I Will Be Okay!


Hello! I am Binui Morales. I was hospitalized April 6th, 2013. I was suffering from abdominal pain, anemia, weight loss, bloody stools and diarrhea. I had a flexible endoscopy and was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis.
This does not define me. I will continue living my life and striving to stay in remission!

Some more about me:

I am currently a Junior attending University of California, Santa Barbara so my life is pretty busy with school work, volunteering and hanging out with friends (but been doing less of this recently due to my low energy level). I also love catching up on TV shows during the weekend as my stress reliever. I enjoyed working out on the tread mill and doing yoga, but I have also stopped recently. I know this low moment is temporarily and once I get UC under control everything in my life will return to normal!

I am very optimistic towards my future! :)


Mild abdominal pain
Slight blood stools
Joint pain
Weight loss

I Will Be OKAY!

When the doctor said “You might have Ulcerative Colitis tears immediately poured down my face. I am young. I am 21 years old. I should be enjoying life carefree with no worries, but instead I am fighting my colon.

Currently as I am a couple weeks into being diagnosed I am feeling much better!
I have an amazing family, loving boyfriend, supportive friends and hopefully a new community of fellow UC fighters :)

Right now my main concern is regaining the weight I have lost. I am a petite woman standing at 4’11 so I have always been on the slender side, but was comfortable with my frame. This current flare up has caused me to feel very self conscious of my physical appearance. I have noticed a drastic change in my legs (once favorite attribute). I no longer fill up my skinny jeans, but on the bright side…. I am enjoying wearing skirts with tights!
Suggestions from fellow female fashionistas on wardrobe options? :)

Also, any good protein shake to gain weight?
I love fruit smoothies, but I can’t eat raw fruits or veggies. I also only drink almond milk.

This brings me to my next obstacle… dairy and bread addiction!
I love warm toasted bread with butter, milk with cookies, mexican sweet bread, yogurt, cream cheese, anything with parmesan, provolone, mozzarella, sandwiches and love pasta!! I have stopped eating these as I am semi following the Special Carbohydrate Diet due to my boyfriends request, but it is soooo hard to deny a warm toast once in a while!

I have a daily food log to track my diet and symptoms. I haven’t had any no-no foods yet, but I haven’t really ventured out. My recent test run was 3 thin slices of cheese pizza. The morning after I had mild abdominal pain and diarrhea, but nothing too unusual as I was only a week in my medication.
Should I wait until I am symptom free to venture out again? Or keep test running?

I know I am not alone and there are many out there like me! Cheers!


Delzicol and Prednisone= 12 pills a day
I am showing improvement so hopefully I will get off steroids soon!

Low fiber/low residue diet
Semi following the Special Carbohydrate Diet, but not too sure if it benefits me…. I guess time will tell.

written by Binui Morales

submitted in the colitis venting area

5 thoughts on “I Will Be Okay!”

  1. Hey Binui,

    OMG, you’re at UCSB…???? Dang it, lucky you. Sure wish I was there right now and we could meet up. Great school, lots of good partying, but between you me and the wall, i’d for sure recommend steering clear of the crazy isla vista parties (or at least tone down/eliminate the alcohol consumption to see if that helps you out). But enough of me telling you what to do right! That’s what parents are for.

    So anyways, I’m super bummed to hear that a UCSB’er has just gotten the UC deal, but you’re gonna get through it for sure, and the beach will always be there waiting for you.

    One thing that has helped me out a CRAPLOAD has been to eliminate the bread deal from my food mix. Same thing for the booze which I mentioned, and cutting way back on Dairy. This is all part of the SCD diet stuff which you’ve read about.

    More than anything though, I’d encourage you to try your hardest to seek out some fellow UC’ers/IBD’ers from your school. I know there are many there, just like any other large school in the US or abroad. meeting up with them will be awesome, and heck, why not start an IBD group on your campus!! You have the outgoing spirit to get something rolling like that, and I’ll guarantee you that you’ll freak out to learn how many others there are in the same boat as you. And it will make you feel better learning in person from what/how others are moving forward.

    Sorry for the preach, just wishing I was out there for a few moments in the SB lands…been too many years since lived that way.

    Thanks for posting, and keep your positive fashionista vibes a flowing,


    PS…as for will time tell if SCD works for you…great way to look at it. not everyone/most people don’t have an overnight success with any UC treatment, so keeping expectations reasonable is going to be key!

  2. Hi Binui,

    Sorry to hear you are suffering…I too am just getting out of a flare. I am feeling better now back on the ascal and the steroids.

    It really does stink at times not being able to eat fruits and salads but once the medicine starts working and you are seeing solid bowel movements you can try having a little fruit or vegetables. I love salad but having UC and I can’t not eat salad but I do like 1x a month and I do ok with it.

    Hang in there!

  3. binui, oh yeah!! i know exactly what you mean about clothes not fitting anymore! my lowest weight was 84 lbs last year (i’m 5’4″). my butt looked like a pancake. i’ve gained 13 lbs since i started the paleo diet and finally have some curves again. i wear lots of skirts and dresses because they add more body to my body haha i am not a fan of wearing belts with my pants so i’m kind of waiting to grow back into them.

  4. Holy Moly Joanna 84 pounds!!!! I was down to 115 and thought that was scary. I know all about the butt looking like a pancake…..and all the muscle tone that I lost….I am up to 125 now and starting to feel better and stronger.

    How are you doing?

  5. I am never one to be sad about losing a pound or two, but this thing is crazy! I have finally gained back the weight I lost during my first flare this winter. I had little stick arms and legs and then a weird, tight, yet kind of round belly – super attractive. I bought some pants to wear to work that actually fit, which made me feel a little better. Surprising how much having pants that don’t fall down will lift your spirits. Don’t worry, Binui – your legs will come back in time as you get better! I never thought I would be so happy to have my thigh touch again!

    Something that helped me put the weight back on was a smoothie that I drank every morning. One frozen banana, some whole fat coconut milk, a blob of sunflower butter, 2 raw eggs, unsweetened cocoa powder, and a couple of big scoops of L-Glutamine. SO GOOD! It tasted like a Frostie and it helped me put some LBS on. I don’t drink it daily anymore because I am not interested in gaining more weight but it tasted so good and made my tummy so happy.

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