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I Pooped My Pants Experiences


Thank YOU Thank You once again to everyone who is part of our newsletter who took the chance(maybe we should say risk) in sharing your “pooping the pants” story.  One of you wrote “filling the underwear” and I think that’s a much better way to explain it right?:)

So, below in this post are the stories from rockstar people who also decided to submit photos with their story.

Now, as promised, it for sure is time for me to throw my story out there as well(at the bottom of the post)

Before you start reading, one more big big thank you to everyone who participated, and in case you’re wondering, my wife is more interested than I have ever seen her before to read this post with your stories.(not quite sure what to make of it???:)


(you can download ALL the 141 stories via a PDF file I created by clicking here or go to the bottom of this posting)

Pooped My Pants Experiences:


Pooped My pants 1Unfortunately its not a rare event. I have pooped my pants while out shopping, on my way to work in the morning, while at work in meetings, on the way home in the car. I even pooped my pants recently in a taxi and made the driver stop and leave me on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere!! Its a delightful experience and only fellow UC sufferers can truly appreciate it (and laugh about it).




Pooped My pants 5I was 21 years old and currently taking time off of school and living at home with my parents for this particular incident. I had been diagnosed with UC for almost a year and at this point I was also living with not only UC, but also C-diff and a blood infection. I was roughly 100 pounds, anemic, and not only was I freezing all the time- I was also using the restroom 15+ times a day.
My parents and doctors were really stressing the importance of Vitamin D and how I really needed to get outside and soak up some rays. Sounds nice, right? Well, when you’re roughly 100 lbs, anemic, and you just want to lie in bed all day and sleep….it didn’t sound so appealing.
Bless my wonderful parents. They came up with the great idea to set up our hammock out in our backyard and in the sunshine, so while they were at work I could “sleep” outside and soak up some rays. I laid in a mummy-styled sleeping bag and the only part of my body that saw the sun was my face.
This was a wonderful idea, and I would take naps outside and stay warm! The kicker here? I was the only one home, and I didn’t carry my cell phone with me at the time because I was so ill, I didn’t want to talk to anyone and if I forgot to unlock the door from the inside, I had no way of getting back into the house. One particular day, I was soaking up my rays, and I remember it was between 3 and 3:30 in the afternoon (around the time our local school district let out)….mom came home from work about 4. I woke up from my nap because I had to poop, I ran to the door……… and it was locked!!! I first thought, “I could run to the neighbors to get our spare key, but they weren’t home and what if I don’t make it in time?”….second thought, “I could maybe hold it until mom got home…HA! Holding in poop? Who can do that anymore”…and then it hit me….it was coming and there was no stopping it. I ran to the bushes in my yard, but I was too late. I had already had an explosion in my pants, and I just decided to squat in the bushes and let the rest come out. Well, while I am squatting there, crying because I was so frustrated, my neighbors come home, the family that lives behind me and could see straight into my yard….right at the bushes came home…and I am just squatting there, praying they can’t see me. And then I here my mother’s car…and she is walking to the door to go in I catch her attention, and all I can say is, “Mom, I know this looks hilarious, but please don’t laugh, I just need some toilet paper.” She shortly returns with not only toilet paper, but also Clorox wipes, a plastic bag, and a towel to cover myself as I walk in the house.

My mother and I still remember that day like it was yesterday. And I can still feel myself squatting there praying my neighbors didn’t see me. My mother told me that as soon as she went inside she started cracking up and had to control herself before she came back outside. I promise you, you will be able to laugh about your “poop my pants” stories one day. And the sooner you can, the easier it gets! Keep your head up, you aren’t alone, it happens to the best of us! As my dad says, also a fellow UCer, “always keeps a spare change of clothes with you, you never know what’s going to happen! You’ll be thankful you have them one day!”



Pooped My pants 2The first time I experienced this will live with me forever. It happened in 2010 and at the time I was on a project assignment with company working at a DOE facility. I am a coffee drinker and I have used coffee to help keep me “regular” and basically empty my bowels every morning so I can have a normal day.

I am usually very strategic when it comes to planning out my day now, but back then, not so much. Of course I knew that when it was time, it was time, but I was also pretty confident that I would be able to avoid any embarrassing moments.

