losing my gf, seeing my sister been put on prednisone in the first time in 8 years and scared, I am dealing with everyone getting on with life but me…whom life revolves around a toilet. :-(

    I can agreed UC sucks.

    1. Hi Uc family boy…

      What a drag that you are once again dealing with a flare! I thought you were doing okay, actually.

      Have you any idea at all what might have brought on another flare? It can be hard to ell, but maybe you know already?

      Anyway, try and stay in the game. I really feel that a ‘cure’ is coming…the more people that get UC, and it seems to be more and more, the faster something is going to crop up. Especially if some specialist’s son or daughter, or wife or husband, or even the specialist themselves get it…you can bet they’re gonna hate the meds and the side effects…and won’t like the possibility of the only true cure being the loss of their colon…yeah, in a perfect world!!

      Stay up…okay? You know that the flare always f’s off…eventually.


    2. Also…very sorry to hear about you and your gf…you deserve the best…always remember that too. Perhaps something good will come out of all this crap???

      I hope your sister feels alot better, quick, as well.


    3. I’m sorry you’re not feeling well and I hope you’re on the mends soon. The great thing about this site is that for every story I see about someone having a flare is that I can find at least two of someone feeling well. Nothing saying that you can’t have one of the good stories soon.

      1. Hi Shelley,

        That opening sentence which said …”how to choose foods that are right for you” – right now that puts a smile on my face. I just got back from a charity bowling night and as a food spread they put out a load of processed food to which I replied to my brothers concerning look for me “wow, cancer on a plate”. Needless to say, didn’t go down to well with the organisers.

        Thanks for the links, made me think and smile

  3. stephanie, i think since flares are always changing that it will be a challenge forever to find what works for you.

    i’ve had UC for almost 7 years and am still as clueless about it as i was at 17.

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