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I Was Kick Boxing When I Was Diagnosed with Colitis

Zoey out having fun

Me out having a good time.


I’m 31 years old.  I’m a stay at home mum from Bristol and largely enjoy kick boxing and keeping fit.

Diagnosed with ulcerative colitis early January 2013 but all symptoms started 6 years ago, after being diagnosed all problems made sense.

Some more about me:

I do kick boxing when I can. I keep as fit an healthy as possible.  I enjoy swimming an love spend time snuggled up with my children.


Rumbling stomach an guts I feel sick as I type now like my belts full of bile I get painful wind an quick loose mucusy bowel movements.  No blood atm (at the moment) but it comes an goes.  I no I need the loo when I get a pain that sends me doubled up then the sudden urge to go is immense.

Looking to Share with Colitis People Who Understand

My name’s Zoey,

For years I thought an was told I had IBS or piles was given lots of things to help which never worked.  After years of complaining I got a colonoscopy.  Having being petrfied I had cancer I was just relieved it revealed I had UC.  I was so happy it just wasn’t cancer even though I didn’t know what this was.

I started reading up.. And everything I read about it all made sense.  The constant feeling I never slept well enough, I was always tired, my headaches from always being anemic, my hip hurting from brittle bones, the pains, the urgency for the loo, not wanting to eat, and realizing I’d have to live with this forever.

It suddenly hit home: this could get worse, will this control me?

I was kick boxing when I was diagnosed and realized I might not be able to do it.  The blows to my stomach crippled me even just holding the pads but I pushed through.  Even in remission I was drained. I stopped.  I plan to return and take it steady, I won’t let this dictate my decisions. I will work it round my life not my life around it I couldn’t function thinking that way.

Still finding it hard to understand what it all means, what I should or shouldn’t do?

Will I one day need a colostomy bag, this scares the hell out of me.

I feel like I should just announce it on Facebook so no one thinks I’m odd when I double up for a bit in agony then I’m fine again or cuz I’m tired.  They would understand only a few.  So I just feel like blurting it out but worry people think I’m exaggerating it or looking for attention.  I don’t no you feel alone with this condition, even my partner who knows me so well I think he just can’t grasp how hard some things can be for me how draining simple things are. I dunno lol


I’ve only tried sulofalk granuals they seem to be stopping the blood but not the mucus or pain of wind an poo moving down.  Any other starting off meds that could be recommended would help

written by Zoey

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27 thoughts on “I Was Kick Boxing When I Was Diagnosed with Colitis”

  1. Hi Zoey,

    You are one hell of an impressive person. I’m sure everyone you knows feels the same. How on earth someone with active UC could also do kick boxing I’ll never know. I can’t get over it, that is amazing.

    But, for sure, you’ve got to get better to continue doing stuff like that, and you will.

    I’ll make a couple suggestions which might help you out.

    First, if you are wanting to learn more about medications that other people have/are taking and their “reviews” on them, you should check out the medication review page listed here:

    On that page you’ll find a list of some common medications with a bunch of other UC’ers reviews. I myself took all sorts of medications (asacol, colazal, sulfasalazine, Remicade, Humira and of course the little white pills, but it turned out that diet helped me more in the end, so that’s always an option too)

    ALSO, you’ve got a really good question about telling other people, how to tell other people etc…I’ve always felt it is a good idea to tell other people what is going on. I probably sound like a broken record to some on this, but it seems to work well for almost everyone.

    The reality is that people who care about you (i’m not sure how close you are to all of your facebook friends) for sure want to know about what you are going through. Sure, some might want to know the exact details more than others, that’s always going to be the case. But, the reality is that your friends who are wondering why you aren’t the same lately, or few the past several months/years are probably going onto google and doing a search for “UC” or “colitis” and god knows what’s coming up for that.

    So, if the situation presents itself, why not talk to some of your friends and ask them, “Do you really want to know what life is like living with the condition I have?”.

    I’ll bet they’ll all say a big fat YES. And, from there you can go into as much detail or as little as you feel comfortable.