At the time this incident took place, I happened to be stationed in a portable office. There were 3 portables in my area and 1 in the middle that was the bathroom. Now, one of the biggest annoyances about this assignment was the cleaning was never consistent when they came and when they did, they would block off the entrance, no one was allowed in, and they would take their sweet time. On this particular morning, I had incorrectly assumed that they had already come so I eagerly tipped back my large coffee. After I do this I almost immediately head to the bathroom because I know it won’t be long until the engines get started and the shit machine begins.

As I walking outside I notice that the cleaning had literally just gotten there.

I froze.

I tried not to panic and had to think quick. The training building was about 2 miles down the street… It would be cutting it close, but I was confident I could make it.

I ran into my office and grabbed my keys and hopped into car. As I was driving I began to feel the rumblings and started praying immediately. When things like this happen, we inevidentally get stuck at every red light or get behind a slow driver. My luck? A train.

Luckily it was a short one as I made my way to the training building parking lot.

The thing with this disease is you become Batman was all restrooms and locations whether it’s your route to work, the building you work in, a place you are visiting, etc. You make sure you know everything about everything so you can be prepared.

Well, in my rush, I didn’t pay attention which parking lot I was going into. Had I gone in the correct parking lot, the bathroom would have been directly across from the front door. Sadly I had parked in the rear by the cafeteria and would have to run through the cafeteria, down the hall and around front to the bathroom. No worries though, I can make it.

No sooner had I stepped out of my car started running when I froze in the middle of the parking lot. No warning, nothing. I remember thinking to myself, “this is really happening… You are a grown man shitting yourself.” There were two other people in the parking lot, but luckily they were far enough away that they wouldn’t have realized what wa actually going on.

I ponder my options before coming to my senses and getting back into my car. It’s a very weird feeling to be a grow up, sitting in a parking lot at work and going doodie in your pants. And it was a lot!

The thing about working at a DOE facility was you had to go through an armed gate to enter and exit the facility and you could be stopped at any time for a random search.

I prayed to God and everything holy that I would not get stopped. I also thanked him for having the foresight and having me wear boxer briefs that particular day. I can’t tell you how much that savede from a very messy incident.

Luckily I made it through the gate and drove the 45 minutes back to my house propped up and holding myself up by my legs the entire drive home. I called my wife and told her I had an accident and was headed home. Didn’t even bother telling anyone at work… They could all jut assume I was in meeting somewhere else onsite.

That was quite the experience and there have been many more since some funny and some not so funny.

There have been some trying times since I was diagnosed and I personally believe I battled with depression for the first couple of years, but I made a decision that I was going to let this disease define me am I can look back on it now and laugh.

After all everyone poops, some just way more than others!



Pooped My pants 3Went for walk from home. Had urgent need to go. I have been known to stop car, get out, pull my pants down and go In street next to car. Not too worried if seen as I assume I will never see those people again in my life so continue as if this the acceptable way to behave. This time I was too close to home and really did not wish to be seen, no choice but to poop in my pants. Brown dribble etc. Painter at home in house, so ring hubby to take change of clothes, bowl, washcloth, towel out into garden to behind the bush. I then arrive in garden & sort myself out leaving soiled clothes outside, before breezing in as if nothing had happened. I assume he didn’t notice that I was wearing totally different clothes to the ones he’d seen me leave the house in, nor did he see my husband taking afore mentioned things outside. Incidentally the garden has been a real “carpet saver”, as I never enter the house, without semi sorting myself out, so avoiding dribbling on the carpets.




Pooped My pants 4One of my many experience’s with filling my underwear happened quite recently i was staying at my dads house and usually i live alone and have full access to the toilet , so i headed to the toilet needing to go full on, now usually im not in such a rush at three o clock in the morning but who decided they needed a pee at the same time none other than my dad so i stood there holding it…….. still holding…….. he pee’d for what seemed like an eternity. anyway couldn’t hold it any longer……. squirt! I just stood there and at this stage in my illness im a bit more care-free so i let it be! it’s a strange feeling just letting it happen when you spend so long training yourself not to poop yourself!




