I Have Ulcerative Colitis Update for April 2011

Hey There UC’ers,

It’s April, and its time for a website update:

Here’s the news:

1.  The 2011 Writing Contest is moving right along, and there have been a lot of new stories in the past month.  The current leaders with the most unique story readers are:

Tara’s story: https://www.ihaveuc.com/im-on-the-gaps-diet-to-treat-crohns-ulcerative-colitis-and-its-working/

So far,  1021 unique people have read her story.  Give it a read if you haven’t already.

Charis’s story is in second place, and her story is: https://www.ihaveuc.com/the-light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel-is-not-always-a-freight-train/

If you want to submit your story, just go to the colitis writing contest page, and send it in.

2.  Big thanks to everyone who has submitted your doctor reviews.  There are a whole ton of them, so hopefully many of you will find them useful.  If you would like to add your own, feel free to do that on the doctor review page here.

3.  I have started posting up sometimes daily pictures of the foods I’m eating on a new section of the site here.

4.  There hasn’t been much talk in the past few months, but there are still a group of us going to Las Vegas, Nevada to participate either by walking or running in the half marathon that is happening in December of 2011.  It’s a great time, and feel free to email me if you want some info on that (ihaveuc@ihaveuc.com if my email for that)

5.  With regards to the SCD diet clinical study I’m participating in, a few days ago I received in the mail a second package with the “tools” for me to send off some more stool samples to assist the Rush Medical Center in Chicago’s ongoing clinical study into the effects this diet has on people with IBD.  They are still searching for some participants to act as the control group who do NOT follow the diet.

And most importantly, I’m still so amazed by how helpful everyone is who uses this website in terms of offering ideas and suggestions to others who are in need of help.  That’s what this place is all about.  I encourage anyone who has had some great ulcerative colitis success or is in need of some success to continue to submit your stories to the site.  For sure others here who have ulcerative colitis will enjoy reading and learning from you.

Have a great rest of April, and I’ll be adding a funny honey making video soon.

-Adam (and of course, i have uc)

1 thought on “I Have Ulcerative Colitis Update for April 2011”

  1. Been a long time since I have been to the website; I’ve been one busy person; Well a while back I started the SCD diet and felt wonderful on it; I ended up getting a pretty bad flare up regardless and had to be on high doses of steroids and get my remicade treatment early; however, I think that maybe I shouldn’t have added almonds and walnuts to the diet so soon after a flare up; Technically, those with UC should avoid all nuts, at least that is what my doc tells me. SO….I am going to try this diet again; I really felt amazing on it, so its worth another shot. EVEN though its FREAKING hard to follow :) If it lets me have energy its worth it i think. I really need some encouragement from other UCers on the SCD diet that it really does work..

    PS, I am hoping to upload some uplifting music sometime soon.. for all of you fighting this horrible disease.. much love!

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