I Know My Flare Will Heal with SCD and Supplements

written by Ashleigh

Here’s My Story:

I’ve had flares about 2 to 3 times a year since I was 19. I don’t really remember how they went away in the past.. I was vegetarian for 5 years.. vegan, raw foods, etc. I’m having a flare now, probably one of the worst ones. About 14 months ago I had a flare, I let it go and continued eating and drinking until my brain and taste buds were content. My body was not, and it was fighting back. So finally out of fear of going to the doctor and/or bleeding to death, I did David Klein’s vegan diet for self healing. It worked! About a month later I was blood free, and my stools were formed..

During this time I found the SCD diet and

I transitioned to the SCD and experienced excellent health!

Then 8 months into it I thought i was okay to cheat a little here and there. I started over-eating a bit.. on illegal foods.. breads, sugar, alcohol.. etc. Then it started happening. I got constipated and I kno w that that’s how my flares start up, and sure enough it started with a speck of blood. I ignored it saying i should get back on the diet and i never did. It only got worse.. then i said I’d wait until after my Vegas trip last weekend because I wasn’t experiencing any urgency yet. And boy i have paid miserably this week! I started Monday on David Klein’s diet again. Lot’s of fruits and steamed vegetables aka fiber! Lots of cleansing, diarrhea, and lots of blood! Then yesterday I started getting scared. I had 10+ BM’s consisting of blood and diarrhea I have many holiday functions to attend, and I am in no shape to attend them, so as of lastnight I immediately transitioned to the SCD intro diet to help stop the diarrhea. I made the chicken soup last night and ate it today for lunch. I had the dry curd cottage cheese for breakfast with a little manuka honey, and my SCD yogurt is incubating as I write! I also ate an organic grass fed gro und beef patty for a snack. Also today, I went to my doc to get a referral for a colonoscopy. She prescribed me 60 mg of prednisone every morning.

I was scared because I’ve never taken meds for my UC

and I’ve always approached healing it with diet.

I was depressed today, reading all the side effects, having stomach cramps, and bloody diarrhea. I even went home from work early today to lay in bed and research. Then I made up my mind. I’m not going to take the meds! Today is day one on SCD intro diet, and I’ve already had only half the bowel movements i had yesterday. I’ve also decided on the following for my healing approach:

SCD intro diet until diarrhea stops.. then move to the next stage and add foods SLOWLY.
Fish Oil.
Digestive Enzymes.
SCD Multi-Vitamin
SCD B-Complex
SCD Acidophilis
SCD Homemade yogurt ( i can’t wait to have some in a few hours!!!)

-and i have to admit that i smoked a Natural Spirit cigarette because I read some research about how nicotine helps heal UC flares!

If my condition doesn’t improve in 2 weeks, by the time I go back to see the doc, I don’t know what i’m going to do. I don’t want to take meds! I don’t want surgery! I know that I can heal this with diet!

I love the SCD diet, and found it easy to stay on it, and I was in remission while I was on it. I will keep you posted on the progress of my current flare. Thanks for reading and I wish you all good health!

written by Ashleigh

Submitted in the Colitis Venting Area

For more information on the SCD Diet (Specific Carbohydrate Diet) Click Here

1 thought on “I Know My Flare Will Heal with SCD and Supplements”

  1. Hey Ashleigh – I want to congratulate you for taking such a proactive approach to your health! I wanted to chime in with some advice and ideas, I think already you have an awesome plan to get out of the flare. I would caution you and say that you should not stay on the “intro diet” longer than 5 days. By that I mean, keep eating the chicken soup and all the meat you want but start introducing some other cooked vegetables and fruits after 5 days following our 4-day rule. Stay away from anything nut related for several months.

    Also if your progress slows or seems to not be working after 7 days stop all dairy (even SCD yogurt) and eggs. I find that at least 50% of IBD cases cannot handle dairy/eggs initially and staying on them can stop all progress. Oh and make sure your fish oil dosage is at least 4-6grams a day. Good Luck and any other questions email me!

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