Pooped My pants 6It was early on when I was first diagnosed with UC. I was extremely anemic and taking OTC iron supplements. The first three hours of the morning weren’t easy back then and I couldn’t be more than a room away from the bathroom. On this particular morning I had an appointment with my GI doctor so I was forced to leave home earlier than I wanted. I live ten miles from town and about seven miles out it was apparent that I was about to poop my pants. I did my business and drove to my parents’ house in town to clean myself up. I even made it to the doctor on time. That’s when I learned to carry a change of clothes with me until I got to a better place with controlling my UC symptoms. It does get better and I do not intend to ever let myself get that sick again.





Pooped My pants 7Walking on a pier with my husband after having a colonoscopy and it just happened. I was horrified. My husband took my hand, walked me into the water and cleaned me up. It’s been our little secret until now.





Pooped My pants 8Memorial Day Parade. “Mainstreet USA” Such an exciting, patriotic day! My girls, then 4 and 7 years old, and I are in the parade, walking along, holding a banner for my daughter’s preschool. We feel like celebrities, crowds of familiar faces are waving at us and calling out our names. We wave back enthusiastically, so proud. As we are walking along, I am experiencing the waves of heat and cramping in my gut. The black cloud is looming over my head. What if I have to scream off to the loo and drop a bomb?! We make it down main street and passed the turn where the parade ends. I spot a porta-john! Yay!!! Unfortunately the hundreds of other people spotted it too. There is a line a mile long. I can make it home. Right? Yes! I can make it home, it’s only a few blocks. Halfway down the street, BAM!! Explosion in my pants. I can’t control it and as I’m walking, my underwear and leggings are filling with hot diarrhea. My girls are offering words of encouragement, “It’s ok mommy,” “Poor Mommy” etc. I continue the brisk, waddling walk of shame, defeated. My ex-husband’s house it only a few paces away…his neighbor comes outside to say “Hello! Did you guys enjoy the parade?” I keep walking, head down, praying I don’t leave a trail of stench behind me. I book it into my ex-hubby’s house, up the stairs, to the shower and immediately strip of my soiled clothes and wash off. CRAP! Now I don’t have underwear or pants to wear. Luckily my dress is long enough and clean enough to wear home. I leave his house, commando style and drive home. My soiled clothes in a bag to be washed, or burned. Happy Memorial Day!! It sure was a day I’ll never forget. The moral of the story is, never pass a bathroom without trying to use it. And avoid parades.

Pooped My pants 9Not really a “pants pooping story,” but… When we lived in a one bathroom apartment, the hubs beat me to the bathroom one morning. He was in there, doing the #2 and sure enough, my #2 decided to make a surprise entrance. I knocked on the door: “Are you almost done?” I asked, panicking. “Um, not really!” He said. So I paced around the apartment, knowing I was doomed. I grabbed a grocery bag from the kitchen drawer, pulled down my p.j. pants, cupped the bag over my behind and let ‘er loose! The blinds were open, but thank goodness nobody walked by and saw me squatting camper style in the kitchen with a bag over my butt!! When my husband came out, he said “It’s all yours!” And I was like, “It’s all good, I took care of it.” Then I proceeded to tell him what happened and we laughed our asses off! He told me I’m a savage. Yeah. I take care of business.




Pooped My pants 10August of last year I was in my worst flare ever. I had a bad reaction to Imuran. I was at work an started feeling strange then spit up some bile and decided I needed to go home. It was a painful journey as the urgency kicked in. I got all the way home but as soon as I was out of the car the diarrhea started. Ended up calling the ambulance because I was so weak and started blacking out. Doing much better this year which proves the old saying “this too shall pass. ” don’t lose hope:)






Pooped My pants 11I was driving home and hit every freaking red light. I had bad cramps and someone (ahem) was knocking on the backdoor begging to be let out. Tried the cheek squeeze and deep breaths. Nope! So right there in the car, only about 2 blocks from home…squirt!
When I got home, I wrapped a sweatshirt around my waist (to catch the overflow and prevent neighbor views) and ran right for the shower, where I washed then wept “Crying Game style.”
My poor magenta velour pants, how I miss thee.




Pooped My pants 12I have pooped my pants mostly in my car on the drive from work or the store. generally I feel it coming and in seconds all is emptied into my undies and whatever I am wearing. Prefer if it has to happen to have pants on so it’s somewhat contained. Especially bad with a skirt.

