I Love Honey, But I Hate Ulcerative Colitis (with home Video)

It’s Oscar Night for some people. So I wanted to bust out a video that relates to how I’m treating my UC.

Here’s the news:
We have just welcomed a new family member into our home.  Her name is Honey. You are going to all have a chance to meet her, and some of you probably have another family member in your ulcerative colitis household with the same name.  There’s no way I’m the only one, right?

If you told me five years ago I’d someday be making honey, or actually making a bee hive, I’d think you were crazy. But then again, I never imagined I’d be living with ulcerative colitis either. So, since I follow the SCD diet, and it calls for tons of honey, just maybe this honey from my own hive will be even better for me. Surely its going to be more fun, and in the long run cheaper (I Hope).

Quick overview:

  1. I follow the SCD dieting program to help my ulcerative colitis symptoms.
  2. The only sweetener I eat is now HONEY. (its been like this for about 1 1/2 years actually)
  3. I like Honey
  4. Honey is expensive
  5. So, as you will see, I’m trying to come up new ways to deal with the costs, have fun, and eat more honey
  6. For a few weeks now my ulcerative colitis has been going back to sleep/remission whish is what we all want

This video is the most in depth this website has gotten to date on some aspects of Honey and the SCD diet and ulcerative colitis.  It is meant to be funny, so feel free to laugh either at me or with me.  I ain’t gonna mind.  And as always, any suggestions on how to make this website better, please feel free to email me at anytime.  (My name’s Adam, and you can reach me here:  ihaveuc@ihaveuc.com    I love hearing ideas from everyone.)

thx for being a part of the website.  It’s a thrill to be a part of such a cool group of Colitis Peoples.  I hope to see as many of you as possible in Vegas in December for the 1/2 marathon.  I also, hope everyone reading and watching has a good week coming up with either reduced ulcerative colitis symptoms, or continued remission, and some plain old fun.(share your story if you haven’t already, its fun)

Thanks to Gold Star Honeybees for the Bee Hive.  I think its going to be a great investment.

And thanks to the future bees who better start working some overtime soon!!

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Wikipedia has all kinds of great information about honey right here.

9 thoughts on “I Love Honey, But I Hate Ulcerative Colitis (with home Video)”

  1. You’re so hilarious! I watched your video and I laughed so much! Thanks for making me laugh :). You know, I haven’t even officially started on GAPS yet but I’ve been doing quite a bit of GAPS foods and I’ve been feeling really well the past week or so. Just thought I’d say that! So no official diagnosis yet though.

    What do you all do with all those honey that hardened? I think they’re still good. I just soak the bottle in warm water and the honey starts flowing again(sometimes). When I get impatient I just throw them away.

    Anyway I hear ya on the honey, I feel like we’re going through boatloads of them. Especially this past week because we’ve all had coughs and colds so the honey intake went up.

  2. You are really making a beehive! That is so awesome! I always wanted to be a beekeeper, but always saw it as something I’d do later on, like when I retired to the country lol I <3 bees and SCD.

  3. You are a Star Adam, no doubt about it. I’d rather watch your film’s than the Oscars, they are of more value to all of us I’m sure.

    1. I highly recommend. I’ll try to document it a bit along the way, I’m headed to the local beekeeper associations meeting this thursday march 3rd, at 7pm… where I have been told I’ll learn more than I ever wanted to know about bees, and also will be able ot meet up with “sellers of bee swarms” since I need some bees now to get to work. they said the bees you order now, and they arrive the first week of april… anyways, I guess I’m a newbee almost.

  4. Hey Honey Followers,

    I’m heading to a local Honey Beekeepers Association meeting today all day this saturday. It for beginners like me. and its free, which is so cool.

    Anyways, it 8 hours long, and supposedly afterwards, I will be taught how to do everything from A-Z on getting the bees, and everything else, so I’l try to take some pics and get them up incase anyone else is interested. Not totally on topic as far as UC, unless you are like me and eat a crap load of honey to follow a specific diet.

  5. This video is so funny, you make me smile!! I don’t have ulcer colitis myself, but someone close to me does. Thanks for making this site, you’re the best!

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