    No matter what, you are obviously a full on ninja fighter, and you’re gonna wack this disease some time in the future. I’m POSITIVE about that. So hang tuff, and thank you so much again for sharing your story.


  2. Wow Zoey! Impressive! You have a great attitude and are definitely a fighter. I know where you are coming from as I have always been active and had a lot of energy until UC kicked my butt.(hahaha) Meds didn’t work for me either but the SCD diet helped me a lot. I would suggest trying that out. It’s very healthy. Transitioning from eating anything you want to eating only SCD legal foods can be a great challenge. Give it a try. You’ll be glad you did. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Although I can’t claim to be a fitness nut at this stage in my life, I have definitely stayed active in my 23 years of living with UC. I have had horrible flares that lasted many months at a time and required lots of meds but have also had years at a time of full remission without any meds or special diet. I have 4 healthy children, lead a very full and busy life and manage quite well most of the time. I had to go onto Humira a year ago because I can no longer take any ASA drugs and couldn’t continue on Prednisone long term. I now take VSL#3 DS probiotics and iron daily as well as Astaxanthin supplements. I hope to go off Humira soon even if I have to finally change my diet. My point is that, UC is managable. In the middle of a flare you have to give yourself permission to slack off a bit and get the rest you need for healing. You will be back doing the things you love and be stronger in the long run. As for telling friends, I always do. I don’t go into great detail or have a big pity party but I do let people know if I have been bowing out of social events or not pulling my weight or generally out of it. I usually just say, I have ulcerative colitis and I have been having a lot of issues with it lately. Close friends know that when I am sick, I lay low but when I am in remission I am back in action.

  4. Hi,

    First, welcome! This is the best place ever if you have UC.

    I swear by a GOOD, at least 50 billion strong probiotic and fermented L-glutamine. I take these two things every day without fail, on an empty stomach.

    I don’t even feel like I have UC anymore and I take NO meds. I was on meds for 14 years, and they did nothing except make me feel even worse. That was a gigantic waste of time!


    1. Hi Bev
      What probiotic do you take I’ve been eating yogurt an doing well still painful stomach tho seems like I try to ween myself of the meds an I feel symptoms start to return so straight bk on them again xx

      1. Hi Zoey

        I take one ULTIMATE FLORA CRITICAL CARE by RENEWLIFE, 50 billion strain probiotic capsule, daily.

        You MUST take it on an empty stomach, and then don’t eat for at least half an hour. Very important.


  5. Hi Bev, I am curious. When did you have your last flare and how long did it last? Unfortunately I am in one now, hopefully coming out of it.

  6. Hey Ann!

    My last flare was about 14 months ago…and I came out of it when I started the probiotic and the L-glutamine and DISCONTINUED the asacol!!

    That flare had been going on for months…the more asacol I took…the worse it got. I knew then that the drug was making it worse. I decided to stop taking it and the rest is history…lol


  7. I still haven’t tried the probiotic, I eat yogurt for that. It seems the only thing that works to get me out of a flare is the Canasa suppositories along with my evoo, l-glutamine, Vit. D, Fish Oil, oatmeal, beans and staying away from night shades. You say 14 years off meds but you still get flares how often besides having the last one 14 months ago?

  8. No…14 years ON meds…I never really had true remission until 14 months ago when I stopped taking them. I guess my old body does not like drugs.

    When I was on asacol for 14 years straight, I had about four really bad flares, usually due to using a strong antibiotic, like once when I took avelox when I had pneumonia…or when I tried minocin for acne (that was so stupid on both my part and the dermatologist’s part)…which is another antibiotic. The rest of the time, when I wasn’t ‘badly’ flaring, I always had blood, urgency, and pain…

  9. I get it now…thanks for clarifying that for me. Maybe I better try that probiotic…it is so expensive but I think it will be worth it. I was in bed yesterday trying to recover from this flare. I think it helped. I feel better today but I know I am walking that “remission” tight rope again. Isn’t it funny how the docs say we will be on the meds for life! It kills me that I still had just as many if not more and as severe flares when I was on the Asacol! I will conquer this thing yet without meds!