Worst experience ever was the one time I did it in public wearing WHITE JEANS!!!!! Mind you I was having very slight symptoms so I felt safe in the white jeans. I went to Panera to wait for my husband to meet me for lunch. I was completely fine, drinking water and suddenly I had the dreaded stomach crapping. I was at the very front of the place and the bathroom was at the back which seemed to be miles. I began pooping right before hitting the door and the stall was occupied so I stood with my back against the wall and waited. Luckily it was not noticeable at that point. I got in the stall and had to dispose of my underwear and try to get as cleaned up as possible. I had a sweater I wrapped around my waist to get out and some Febreeze I sprayed myself with. I managed to get out and to the car at which pint I sobbed until my husband got there.

I now carry an extra set of underwear and pants as well as baby wipes with me at all times. With this illness you never know when poop will happen!



Pooped My pants 13Before I got surgery I’ve pooped myself absolutely everywhere. In the car, school, running half marathons, u name it I did it.

Now that I got my surgery, thought it would be over. Nope! They botched my reversal, got septic, was in a coma, almost died, and had to put the bag back on.

So now I wait until July, the day after my wedding to hae the reversal a second time.




Pooped My pants 14I just started a new job and was at the orientation. Some guy was up in the front doing a slide show on some emergency procedures. I was sitting up front and far away from the door. My stomach started to do flips, but I’m used to this and it usually passes. A lot of times I will get an urge to go, but I just squeeze and squeeze and squeeze until the feeling goes away. So, the urge came, I started to squeeze, but then was thinking, this is a bit strong, I better go to the bathroom. I slowly stood up and as soon as I did, I had an incredibly vulnerable feeling, there was just such a heavy and uneasy feeling in my stomach that I knew I didn’t have much time. I had already scoped out the bathroom, which was just feet outside the orientation room. I knew I was close. But, as I was halfway across the room, right in front of the presenter and in front of the room, it started to come out! As I shuffled out of the room and turned the corner for the bathroom, there was another girl reaching for the handle of the bathroom door, but I shoved her out of the way and barged in. As soon as I got in there, I didn’t even need to sit on the toilet anymore. Everything was already out in my pants, and I was wearing a thong, so my underwear didn’t even stand the chance to catch it! My heart was pounding and my hands were shaking like crazy. I had no idea how I was going to get myself out of this situation, it was everywhere! It was one of those times that I was in the moment of trauma and didn’t have time to get upset or anything so I was ultra focused on my task. I dumped what I could in the toilet and tried my best to clean up the rest. I rinsed out my pants in the sink and was sooooo lucky they were dark pants that when you looked at them, you couldn’t even tell they were wet! Some girl knocked on the door to ask if I was ok- and I told her I was just having stomach problems. I was so fortunate that they had private bathrooms and that they had a paper towel roll. I was even more lucky that I wore the absolute best pants to poop in! Even though they were soaking wet, I don’t think anyone could tell. I was even able to go back in the room and sit down like nothing happened. (Though I couldn’t concentrate on anything, I was just thinking to myself I pooped in my pants-over and over I again). It happened at the end of the day and I just had to last about 45 more minutes in wet pants, then cried all the way on the drive home. It could have been wayyyyyyy worse!


Pooped My pants 15I don’t know that my “pooped my pants” stories are all that funny, but after 7 years of living with UC, I have learned to NEVER EVER, EVER TRUST A TOOT! If you need to pass gas, go ahead and go to the toilet – you might get more than you bargained for! UC is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get! :) I have a bulldog who has silent but deadly gas; whenever my husband tries to blame me for the stink, my answer is always the same, “You know it wasn’t me – I CAN’T toot, I might poop my pants!” It’s easy to laugh it off now, this condition can be so humiliating that pooping my pants once in a while is the least of my worries!




Pooped My pants 16i have ‘shit-load’ of stories – here’s 2 of my finest:

1. On holiday in Canada, my girlfriend and i stayed a night with an old friend of my mum’s on Vancouver Island whom we had never met before. That evening, her son invited me on an early morning 40min run along the spit that goes out to the sea and back around the little bay they live on. As school cross-country champion, it sounded like a good way to start the morning and roll back the years. i didn’t have any appropriate shorts so he offered me his but unfortunately they were too short. had to go with my own baggy pair. In the morning, I managed to go to the loo first thing before we left so i thought all was good.

