I May Have Caused My Own Ulcerative Colitis

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James D – who’s this Guy/Father/Husband..:

49 Y/O male athlete, business owner, Father, Husband, Son, Brother, friend. Age never mattered to me, it is a human created concept, until I was diagnosed with UC, now I feel old and truth is I’m scared.
What’s Interesting about James(in his own words):
Interesting? I am a 3 sport athlete, I skied, played golf, and raced motorcycles competitively. I am originally from New York (Long Island) but now live in Charleston SC. I am a motivational and keynote speaker and sales coach/consultant.

Colitis Symptoms:

 mild stomach pain, frequent bathroom trips, especially in the morning, I will usually need to go 3 or 4 times within the first hour that I wake up. The very first time is usually urgent. MY BM’s are thin, like pencil thin, occasionally with quite a bit of blood and mucus (sorry, but it’s the reality).

I have been hospitalized twice since I was diagnosed, the 1st time when I was diagnosed (2013) and the second time last April for 5 days (2016).

James D’s Story – I Might Have Caused My Own UC

I think I may have given myself UC. While competing for a National championship in Motorcycle racing in 2011 I had a bad crash, broke 8 vertebrae, 10 ribs, spent 21 days in the hospital. Upon my release I became dependent on opioid pain killers, almost 1000 in an 8 month period. They are terribly binding and I believe this at least contributed to my subsequent UC.

James riding his motorcycle(maybe racing to the closest bathroom..:)

A recent move to a new State had me searching for and finding a new Doctor, he recently suggested I go on Humira and reading reviews I am scared to even try it, I have always been in great health and the thought of giving myself new health problems (TB, Hepititis, MS) trying to manage my UC frightens me.

Truth is, having UC makes me feel old, like my body is betraying me.

I struggle with my diet, but I am currently limiting dairy, and bread/grain. I love nuts but also try and limit them.

I take Lialda 1.2gms 2x day, a probiotic (sorry I don’t recall the brand but it was recommended on this site) and L-Glutamine. I am currently also on Uceris as I am in the middle of (or maybe hopefully near the end of) a flare that has lasted about 2 months. At the worst point I had sat over 60 times in a 3 day period, it was awful!

I have had maybe a dozen colonoscopies, frankly they don’t bother me at all, maybe the prep is the worst part, and the gas in the recovery room.

My wife cares, but she doesn’t really appreciate the food difficulties and makes eating rather difficult. Although I can’t blame her, she’s healthy and I hate that my issues affect how she eats sometimes. I also worry that my kids will suffer from it one day.

In reality I think all the processed food plays a huge roll in UC also.

Treatment tried:

I tried medical marijuana but did not like how it made me feel (dopey LOL) so I stopped.
written by JamesD
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8 thoughts on “I May Have Caused My Own Ulcerative Colitis”

  1. James,

    It bums me out hearing yet another story of someone who was living the dream life, in great health, and all of a sudden, a chain of events finds them writing their story on this site.

    At the same time, I want you to know that your story is very original. There are some other motorcycle stories on here, I remember a guy from So Cal who had a nice shot of him and his girlfirend cruising it, but man oh man, I just dont recall a story about the opiate use leading in to the UC or playing a part. Very very interesting thinking. One thing I would recommend, is maybe you can contact the world class (maybe world leading) poison control center that is the most specialized resource for opiate use/painkillers IN THE WORLD. It is located in Denver Colorado, and called the “Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Center”.


    (that’s there site)

    Believe it or not, they are the world experts with pain pills. You can contact them, and maybe they have some documentation on previous folks like you who went from pain pills to a UC diagnosis. (Just a guess, but that is where I would start if you wanted to see if there is a common theme..)

    Or, you can say screw it, and move on, like you clearly are already doing.

    And going through a doc change, aww, also a tuffie thing to go through. I hope you are happy with your current GI. If not, don’t settle, find one you like. We have a growing list of peer reviewed Gastro doctors here for you to peep out if you haven’t already. Maybe there is one in your town/city/local area…They are from many countries worldwide:


    I wish you the best no matter what decisions you take. I can feel for sure your pain/thoughts with regards to your wife, and kids. No matter what, you can always try to be the best person you can be, and with so much of each and EVERYONE of our lives being OUT of our control, doing your best is just fine.

    Peace my man, and thanks for sharing,


  2. I can see a connection where UC would be exacerbated by the opioid use but the fact remains, UC is an autoimmune disease and while the binding could have irritated an already developing situation, your immune system was already ready to be on the fritz.

    What an amazing life story you have. Hopefully you will find the right treatment for you and it won’t slow you down too badly.

  3. I use to be addicted to opiates myself and found myself stricken with UC after. I haven’t found any info on opiates being the cause of UC, but my personal belief is that it might trigger a flare because of the constipation that occurs during opioid dependency. Before I was diagnosed with UC, I was in the process of quitting my drug dependencies. I was addicted for about a year, then went through several months of quitting and relapsing and during the week following a 5-day-long detox, I found myself having constant diarrhea with blood and I spent a month in the hospital. The most Ironic thing was that I became addicted to pain pills during that month in the hospital because of the initial pain of that particular flair. I was able to quit once again tho… On a side note, I could attribute part of my sobriety now to UC since It restricted me from being able to live my normal life so much.

