I Live with Ulcerative Colitis

This is a yucky thing to write about but here goes.
I first noticed a mucous bloody stool in 1983 and didn’t seem to have much of anything else for a month or so. Thought I was just constipated so went to the doctor and was told to have a cup of bran cereal and metamusil everyday. Well 3 days later I actually had a proper bowel movement but it didn’t last. Went to another doctor and was put on 8 ASECOL pills per day plus SALOFALK suppositories. Cleared it up very quickly. My UC flares up maybe every few years and when it does I just go get a prescription for SALOFALK and use them for the recommended 10 days or so and things go back to normal for a few more years. I had been clear of symptoms for 7 years until last monday and am again using suppositories every morning, afternoon and just before bed and have no problems with them at all. I still regularly have a colonoscopy just for safety reasons.

Medications: I was told NOT to take my ARTHROTEC with the SALOFALK.

Submitted by:  Lynn


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