About 3 mins into the warm up lap, i knew it wasn’t. from running side by side, i dropped back behind and tactically just let a small amount go and out the side of the shorts, as i thought this would placate matters. actually, that did work ok and i managed to jog on for a while. we got down to the bottom of the road and then headed back towards the house. on the way back, a massive urge kicks in and I have no chance of holding it especially as i’m running. didnt know if i should run into the bushes or what my options were to save any dignity (i had only met this guy the night before). so basically i did nothing other than try and put some distance between us (not too much, not too little).

Then, I emitted a sudden squelch sound, which startled him and he turned round and asked if “i was alright.” “yeh, fine mate” i lied…. and then it all came out, luckily just as he turned his back. i was still running and it flung out of my baggy shorts, all down my leg and onto the road. leg smothered in poo. i grabbed some gravel and dirt and started scraping my leg with it when i could but it was not very effective. also now my hands were covered in poo too. eventually we got back to the house “for a stretch” before the proper run began… i sort of blocked his view of me, standing by a little tree in the front lawn. I pretended that the 15 minute warm up jog had knocked me out and that i needed a rest. he smiled like he knew how much fitter he was than me. i wanted him to head off first so awkwardly waited around a little then we said our goodbyes and yup…. you guessed it…. he offered his friendly hand for a good old manly handshake. i had no choice, how could i refuse? and before i knew it, i was giving him a vigorous shake to say thank you with scrapings of my own human faeces for good measure.

i never saw him again as he went straight to work and we moved on that evening. at least he didn’t lend me his shorts. Since i had no spares with me, I spent the rest of the day on a tour of the island with his family wearing my girlfriend’s trousers – which i tried to pull off as some sort of trendy, retro English skinny 3/4 shorts look… “it’s all the rage in London!”.

2. i cycled to the local library to take back a book. Managed to return it ok and was just getting back on to the bike when i can feel the rumbles – had to make quick assessment: could i hold out til i got home or make a dash back to library… by the time i worked it out i already know its gonna be a close one either way. I managed to waddle into the reception area of the library and then realised i had no idea where the loo was in the building. can barely speak at this stage as literally clenching my whole body to keep it in. I squeek out the question to the old lady behind the desk and whilst she rambles on about which doors to open and stairs to climb, it all just goes and its all very audible. i’m just standing there nodding and half smiling in relief whilst she’s giving me directions – punctuated by the obvious sounds of it being too late. actually pooping whilst having a conversation with a stranger – even after 3 years of this that was definitely a new experience!


Pooped My pants 17Well, here goes one story for ya, Imagine being in a conference room business meeting and UC takes over your body and you are along for the ride to a bathroom with about, mmmmmmm, 35 secs to get there! That was me before I knew what the heck was going on with my body(UC). Well, I jumped up, bolted to the bathroom only to find a full house, no room in the inn, nada, zip. So, I run out and look for another bathroom, and unfortunately this ancient office building only has open bathroom on the floor and I am on the 3rd floor. So after finding this out I hit the stairs, no time waiting for elevators as I am sure some of you know, a combination of elevator music and the ticking time bomb in my A$$ would not go together. So I make it to the second floor, and what do I find…another full house, you got it, damn the luck! So I break for the stairs again and as I get to the first floor bathroom, while seeing another FREAKING full bathroom the ticking time bomb goes off. So I am need to go back to the meeting right, grrrrreat. After a parking lot change and clean up and back to the first floor bathroom, which is completely empty now, for further cleaning detail, I am commando under my slacks and back to the meeting like nothing ever happened:)

Well that is just one of many, before my UC diagnosis.

A side note, after trying Lialda, Prednisone, and Apriso,(all with not much help). I have found a Supplement combination that works for me, and finally I am in remission(5 months now)!!!!!!!

Supplement combination;
Probiotics, Chlorella, Spriulina, Flaxseed, Astaxanthin and Fish oil.
And occasionally Zyflammend – I Know it’s a mouth full, so to speak:)

but for me, IT WORKS , and hopefully the info can help someone else.