      1. Zoey, Thank you for letting Bev and I exchange our conversation on your post. I love Billy Blanks Tai Bo which is similar to kick boxing. I know exactly what you are going through since I’ve had UC since 25 and am now 50. Some days/weeks/years are just better than others. I understand how you feel about your partner. My first husband and father of my two children had a really hard time wrapping his head around this colitis thing but I think he tried. Married for 16 years. It’s hard enough being married and having two kids much less having colitis thrown in there too! I am now married again to the love of my life for 8 years and counting as of yesterday. When we started dating it didn’t take me long to figure out he had a colostomy bag. I don’t have one (yet) but truly understood why he had the bag. He is now 57 and had his surgery at age 22. I wouldn’t tell you to change partners to find someone who has this in common but I know it is really hard to relate when you don’t have it, just like any sickness. He even forgets how awful he felt before having the surgery. You really don’t get the full impact of the words “in sickness and in health” when you get married because you think that real sickness doesn’t happen until you get old…not! Just keep talking to him about how you feel and let him help. I am sure he loves you. Try to understand the pain he has seeing you go through this. It’s just as real. This website is awesome…keep reading and good luck!

        1. Good Morning Bev, I bought my first bottle of ULTIMATE FLORA CRITICAL CARE PROBIOTIC (the blue and yellow box) on my way home from work last night. I took one capsule when I got home and one capsule this morning on an empty stomach with 1 tsp. of fermented L-Glutamine powder and waited two hours before eating anything. I’m on my way! I think I will continue the story of my progress under Graham’s evoo posting from November. I need to put the record straight the evoo seemed to work for a time but was not long standing but I am still going to include it in my supplement routine. Hopefully your cure will be my cure as well. Wish me luck! :)

          1. I can’t WAIT to see what happens, Ann. These are FANTASTIC probiotics. They are enteric coated, meaning that they get to where they are meant to be and start working then, not in the stomach like so many others.

            Yes, you are on your way!!

            I too hope that this is IT!!….Oh happy days!!


      1. Hi Bev. I also got the Ultimate Flora Critical Care and took one yesterday and one this morning both times on an empty stomach waiting at least 1/2 hour before eating anything. Today has already been a much better day with no urgency and no accidents. I am very hopeful that this will work and if it does I will need your address so I can come and kiss you!

        1. What??? Don…REALLY??? This just gets better and better…do you all know…I mean are you all aware of how you are making life so great for me?? You keep on going, Don…don’t miss even one…even 14 months later, I can’t believe that I feel this good and NORMAL. It keeps getting better, if that’s possible…to the point where I don’t feel like I even have this thing they call UC!!! You just wait…it gets incredible…

          My goal for the rest of my life is to help other UC sufferers ‘cure’ themselves, which by the way, I believe can definitely be done!! The proof is all here on this site.

          Now I understand what’s going on…I read Ann’s post first…about a kiss?? Big LOL!!! I want to kiss the manufacturer of this probiotic, myself…they saved my life too!!

          Why won’t everyone try them? What will it hurt to at least try?? Look at all the folk they’ve helped with their UC!!

          PLEASE!!! You might just get the best surprise EVER!!

          Giddily happy….good on you Don,

  10. Hey Don, You’ll have to get in line for that kiss…I’m first…but I think Bev would rather get one from you than me! ;)

    1. Ann, I read your ‘kiss’ post before I read Don’s post…lol…I didn’t know what was going on!

      I’m always the last to know…


  11. It’s hard to not be too excited as I have tried so many thing in the past but I definitely feel better today. I will let you know how it goes the rest of the week. I am looking forward to a good nights sleep tonight. I need it so badly! Please, please, please work! I want my life back!

  12. I’ve not heard of this probiotic what is the actual name of it so I can hunt it down I’m loving the convo by the way it all sounds very exciting I hope Don and Ann get on well with this stuff as I’d be eager to try it myself love to you all thanks for sharing so much on my page

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