  4. Don’t blame yourself. We think we traced mine back: As a child, treated several times with antibiotics for strep throat, tonsillitis ear infections, etc. That “planted the gun,” so to speak. Had c.diff decades later from the antibiotic Augmentin. That “loaded the gun.” Then several more years—and taking statins for a short period of time “pulled the trigger” and gave me UC. Processed foods, emulsifiers in cream sauces—all kinds of things can affect us. We pay dearly for what we eat. I still am working at figuring out what I can and cannot eat. When I get a bit of a rough time, I rely on chicken broth or beef broth or bone broth, elemental drinks (Thorne’s “Mediclear” and Listen to Your Gut’s “Absorb Plus”) to give my gut a complete break for an individual meal or, when needed, a few weeks at a time. With all that having been said, don’t blame yourself. We all do the best we can at any given time, not always knowing what “best” is. Best wishes for some easing of the condition. We are all in this together. Chin up! (I tell myself that daily.)

  5. Hi Im Sue. Going to be 59 next week. I have been diagnosed proctitis after my last colonoscopy which was probably over a year ago. I I have had several colonoscopies in the past but this is the first time that proctitis showed up. Is proctitis the same as UC? My GI doctor told me it was an autoimmune disease. But he gave me no medication or treatment. My primary physician has told me just to eliminate wheat, dairy products, and eat clean, no red meat etc. I hv had several prolapse surgeries due to bladder dropping. I had surgery for rectoceles (which I hv another one, grade 2) and enterocele surgery. Could these surgeries cause proctitis? I tried the diet somewhat, but hv went off and today is a bad day. Ive been told by my urologist who did my surgeries that because of a graph from one surgery I will always have bowel dysfunction. This is what I thought I had all this time. I take magnesium every night just to go to the bathroom in the morning and I have to sit at least an hour. So it really makes life hard especially trying to get to work. This is just another issue to deal with on top of all my other issues. So I get really depressed and even my house anymore. Any input would be appreciated. Thank you

  6. Ok I am a little late getting into this conversation. I will skip my history and jump right in. I had a colonoscopy done in December because I was having bowel movement problems. I learned that I have a Tumor and UC. I do not have cancer but if I do not get rid of the tumor it can turn into cancer. Of course the doctor wanted me to go for surgery, chemo and radiation treatment right away. All I could see was the dollar signs in his eyes.

    So to get rid of the tumor I changed my diet overnight. No processed sugar, no alcohol, no red meats, very limited dairy products. Today I focus on veggies and fruits. All of this is working!

    For the UC I am taking Digestacure and I highly recommend it to everyone. Digestacure.com

    To read about the results others have had, go to this website because this doctor recommends this product as well. No prescription needed! http://drrondrucker.com

    My UC is almost gone now and it has been coming on three months. The only thing left for me is getting rid of the tumor and I am making huge progress on that already.

    If you want to know more feel free to reply and I will send you my email address.

  7. I have a family member which had a colonoscapy in last three weeks resulted in having a polyp removed.
    We went back for followup testing we was told there is some inflamation. Dr wanted to try medication. I personally do not like taking a bunch of medications because of all the side effects you read and hear about. I usually try things like natural things vitamins, minerals or changing my diet to see results. We immediately had concerns of what can you eat what you can not eat. That alone was stressing because this family member usually works very long hours 6 to 7 days a week enjoying eating processe foods, eating out of restaraunt everyday. So now going from that to nothing but chicken broth, botted water pedialyte and just boiled chicken soup no without the noodles for a little protein. To give the body a rest from all that is going on and inflamed. Hopefully to stop the stomach pain, the diarrea and the inflamation. That process is very hard when you go from A to Z. When you go from having from everything to nothing but liquids almost. After researching and listening reading and watching videos I decided to change my eatting habits to join my family member.
    I have been researching for last two weeks. The information can be scary and somewhat overwhelming at times. Information overload can be a it bit much to take in if you let it overwhelm you. Any time you are making or changing your life style, eating habits can be somewhat overwhelming. That is why I thank God for God and his strength to endure all of life struggles. He is helping me to learn and take what I need from the information. I pray alot and depend on God and his son Jesus to carry me through everything. I pray for those who is struggling in their health on this site. My prayer is that God works out for all who are experiecing this as well as for my family member. I pray for all on here to receive wisdom direction and healing for their individual bodies. Pray that jealing will come to all those who stand in need of it. If you do not believe I pray that you get to know him in this struggle of sickness so you can have some peace.I would just like to share some things I found in my researching of the leaky gut, ulcerative colitius and how our brain reacts to our cells in our stomach. I pray for God to stengthen you all who believe in Jesus and for those who do not know him I pra for healing guidance and direction and delivrance from this sickness disease and infirmity. I pray this for you and my family member too. Here are the some of the researchI did but be sure to do your own due dilengence and tesearch for yourself. Dr. Gundry was very interesting along with, Dr. Leaf, and Dr. Rostenberg. They all have videos out that you can study for yourself. Be very sure you see your own doctor talk to him or her anf ask questions inquire of this reserach. Bekow is some info I went reviewdefto along with researching this ihaveuc site. All these sites videos have been information that can assist us how we need to take care better of our bodies, how we meed to watch what we put in our mouth that is killing us, and how not to allow stress to take us out. Another remwdy is we have to meditate on the word of God so we can be healed and delivered so that you are be the best you that God created you to be.
    Take time out to tap below and watch.

    Dr. Gundry’s world

    Dr Gundry’s interview diet

    Dr. Gundry’s interview
    American Health Journal

    Dr. Gundry’s scientifics

    Adrenalin fatigue

    Dr Gundry Genes

    Dr. Leaf interview

    Dr. Caroline Leaf
    Worship & Brain


    Dr. Caroline Leaf pt2

    If you believe in or want prayer
    Hope this info truly bless those who need this.

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