Kevin from Houston


Pooped My pants 18Hello, my name is Christina and I was diagnosed in sept 08. I was a senior in HS and had no idea what was going on before I got diagnosed. It’s crazy because for about three years prior to being diagnosed I was having bad stomach cramps and diarrhea. I didn’t think of it as being a big issue, just something bad I had eaten. But in July 08 it had started getting really bad. Everything I ate was going straight threw me. Id literally say 3 mins after I had eaten something I had to run to the toilet. It was horrible and the pain was horrible as well. There was blood also in my stool so I was freaked out. So I went to the ER numerous times and they just said it was something bad that I had eaten. But the symptoms never left so I had started to not really eat because I hated going to the bathrooms everytime I put something in my mouth. So in sept 08 my mom said I had lost too much weight so she took me down to children’s hospital Los Angeles. As soon as I got there they ran test and automatically assumed I had UC. So I was hospitalized for 2 weeks and they did a colonoscopy and told me I had UC on the left side of my colon. I was so scared and thankful because I finally knew it was really something. So then I was put on diff meds and now I’ve been holding up pretty well. I’ve had about 3 relapses but usually go right back within a week or so.




Pooped My pants 19Hi my name is Steve, filling up my car with fuel I got the old warning signs down below! Usually the car is my safe place and I can drive all day without needing to go, must be cause my colon is immobilized or something. I racked the pump and jumped in quick but it was too late, this volcano was going Vesuvius style! As I drove out I fought the urge but the cork was popped and the gravy train was inbound! I grabbed a windshield cover from the back seat to sit on and protect the seat from staining and it was a warm pant filling showcase! I must of rose an inch off the seat there was that much! Then it was a long drive home in my poop mobile sitting in the mess, mmm tasty! Home , underwear in the trash and jeans in the wash and a lonnnggg shower to make myself feel less like a dirty animal!



Pooped My pants 20I was at work one day I work with cars and I was too far from a bathroom. I couldn’t make it I tried to run inside but had to stop and sit down. I was so scared and embarrassed. I finally made it inside to the bathroom I had to take my underwear off and throw them away. I left work and went home I couldn’t bare staying at work anymore.





Pooped My pants 21We were going to a trip to Florida , we are from Long Island so in the morning my wife says your going to ware those jeans she dose not like them but they are confiterbel so I ware the . I feel good the whole flight my cousin picks us up at airport and were driving to his house and all of a sudden ban I got to go we pull into a reastrant but to late luckily I always carry my back with me with extra stuff . I through the jeans out and the trip still turned out great when we got back to New York I bought 2 pair of Levi’s just as nice as the ones I through out. Uc is a tough illness so you always half to be ready for the worst but still have fun with what you are doing one day at a time.



Adam Scheuer, founder of

Adam Scheuer, founder of

It was just about one year ago, actually probably sometime in late April.  Michaela and I were going cross the US in our VW van (like we still are right now…anybody in Colby, Kansas?).

Anyways, we pulled into San Angelo, Texas and took a spot at their state park to camp for two nights.  NOBODY was at the campground, and even through I requested we be given a spot close to water and the bathrooms, that still meant a good quarter mile walk…that’s Texas for ya…

Maybe an hour or two after we got to our site, we were doing whatever, and as is common from time to time, I let one rip.  You know… One of those pleasant smelling wonders of nature.  But, this turned out to be one of those farts that you just shouldn’t be passing.

I immediately thought that I was probably prairie dogging it (you know, when the little guy pops his head to say hi).  So, I told Michaela I was off to the bathroom cause I let one fly that I shouldn’t have.  I didn’t think much of it, but after about 200 feet of fast walking, I was beginning to wonder if I’d make it.  It was windy, nobody around for at least a quarter mile, and the race was on.

I started doing the whole squeezing it in thing, but that didn’t really give me much help.  Things were for sure in motion.  I must have hit the point of no return, if there is such a thing down there.


I must have been 150 feet from the bathrooms that nobody was in our whole stay.  And BAAaAAAM.

The clock ran out.

And I sat their in the wind thinking to myself, holy crap, this is actually happening.  And I just let it go, full on open sesame.

