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I Wanted to Share This with UC’ers – It Took Me A Long Time To Find Out

Hey UC’ers,

Biljana wrote a story on the site a long while back, and she just wrote me this email I wanted to share with all of you.  Here is her picture she submitted back when she wrote her story in 2012:

Her email to me is farther below(please make sure to read that!)

Biljana’s picture she submitted in 2012 with her original story




I would like to tell you what helped me recently with my colitis.

I found out that whenever I have a problem or stress I get the
symptoms back. Then a friend who is a GI surgeon told me about a
bacterium that causes bleeding and I connected it to my symptoms I
forgot the name) and that started me thinking.
went to a friend who had a Scio Bio-feedback machine and it found
tons of pathogens. I kill them with many things like wild oregano oil,
activated charcoal, propolis, garlic, diatomaceous earth, and similar,
but what I completely forgot and my friend who is a wholistic
nutritionist said that I HAVE to take probiotics my whole life. So I
figured I would be on the strongest ones I could find in a store and
be on it for 4 months.

I am taking New Roots Probiotic Recovery that has 120 billion live
active whole cells, and 20 strains. I am in my third month now. I
recently had a bad stressful situation and no blood, cramps, nothing…

She said that after that I need to switch to less potent probiotics.

I urge some caution with this one though as it has 7 dairy strains. I
do not consume dairy except for aged cheese. I am off dairy, gluten (I
sin here sometimes), but I noticed that all legumes cause bloating and
pain, and sometimes cabbage too. I cook bones for 7-8 hours, that one
helped a lot.

I wanted to share this with the people in the UC community. It took me
a long time to find this out.

Regards to all,


Here is the link on to the probiotic Biljana mentioned:

And Amazon links to a few other items she mentioned:

10 thoughts on “I Wanted to Share This with UC’ers – It Took Me A Long Time To Find Out”

  1. Thank you for sharing your success! It is wonderful to be symptom free. Please keep us updated on your progress. Have you had a recent colonoscopy?

    1. Rita, Biljana can speak for herself but I suspect she means a bone broth made with either the chicken bones or beef bones usually. Just add water to cover and maybe some lemon juice to help extract the minerals from the bones…very rich healthy soup for people who can’t eat meat or as a supplement. Some people cook it slowly in the slow cooker overnight…I use my Instant pot. 2 hours, same effect since it’s a pressure cooker. The bones actually melt after all that time and you can blend them for even more calcium etc.

  2. I agree about the importance of probiotics. I have found that the best probiotics are in homemade yogurt. I make my own using a Yogourmet pot and their freeze dried starter. The only difference is that I cook my yogurt for 24 hours instead of the recommended eight to maximize the probiotics, as was recommended in Elaine Gottschalk’s book. I used to take VSL#3 as prescribed by my doctor but found that it was loaded with cornstarch, a no-no on the SCD diet (which I follow rigorously). Once I stopped using that stuff, I no longer had any bleeding or flares. I have been symptom free for a year and a half and my last colonoscopy showed that my colon was completely healed. I like to tell people that my colon was featured as the centerfold in the “Journal of Gastroenterology.”

    1. Skip,
      How much yogurt do you eat a day? And do you not take any probiotics anymore? I will definitely try making the yogurt for my son! So the SCD diet is working for you. I just dont know how i will get my 11 yr old to do it.:( wish me luck ! Thanks for your info!!

  3. Thanks for sharing Biljana’s story! We don’t hear this enough I think! We do need to take probiotics! And sometimes stronger ones. I recently had to take antibiotics for 17 days…had to. No way around it. My doc said do you want tummy pains or a brain infection? Choose. So of course the inevitable happens. Diarrhea, pain, blood. I statred to mega-dose the probiotics (I take Florastor which is also excellent) 6 pills a day! Plus yogurt plus kefir! I stuck to proteins mostly..meat, cheese, eggs. I’m getting better… works!!

  4. Hi Biljana,

    Thanks for sharing this great information for all of us with UC! I recently started taking probiotics after visiting a naturopath and am noticing very improved gut health. I have been inflammation-free since 2012 but the probiotics made my digestion even more comfortable and healthy :-) Here is a link to the probiotics I am taking:

    I originally went to the naturopath to help with an allergy to my cat, only to find out that it was actually being caused by a dairy sensitivity that was weakening my immune system. Since taking out dairy, I am not experiencing any allergic reaction to my cat and I have also been much less bloated and gassy, as an added bonus!

    Biljana- I am so glad you are adding to the conversation of trying alternative therapies, as I have found so much success going down this path. Of course prescription meds are necessary to help us with major flareups and for maintenance but there is so much value in working with naturopaths, psychotherapists, and other healthcare professionals to take a holistic approach to healing our guts.

    Thanks and wishing everyone good health!

  5. Thank you for sharing, Biljana!

    How is this probiotic shipped? We used Healthy Trinity by Natren Labs. It’s shipped, next day, on ice/in a cooler and must be refrigerated. Natren said something about heat killing the strains. I’m very curious if all probiotics should be kept cool.

  6. That is very interesting! For years I thought I had ulcerative Colitis, turns out I have Ulcerative Proctitis instead. At the recommendation/referral by my IBD nurse a month or so ago, I am on my third week of a low FODMAP diet, after 8 weeks my dietician at the hospital will help me to reintroduce problem foods to see what I should avoid. But I have already noticed that legumes affect me with wind, bloating and pain within hours of eating them. Since going on this diet I have seen an overall improvement, much less wind and bloating. I still get other symptoms, but even they are markedly less.

    I am also undertaking online CBT therapy to help with my anxiety about travelling, which in recent years has badly affected my social life. My IBD nurse referred me for this, but the hospital has a waiting list. Then I saw something online about online CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) and have signed up, with results being notified to my GP. It is run by the NHS and seems to be helping.

  7. Hi Biljana,

    Good to hear from you. Are you still using this probiotic? Can you please update how are you going with it now?

    Best wishes,
    Mukesh Basnet

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