My name is Sabrina, I am a 29 year old mother to two boys, ten and 5 weeks, and also my angel daughter who was stillborn in 2010. I am an Army wife and homemaker till I can manage going back to school.
My Symptoms:
Two days after my scope I currently just have really bad gas and maybe constipation?
Before my scope I was having 10-20 bloody mucusy bowel movements a day and abdominal pain.

My Story:

Two years ago after my daughter passed I started developing sharp tummy pain and frequent bowel movements. I was seeing a psychologist who told me I had IBS and ulcers, he put me on Nexium and that seemed to help my tummy pain but not the bowel movements. In November 2010 I stopped the nexium and just delt with everything. February 2011 I was drinking pretty heavy and always whiskey, crown and jack mostly. My stomach pain increased horribly and I drank mallox straight out the bottle to try and help. In May 2011 I got married and decided to see a dr. I told her what my psychologist said and she did some stool samples and blood work seen nothing concerning and told me to start taking fiber. That helped with the bowel movements for the most part. In Sept 2011 I got pregnant and my symptoms were not to bad. May tenth I gave birth to my son :) and immediately afterwards diarrhea. About a week later I got the worst stomach ache I couldn’t move, crying in pain. Then bloody stool, I figured the ibuprofen I was taking caused my ulcers to flare so stopped the ibuprofen. Couple days later I passed alot of blood and went to the ER they did a ct scan and told me I had colitis and put me on meds, they didn’t work, a week later back into ER where they did more tests and changed my meds, that er Dr helped me push my referral to see a GI dr and 2 days later seen the GI doc and talked and scheduled my scope. Had my scope 2 days ago that pretty much confirmed Ulcerative Colitis from one end to the other, the pics are pretty bad. So now I know and just working on keeping it gone.

Where I’d Like to be in 1 year:

Symptom free! Normal poos and not worrying wheres the bathroom. Oh and pregnant again ;)
Colitis Medications:
Currently on…
Mesalamine 3.6G a day
Prednisone 60mg a day
Hydrocortisone Enema 100mg in AM
Mesalamine Enema 4GM in PM
Zoloft 50mg a day
Prenatal vit
ProbioticWas on…
In 2010 Nexium
In 2011 Mallox, Dicyclomine, Prilosec and Tums
Before colonoscopy
First meds was Prilosec and Sucralafate (didnt work)
Then put on Asacol 1200mg a day (didnt work)
Added Prednisone 20mg (didnt work).

written by Sabrina

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6 thoughts on “IBS to IBD”

  1. Hey Sabrina,

    Hang in there, I know it doesn’t seem like the best news, but finally getting a UC diagnosis after so much pain and un-diagnosed symptoms is actually a really good thing. Most importantly, it sounds like you’re staying positive throughout all of this huge ordeal, and not to mention that you just gave birth! CONGRATS on that TOO.

    hang in there, and thanks for submitting your story, there’s a ton of super UC folks who follow this site and share stories as well and you’ll be able to read up on many of them if you choose.

  2. So sorry to hear of your loss.
    Hats off to you!
    How are you doing on 60mg of prednisone??? I didnt do well on 40mg so cant even imagine 60mg.
    Before prednisone i was having 15+ trips to the bathroom…. after starting pred the bathroom trips for good ole #2 went down to about 5 or less…. then somedays I didnt go at all. That concerned me because I guess I gotten used to it. Pred def helps the inflammation, trips to bathroom but I still wasnt having solid stools. so far since on pred I have seen about 6 solids and wanted to have parties because of it.

    Hang in there, we are all trying to find answers to the many questions we have about this disease as well as the meds we are put on to control it.

    1. Everything worked really well! Had a follow up and Im down to 40mg of prednisone, been having semi solid poos and only 1 or 2 a day…its awesome lol. I tell my siblings to never take your poos for granted lmao.

  3. Hi Sabrina,
    My situation is a lot like yours. I just gave birth to my fist child, a beautiful baby boy two weeks ago and 4 days after he was born – wham! Serious cramping, bloody diarrhea up to 30 times a day not to mention losing upwards of 30 pounds in 10 days! I remember having some blood and mucous in some of my hard bowel movements the last 2 months of my pregnancy, but when I mentioned this to my doctor, she assumed I likely had internal hemorrhoids and told me it was normal during pregnancy. I’ve been hospitalized the last 4 days and had a colonoscopy and was told I have UC. 100% of my bowel is infamed. I’m scared to death not to mention feel depressed that I can’t be at home taking care of my new born baby. I know it will get better, it will take time and patience and from what I’ve been reading, a lot of trial and error. I’m so thankful I found this web site. It’s nice to learn about other people’s experiences and stories. I hope things get better for you and congrats on your new baby :)
    Take care

    1. Wow….sounds alot like what I went through thats crazy. I was depressed to that I couldnt take care of my baby well I could but when I was running to the bathroom 30 times a day it was pretty hard to do. Things are normal now and slowely being weened off the prednisone, and I hope I dotn have another flare up for a loooong time lol. Oh and yes alot of trial and error, I was tooken on and off so many medications it was horrible! Congrats on your new baby also :D

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