A few seconds later it was damage control time.  This had never happened before.  But, I did make it to the bathrooms (which had a shower as well).  I sat down on the toilet…big joke.  And realize I had only one good option:

Take everything off, throw out my pants, socks and underwear.  Next…take a big fat shower.  Then use my t-shirt as pants, my flannel shirt for my shirt(daaaa) and put on the shoes and head back to see Michaela.

that's me maybe 10 minutes after my campground pant pooping.  the bathrooms you can see in the way back on the right (white little buildings)

that’s me maybe 10 minutes after my campground pant pooping. the bathrooms you can see in the way back on the right (white little buildings)

Crazy enough, she thought I lost my mind wearing my shirt like you see in the picture, then I told her the story and she was laughing for a while.

Thanks for sharing your stories to everyone who has, and to the readers, enjoy:)

– Adam



22 thoughts on “I Pooped My Pants Experiences”

  1. Wow!
    I love all of you pant-pooping sharers.
    I haven’t laughed about like this in forever.
    Thank you, thank you thank you! You are all hilarious warriors. I had another incident last night and this really makes this so much lighter.

  2. Well, I’ve had my laugh (thanks library pooper).

    This was a good survey Adam, thanks. I had no idea that so many of us pooped our drawers…I definitely feel less alone.

    I’m also surprised that so many of you aren’t homebound like me. I wish I wouldn’t let this disease limit me so much.

    Thanks everyone for your candid sharing, it’s so inspiring.

    Happy Day!

  3. Brilliant. Thanks Adam for these. Ive had UC for 12 years and 2 months ago had my first poop in the pants. Didnt realise it was so common. Was mortified as i was out in public but i can laugh about it now knowing im not alone.

  4. Admittedly we are all very humbled by our experiences. But after reading your ‘poop stories’ and having lived a few of my own I can say that most of us are so very fortunate to have compassionate caring people in our lives who help us through our little disgraces, and allow us to laugh at ourselves!

  5. So glad I told my story along with others Its nice to know your not the only one ? Got to say it got me smiling as you now what its like first hand ? Got to be one to know one (as the saying go ) You just have to let it go over your head ! As we all know we have this till Death Do Us Part Chin up UC ers … Good Luck & Good Health to you All

  6. Thanks for all the laughs! I have been there so many times myself and total relate to these stories….especially wrapping the sweater around the waist so the neighbors don’t see. I now carry a blanket and a change of clothes with me…..the blanket I put on the car seat so I don’t have to keep getting my car seats cleaned. I am glad to hear that I am not the only one out there. I am longer embarrassed.

  7. I’ve always said our theme song should be “I’ve been everywhere, man” :-) :-) It sure ain’t pretty, but ya gotta laugh. Don’t we all enjoy good poopy humor?! And as they said in the. Bucket List ( Jack Nicholson, I think) Never, ever trust a fart!
    Thanks for sharing the humor…

  8. well who knew that “going to the bathroom” all over ourselves would make us laugh!! i never thought i would until i read this…i won’t feel as bad as i used if it ever happens to me again!!
    thank you all :)

  9. Thanks guys for sharing your stories. Now I don’t feel like a pooped-my-pants-outsider anymore! :)
    Meanwhile I am quite good in pooping into a plastic bag while in the car or when some other familymember occupies the toilet. But I still carry around an extra pair of underwear with me, like most of you guys do. Lesson learned! ;)

  10. Oh dear… My most recent experience happened while I was driving around town house shopping. It was coming and I knew it, and I was still about 3 miles from my house. I popped a sub-lingual hyoscyamine hoping it would calm my intestines. Nope. It was coming out! I didn’t want it to get all over my car seat so I grabbed a McD’s cheeseburger wrapper to sit on and shoved it under my butt before the load released. When I got home I got out of the car and couldn’t find the wrapper… It was stuck to my butt. I snatched it off real quick before anyone saw it and waddled inside. I’m so glad to read I am not the only one with these wacky experiences. Just the day in the like of a UC’er…

  11. Mary S

    Haven’t laughed this hard in a very long time. Some very talented story tellers here that can turn a very embarrassing incident into a very funny story. I’ve had problems at home and some very close calls in public. I always carry extra supplies. I have no idea how people take long car trips or fly. Sometimes I have less than 30 seconds notice. Sure makes life interesting!

