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Hello I am 23 years old, I have written a story on here before but can’t seem to locate it. I hope I am not doubling it up. I apologize.

My Story with Colitis Right Now:

I have suffered from UC for 2 years now. At first no one realized it was actually UC, we just thought it was from a previous surgery and my body getting used to change. But with the frequent pain, the trips to the bathroom, the frustration.depression..I finally told my Doctor. look something is seriously wrong I want more answers. Finally he did a colonoscopy finding the UC. My mother also suffers from it, which she has been a biiiiggggg help! But I still need answers. I have been researching online theres all types of diets I don’t know where to start where to end. Ok another question is, I have been cutting alot of foods out that have sugars and sodas and like fatting foods..My thing is I have gained weight and not lost it!!! Does anyone else swell up and gain weight also?

Submitted by “PoopyButt” in the Colitis Venting Area

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1 thought on “I Need More Answers”

  1. Hey There PoopyButt,
    thanks for writing in with your questions.

    In terms of some diets, several people who follow the GAPS diet have had success in helping their UC symptoms. It is very similar to the SCD diet which is what I follow.

    I wish you well with your UC, and thanks again for sharing your story,

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