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I See Blood in My Poop, Is it an Ulcer or Colitis?

When I see blood in my poop, that for me means ulcerative colitis.  And like most good things, the 8 months of pretty much symptom free living has finally come to a close.  Good old colitis man seems to have found a way to make it back into the old colon.

But, before I go into my personal story, I wanted to make another video, something a bit different as you might have noticed, and also give an update on how things are going with the website/blog slash whatever you want to call it.

So, from my point of view, I think the website has become a little bit of a success.  There are several people from all over the world(which I think is so COOL) who have all shared personal stories about dealing with ulcerative colitis.  Most importantly, its crazy to see just how similar most people’s concerns are with this strange form of “inflammation” in the colon.  Another amazing thing is how average ordinary people can come together to offer inside personal experience stories about their colitis with others.  And of course the goal being to help others get through tough times where symptoms are flaring or just getting out of control.  So without rambling too much longer, thanks to everyone who has helped out with sharing ideas and stories on the website.  I know it may not sound like a big deal to you, but whether you are sick or well, your insight into the colitis disease is trully very valuable to other people.

Ulcerative Colitis is all around the world.  It’s not just in Memphis, Tennesse, or London, or New York, or Norman Oklahoma, its everywhere.  Finland, Brazil, Nigeria, Russia, Canada, Japan, everywhere.   But, not everything is the same.  Take for example an email I received a few months back from someone who lives over 1 1/2 hours by bus to the nearest hospital/medical facility.  Can you imagine that? I sure can’t.  But here is the point.  If you are a long way away from any doctors, information about ulcerative colitis can still be relatively easy to find.  And for many of these people, somehow this website has made it to them.  To me, that’s pretty cool.  So thanks to everyone again, whether you’ve written a post, or a comment, that’s something that is super appreciated by others in the ulcerative colitis world.

What’s new with the site:  Well, for one thing, there is now great information coming to the site from people who no longer have their colon.  That’s right, and there are quite of few in that group out there.  Jamie for example is getting into writing about her stories pre and post colon surgery.(Thanks Jamie)

Also, I’ve realized that instead of knowing 100% of what there is to know about UC, I probably know about .0001%.  So, against my wife’s constant request for me to stop pecking away at the computer, and making stupid colitis videos every once in a while, I have decided to continue with the site.  I hope you will be around for what is to come too.

My current colitis symptoms:

So here is the deal.  About a week ago, I started noticing that I was going to the bathroom way more than my usual 1 or 2 times per day.  It was probably 3-4 times instead.  And, at about this time last week, I started to notice that I was having some joint pains in my shoulder and upper arms, much like I had after my Humira injections a year prior.  This was strange, but nothing raised any major flags.  I have been medication free since October, and pretty much symptom free since the end of August 2009.  Of course the occasional soft stool or two or three in a row, but no bleeding.  So today, I did my morning bathroom break and I noticed dark red blood mixed into the poop.  So instead of washing it out of my memory, I told my wife earlier today what was going on.  Also, I have been feeling some strange feelings in my stomach area for a few days now.  Almost like the feeling you have when your stomach is growling because it is hungry, but you know you are not hungry.   To me, these are classic signs of some more than usual active colitis in the old colon.  So, there you have it.   My streak of going just great ended on May 11, 2010.  Very very mild right now, but I would guess active colitis none the less.

What am I going to do?:

Right now, absolutely nothing.   I plan on cutting out my daily or twice daily coffee, and seeing if things get better.  I don’t plan on calling my GI doctor(I am yet to do a single doctor visit this year, and don’t want to blow my streak on this just yet) and I surely don’t want to have a doctor go in for a sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy just yet either.  And, if you were wondering, I also don’t want to be prescribed prednisone right now.  It was great to finish that drug in October, and it would be great to stay away from them for a while longer.

If you would like to post a story, you can do so on the right hand side, there is a small narrow form you can write in, and it will go on the site.  Thanks to all, and to all a banana muffin(wife is just about to pull a dozen out of the oven right now)

25 thoughts on “I See Blood in My Poop, Is it an Ulcer or Colitis?”

  1. You remind me of my self when I think my colitis is all gone but again I see blood in my stools for couple of month, last time I was in this situation, I said I will not let you (UC) take over my life again, yes I was more careful with what I eat, and couple of month it’s all gone and it was mild. We always don’t know when the next flare up is, but from my long experience it gets less frequent within time.
    Hope these red drops won’t last long ..