  12. This just happened two nights ago so it’s pretty fresh in my mind!

    I’m currently on holiday in Malta with my girlfriend, this is hour first holiday abroad together. Been going on boat trips, horse rides, snorkelling etc. On the day of the incident we had been out in the sun all day and I was feeling a little drained but we decided to go for a meal. After the meal we went for a walk to the near by port where we took a love boat trip around the island, was all very romantic might I add. On our travels back to the hotel, out of nowhere my guts just dropped! I knew this was really going to be bad so being roughly 200 meters from our hotel I started sprinting with my girlfriend left wondering what I was doing. I herd her shout my name but I was gone. About 100 meters away I couldn’t control it any more, I shat myself like I didn’t think was possible! Straight through my shorts and down my legs as I ran through crowds of people only to be faced with people waiting for the lift! There was no way my accident would go unseen by the two gentleman so I took the stairs and went straight in the shower when my girlfriend finally caught up with me asking what is wrong, to my reply “I’ve just shat myself…seriously just shat myself in the street” she was actually really good about the whole thing and I can kind of see the funny side of it now but I do hope I or anyone else never has to go through that horrific ordeal! Thanks for reading. John, 28 from Scotland

  13. Wow. I haven’t laughed that hard in awhile. I was diagnosed with UC in October of 2014 but had symptoms for nearly a year before that. I thought it was something I ate and it would go away. My doctor told me it was a million other things at first. Finally I went to a new doc and they had me do a colonoscopy and was diagnosed right away. I have more stories than I can count about pooping my pants and not making it to the bathroom. From being at work to driving to waking up in the middle of the night pooping my pants 5 feet from the toilet. It’s a horrible disease and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

  14. Camping in the wilderness with my girl, she liked to finger my asshole when we had sex. I hadn’t had a BM in several days, so I said don’t get real deep into my pooper. After a big breakfast my bowels needed urgently to move. She asked if she could go into the woods with me. I knew what she wanted to see, I let it go just long enough to have a little bowel “accident” slip into my panties, then quickly dropped my shorts and panties, leaned forward and spread my buns with both hands. she saw my soiled crack, rectum and a belly full of constipation, one of the biggest, hardest and softest bowel movements I ever had. Then it was her turn over the do-do hole. A female bowel movement is a thing of beauty and a joy forever. It was the first of our many bowel experiences together.

  15. I didnt poop,but instead peed! I was 15 and finially made my First Holy Communion with the 7 year olds in the class.My parents dressed me like a little girl,in a poofy,short sleeve,top of the knees communion dress and veil with the lace anklets and white mary jane shoes and under my dress they hade me wear a tee shirt with the white cloth first communion diaper and plastic pants.During the ceremony,i had to pee real bad,so i just let go in my diaper and hoped that my plastic pants didnt leak! After the ceremony,i told mom what had happened,and she was a little mad,and told me that the diaper and plastic pants represents the girls purity of when she was baptized as a baby and that they are not to be wet in! She took me to the womens room and i laid on the changing table while she pulled my plastic pants down and took off my wet diaper.She washed me up,then pulled the plastic pants back up and i wore them under my dress for my party and up untill bedtime.

  16. I was almost 13 by the time I finally stopped pooping my pants. I was always extremely constipated and avoided using the toilets at school or when I was out somewhere. When I tried to go at home nothing happened, or it hurt too much, so I usually just ignored what my body was telling me. If I didn’t take the opportunity to go to the toilet it seemed like my body worked against me. The problem with that was those opportunities almost always seemed to be during class or while I was out doing something on the weekend. I was also extremely shy so putting my hand up and asking to go to the toilet was far to embarrassing. Letting it come out in my underwear when it wanted to worked because it didn’t hurt, so that became normal. The anxiety of starting high school seemed to make my constipation even worse and I spent most of the first day with a load in my underwear. That just increased my believe my body was different and doing it in my underwear was normal for me.

    My parents thought I was lazy or doing it on purpose and going to great lengths to hide it only confirmed their belief. I got quite good at keeping it secret and that became a challenge for me, rather than admitting there was a problem. Going unnoticed at school or out places on the weekend made me feel like I was in control of my situation, but it also made it a lot worse. By the time I started high school I was doing it almost daily. My logs were always big and very firm and without much odor, so I usually just kept wearing my underwear until I got home. It also meant there was only one a day to deal with. The only time I changed was if a teacher or someone said something but that hardly ever happened. All that made my parents and teachers sure I was doing it on purpose. It wasn’t until a teacher decided to make me her challenge that I finally began to change.

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