Hate to Have the Doctors Check My Butt


I have UC due to radiation therapy in the pelvis area…The doctors have tried different medications to stop the bleeding..I have had two colonoscopies and have ruled out colon cancer.

I am now trying mesalalina enemas every day for two weeks. Hopefully it will work.

Some more about me:

I am 83 years old and living alone.

Very depressing


bleeding, diarheea, burning, and pressure when I walk ro stand.

I hate to have the doctors check my butt.

My family helps me get around and being very supportive. I am concerned and worried that this is a life-long problem without a cure.

This problem is very debilitating. I cannot get around like I used to.

I am very tired all the time and always concerned about bathroom facilities being close by. I cannot walk up stairs without stopping every few landings. I can walk a few blocks but I have to sit down because of the constant pressure.

I have to wear Depends all the time in case of an accident. I am bleeding blood clots and having bloody diarrhea.
The worst possible scenario would be surgery..My doctor at this point says that this is not necessary…

Does anyone know of a better medication that will help the ulcer?

This problem has been with me for six months and has caused all sorts of problem with my living alone. It is difficult to take care of myself without any help. I am not eligible for daily assistance.

I have Acess-a-ride which has been very helpful going to my doctor appointments. My children are all adults and have their own concerns. They help me as much as they can without interfering with thier lives.

I am a diabetic and have high blood pressure and must be on a daily regimen of medications. I sometimes am so depressed, I just sit and cry.

Does anyone see a light at the end of the tunnel? If there are any solutions to any of my problems, I would appreciate any information that would be helpful.

Please give me any help that is out there or any website that might be useful or helpful.
I want to thank each and every one with helpful solutions.


The canasa suppositories did not help.
The mesalamine enemas are helping me.

written by Josephine S

submitted in the colitis venting area

4 thoughts on “Hate to Have the Doctors Check My Butt”

  1. Josephine,

    Take a read to Chris’s story from just a few days ago (i posted his story on Dec. 3, 2013)

    He wrote how he’s been an insulin dependant diabetic for 20 years, and he’s currently feeling much better with regards to his UC.

    He mentions how he’s changed his diet and some other ideas as well. Here’s the link to his story:


    let me know if that reading gives you any ideas.


  2. Depends are awful! There’s better out there.
    My grandma is 91 and lives in a retirement complex, it has been the best thing she’s ever done, family is great but it’s more fun to talk and laugh about life with people that are in a similar situation.
    Be a teacher! Teach your grand kids about your life, the good, the great and especially the ugly. Help the younger generations avoid the mistakes of the past.

  3. Hello dear lady .i have just gotten my flare under control after four weeks. I mostly started by buying a blender just a cheap one from kmart .smoothies with bannanas are amazing bannanas scrambled eggs and soft food soup;vegies and fish and chicken withouut skin will help ur ulcers to heal without irritating them.i also take the currcumin capsules avail from health shops lots of water and rest i did take the meseline enemas and colifoam enemas and followed a low fibre diet ..no bread sugar or alchohol coffee i needed strong painkillers everyday for first two weeks i dont now but also believe meat beans and wheat are very bad for this ..u can heal yourdelf those enemas help combined with diet its amazing how u can get better.once bleeding stops still b very careful as its still precarious situation for at least another month.i dont even eat wheat meat and high amounts of sugar ..cave man.diet keep food in.its most natural form the more processed the worse it is for uc suffers .much well wishes kara

  4. Hi Josephine and welcome to this site for UC! I want to encourage you that you will find a lot of help here, so keep checking the site every day and read up on what you can here. I want to commend you – you are very brave and very strong to get involved in taking control of your UC and getting involved with this group. Some people would give up, feel like life is over and stop seeking for help. You are someone who is looking for more, not less, in life. I am an RN, have been an RN for 25 years. I’ve met many people in their 80’s going through the symptoms you’re describing, and I hope with your email they will start to join this group as well. Life is not over at 83! You can have more! And there are simple steps you can take and try to see how they work for you! This site is full of these ideas and tips, and Adam is a fantastic leader in this way, so you’ve picked a good spot for info. I have been impressed with the encouragement from other members, they research articles and the general positive attitude. You can get through this, Josephine :) Ihave had a drastic reduction in symptoms of UC over this year by cutting food choices down til I could find some of my food “triggers”, and saw IMMEDIATE changes when I started using Renew Life Probiotics. Within three days, literally, the symptoms I had – which were debilitating and almost put me out of work, definitely made it impossible for me to be out and socialize, go shopping or do any walking (I can relate to having to stop going upstairs, the fatigue, rectal pressure, bleeding and wearing a pad – I’m about to turn 50 years old and I felt like my life was over!) I started Renew Life Senior 30 Billion Count Probiotics – you can get these through Amazon.com – and like I said, within three days the frequency, bleeding and pressure were almost COMPLETELY gone! Probiotics do NOT interfere with ANY medication, you take one capsule on an empty stomach with a glass of water once a day. I originally started with a ten billion count to see how my GI tract would tolerate t – for some people it does produce some “gassiness” the first few days til your colon adjusts, but I went right up to the 30 Billion and symptoms are basically gone unless I eat a trigger food. Please try this, Josephine. It is a simple step in reducing or eliminating your GI symptoms. Many people in their 80’s are on medications such as heart pills, blood thinners, diabetic meds – I don’t know if you’re one of those people, but I just want you to know that the probiotics will not interfere with any of this. More information on probiotics in detail is on this site in articles and in videos that Adam has done, so please check through the site. One of the other simple first steps I took was to take caffeine like coffee out of my diet, wheat, eggs and milk. Then I started re-introducing foods, one at a time, just like you do with a baby :) to see which foods might affect my GI tract. Some people, like Adam, can have eggs, for example. I cannot. I’ve had to keep away from wheat, milk, eggs and caffeine. I’m not suggesting you cut all of that out – you have to see what you think might bother your stomach and do a little experiment to see if cutting it out of your diet for a time makes you feel better. As far as meds go, sulfasalazines worked for me when I needed them. I also took a rectal suppository, canasa, which works on the local mucosa and decreases rectal bleeding and inflammatiom and therefore relieves the pressure and bleeding. At one point I was also taking prednisone suppositories and enemas when the symptoms were bad. I would suggest you ask your doctor what else you can do to “stop the bus”, make the bleeding and pain/pressure stop, and get your life back to normal again as much as possible. Once you get hold of some of the symptoms, you’ll start to see a ray of hope and have the strength to keep going. Have you had your blood checked recently? You could be anemic from the bleeding. Ask the dr to have that checked for you. All of us on the site have been there, many of us have had to try several different types of medicines, and there are many of us who – once we got the symptoms in check, started probiotics, worked on our diets, etc…-found that we didn’t need as much medicine. For some people, they are medicine free and symptom free. So there IS hope for you, Josephine! DON’T GIVE UP!!! You are 83 years YOUNG, and you CAN see a turn around in your symptoms. We’ve all been there where we get depressed and think “This is how I’m going to have to live the rest of my life???” But keep checking in every day with this site, take the advice that works for you, be in touch with your dr’s — and PLEASE let us know how you’re progressing. I am really interested in supporting you through this journey, as I’m sure many others here are too. When I was at my worst, there were so many people helping me on this site! Please let us know how you’re doing! All the best to you Josephine! – Joan

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