    1. Thanks Tayra, things are starting to get better I think. No blood today, so hoping it was just a minor bump in the road. It’s good to hear from you. I hope your colitis is not affecting to much of your life too. Thanks again, Adam

  2. So sorry to hear. I have a question. If the scd diet is so good and you are on it, why has the colitis flared up again.I am in my 8th week on the diet. Still decreasing predisone, currently on 10mg.

    1. I definitely don’t know the answer to your question. My guess is that something I have been eating which is not 100% legit with the diet(milk in coffee for example) and some other minor things may have creeped up on me. I hope things are going well for you, I just replied to Tayra, that i think it was just a minor bump in the road. No blood or anything today, and a hard stool like normal, so not cracking champagne yet, but will give an update when time has passed a bit more. Congrats on sticking to the diet, and weaning off the prednisone!

  3. Hey Adam! Hope you are doing well. Try your best not to go on the same roadtrip as myself on the highway to hell! Wishing you the best! x

    1. Yo Jen,
      Big thanks. I hope that I can find a quick way out of this deep dark doodie hole. Will keep you posted for shizel. Thanks for all your support,

  4. Adam, throw some spinach at it, I really dont like spinach and cannot attest personally to its benefits but I’ve read and heard other people comment on the anti-inflamitory effects of spinach. So in a way its like a natural prednisone without the side effects, maybe a few servings would be enough to help push you over the bump. Stay hydrated too I’m beginning to make a connection I think between my flares and how hydrated I keep my body. Hope you get the brakes put on the blood buddy, good luck.


    1. Hey Brad,
      Thanks for the spinach idea. I just made a salad at the salad bar at the grocery story. Put some spinach in, so hopefully the colitis will be happy with it. Also, your ideas on being hydrated is maybe spot on to help colitis. Since getting into the flare a few days ago, I have been drinking alot of water, which I never do. And funny enough, over the past 24 hours, it looks like the flare is coming to an end. Only 2 craps yesterday, and 1 so far today, no blood at all, so pretty happy. Also my joint pains seems to have gotten much better without any medication. Anyways, will keep you all posted, but the only real difference I’ve made is much more water.(I couldn’t kick the coffee urge, had one both yesterday and today, but that’s better than drinking two cups of coffee for the good old colitis colon(maybe).

  5. Maybe it’s the infamous 7 month flare that I hear so much about from other SCDers and from the SCD book itself? Or it could be those little dietary things adding up, I know I myself have been letting the little things creep in too and it’s not helping at all. I hope you feel better soon!!!

    1. Hey Jen from Mass,
      It’s good to hear from you! I hope all is going well for you in Bean Town!
      Yeah, sure could be the 7 month freak out flare. Good news is it seems to be contained, ha some smoke jumpers come in and put out the loose flames it seems within the past 36 hours, and blood is all gone from stools. A little colitis mucus in the stool still, but joint pain seems to be getting better too. Too early to celebrate, but I think I’m getting out of the woods.
      Thanks for all the support, I hope things are going good for you,

  6. Hi Adam just read your update, Im doing okay at the moment, tapering down on meds and drinking water [around 3 litres a day] and changed diet not to much but able to have only i visit to toilet a day regular as clockwork after breakfast of cereal oats and coffee [ love my coffee in the morning…. its smells like napalm]….lots of fuit and, but hope you get over the small bum in the road, to everyone else lets fight this colitis big time!!!!

  7. Adam, glad to hear from your comments that your flare is not too bad. Maybe you were having a sympathy flare for me since I got really sick in China ;) ha! It sucks but hopefully being on SCD helps you recover faster. Make lots of chicken soup, the gelatin will help soothe the intestine lining. Add some slices of ginger and sprinkle some turmeric when simmering the broth. Both are great anti-inflammatories.

    I think your site is pretty awesome, and even more awesome is that it’s accessible in China! I can’t get to most blogs and websites here but for some reason yours come through.

    1. Yo Kat,
      Big fingers crossed here that you get past your sickies out there in China town. Thanks for the ideas, yeah, flare was just a little scare/shake down by the colitis gods. That’s cool the colitis site is coming through to you in China. The Chinese must be having a hard time reading it though…

  8. Hey Adam,

    Im new to this website, iv spent the day reading pretty much all the posts on here and I love how informative they all are. Im just curious as to how you started the scd way back in august. Iv read on pecanbread and other websites that foods should be introduced in phases and very slowly after the intro diet. How did you personally do it? Also I see you still consume quite a few illegals (potatoes/corn flour), how long after starting the diet did you introduce these? I have quite a few questions so it would be great if we could correspond over email? Thanks,


