I See, UC, We All Have UC

Meet Emma:
I’m 24 and was diagnosed with UC 6 months ago. In Fall of 2010, I suffered with mild UC symptoms I thought were related to a parasite I might have picked up that summer in Ecuador. After a year of being on antibiotics and anti-parasitics, I had a colonoscopy and was diagnosed with Ulcerative Proctitis, UC only affecting my rectum.
Cramping in my upper left abdomen, bloody stool, loose BMs, severe gas and bloating, fatigue, severe headaches, skin sores/lesions

Emma’s Colitis Story:

After I was diagnosed, I was relieved and scared. I have an aunt who died of colon cancer, and I’m worried that I could get cancer if I don’t control my symptoms soon. I lead a very natural life, and I DON’T like taking medication for anything, so I was frustrated when multiple doctors insisted that prednisone was the only way to go. I refused to take the prednisone. I had one doctor put me on hydrocortisone enemas, but those have not helped. I have read a lot about gluten worsening UC symptoms and probiotics being helpful for controlling them, so lately I have been experimenting with diet by recording everything I eat.

It’s been very difficult and embarrassing, but I’ve been open and honest with my family and close friends about my condition. My family and partner are very supportive and empathetic. My father researched Chinese remedies and found articles saying that Astragalus root is beneficial, so I drink Astragalus tea. My boyfriend is convinced that gelatinous soup is beneficial for rebuilding the gut (GAPS diet, Weston A. Price), so I eat soup a lot. I love my family and friends, but I wish they didn’t have to worry about how I’m feeling all the time. I don’t like being “sick”, so I pretend that I’m doing well even when I’m not. I also have trouble finishing medications and diet plans. I am not very regimented about those kinds of things.

I am concerned that my boyfriend could be contracting symptoms. He’s complained about cramping and loose stools, which is how my UC started back in 2010. I read a paper saying that UC is communicable. Is it possible for family members to contract symptoms?

I am glad to find a place where so many people are talking about this and sharing their story.

Thank you for the support!

Where I’d like to be in 1 year:
I’d like to be blood-in-toilet free and celebrating being symptom-free
Colitis Medications:
I’ve taken antibiotics and anti-parasitics. The antibiotics helped control the symptoms for a few months. Hydrocortisone enemas, which I’m just finishing now, have not helped control the symptoms very well (I had 2 good days in a 30 day course).

written by Emma
submitted in the colitis venting area

3 thoughts on “I See, UC, We All Have UC”

  1. Hey Emma,

    I wish you the best moving forward, and I think you should talk to your boyfriend about him seeing a GI doctor, especially if he is seeing any blood at all. That’s what they are there for:)

    You sound like such a super cool and happy person, and I really wish you could get ahold of your symptoms and get back to the things you love. I think you will soon. Remain positive, and definitely realize that although UC is tough, it’s most definitely not the end of the world, and you’ll always have options on how to treat it.

    As a total side note, I myself really hate prednisone, but as I’ve talked about for quite some time, it has gotten me through a flare up or two that’s popped up along the way since I started using the SCD diet to treat my disease. Anyways, I know most people hate it, but I do have to give it credit since it is pretty remarkable in “some” ways.

    Here’s also a link to a story from a girl named Sarah who came down with UC after travelling to Mexico and contracting a parasite: https://ihaveuc.com/i-want-to-go-off-of-6mp-what-are-my-options-i-dont-want-to-relapse/

    All the best to you,


  2. Just so you know, UC is not communicable, it’s an autoimmune disease, he’s either experiencing sympathy pains or coincidently has UC. Please keep trying to stick to your diet, it’s not always easy. You’re lucky you have supportive people around you, it’s a hard disease to understand. My mom is always asking me if I’m taking antacid and I always tell her no, but she is 83 and is just trying to be helpful. Hope things get better for you soon. Sometimes it’s nesecary to take meds until you get things under control and best to control things with diet and supplements during and after. Good luck to you.

  3. I was diagnosed 20 years ago, Stayed in remission for 9 years, without meds, had a bad flare up after taking iron, ferrous sulfate (from doctor) had another 3 years later and last one in 2010 after the stress of losing my mother in 09. Stress can be a factor, diet, I believe is the biggest connection. I make sure I take many supplements. Flaxseed oil, and fiber, probiotics, (50 billion) A few different enzymes…My favorite is called ultrazyme (natures plus) great during a flare..and Candex by Pure Essense…you have to avoid foods that make your gut go crazy!!!…..I have been in remission since 2010 plan to not have another flare, I have chosen the natural route, started out with meds, did not like and I have better results using natural supplements…Hope to all, the best

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