    1. Hey Nick,
      Great questions.
      How did I introduce foods and how long etc… — For me, I didn’t follow the intro diet at all. I just started out with some basics like eggs and bacon, and chicken and salad quite a bit. Over maybe a week or two, I started to bring in things like orange juice, and some nuts. Really, there was no set schedule, I was not waiting for something to change before introducing, and for this reason, i unfortunately can’t provide much in the form of details about exactly how I got started. But, of course it worked.
      As for the “illegals” that I eat like potato and corn flour, or at least corn tortilla chips, I started eating those right away when I started the diet. The girl who I met who was using the diet and who at one time had severe UC said she eats those foods regularly, so I decided to follow her lead. I believe she also began eating them when she started the diet without truly following the “intro diet”. I’ll send you an email as well, so we can chat more. Adam

  9. Sorry to hear the relapse news. We’ve had some relapse over here too. Ya know, for me, I have to discipline myself to drink water, especially during the winter months.

    Coupla thoughts: I’ve stopped drinking very much at all *while* I’m eating. I try to hydrate between meals. This does a couple things, I think. One, I think it helps me digest and chew better. Two, I find myself eating fruits and veggies during my meals, I think for their moisture content.

    The second thought is how coffee dehydrates a body. But the effects seem to add up and its only after several days of lowhydrating that I start to see significant symptoms.

    Anyway, coffee & dehydrating are problems for me. Just thought I’d chime in.

    all the best to ya!

    1. Hey Greg,
      Thanks for he tips, it appears the relapse is over which is cool, all without any drugs too. you’ve got some great ideas, I’m going to try to put them to use, especially the less drinking “while” eating one. Thanks Greg!

  10. Sitting in the PAMF Mountain View infusion center getting my Remicade treatment and I stumbled across this site. What a blessing. I’ve had UC since I was 17 (about 15 years). For years I was able to control it with the usual suspects — Asacol mostly. Then I started need to mesalimine enemas. Then hydrocortisone enemas. Then prednisone. Couldn’t get off prednisone without a flare, so we tried 6-MP. No dice – adverse reaction. Fearing a lifetime of prednisone (and the debilitating side effects of it), I tried Remicade. Worked great, almost instantly, no side effects. My UC was fully controlled for the first time in years. About 6 months into the Remicade regimen, I started experiencing symptoms in the weeks leading up to my next infusion. We increased the frequency, but I’m not confident it’s going to make a difference. Not sure where to turn next, as a J-pouch for the next 60 years is not very palatable to me.

    I’ve never heard of the SCD diet before and will definitely give it a shot before deciding on surgery.

    Thanks for your posts, Adam. Since we live in the same area, they really hit home for me. I hope your flare resolves itself quickly. And feel free to email me directly if you’d like to compare notes on PAMF GI doctors…

  11. Hi, what a great site this is – thank you.
    I had my very first bout of what we think is UC a few weeks ago. I am waiting for a colonoscopy
    and have been treated with enemas. The symptoms had gone after using about 7 enemas but I have been exhausted – is this a symptom? Anyway, this morning I was very dissapointed to see mucus and blood in my stool as I had thought things were getting better. From your helpful comments this looks pretty standard for UC? Creeps back up just when you think things are getting better! Any comments would be appreciated on the lack of energy. Thanks

    1. Definitely tell your doctors you are feeling tired, as that is also a common symptom and many times comes about when people are anemic. But your doctors should be able to help you very quickly with that.

      Hang in there, you’ll get past all the tough times like so many others have. And the blood and mucus is also very standard, I can remember those symptoms very clearly, they should not be denied, and make sure to tell your doctors all about that in as much detail as you can as well.

  12. About two months i woke up throwing but i thought maybe it was something i ate the day before the got me sick so the next i woke up the same and rhe next day again! Thats when i relized there was something wrong so i didnt go to work and went to the doctor and all he said ” you have the stomach flu” and ok i stayed in bed and rest till ive feel better but a week past and nothing so i went back and he said”its constipation and all the toxins are you feel nasuatead and vomiting but take laxatives and it will go away, i promise” well the promise wasnt a real promise because i keep feeling sick and i noticed my abdomen was swelling big and it was painful to the point i started crying so i went to the hospital and the physician just went based on what my doctor said too but it was nothing bad so i went back home and i started getting worse the i couldnt to work or eat nothing! I was getting sooo frustrated so i decided to go to mexico and they said to do a colonoscopy and i did and the found ulcers n later the week the told me i have ulcerative colitis and in the time i didnt know what it was and they explained it to me and i was devastated when he told me it wasn’t curable. And till today im still suffering no medicine or diet has help me. Please if anyone has advise or what i can do i would really appreciate it. Thanks!

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