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I Didn’t Used to Take Drugs, Since Colitis I Sure Do

I’ve had problems with my bowels for a long time.

I’ve seen a specialist and had a colonoscopy where he noticed inflammation on the right side of my bowel. But, the pathology tests came back as normal.

In 2008 I was diagnosed with colitis on the right, and treated it with entocort.  I’m allergic to mesalamine so I was unable to take it.  I started to sort of feel better.  The doctor said not to stop the drug but decided to try natural treatment using naturopathy treatment this sort of helped. Was seriously ill last year lost lots of weight, pain, couldn’t eat.  Another colonoscopy said the colon was too inflamed and said I had pan colitis.

Didn’t take the medication he prescribed which was azathioprine.  I was scared of the side effects and saw a naturalpath again. Five months ago I started to get worse again, lost more weight (all toghether 20kilos) then in October I was that sick my work friends took me into the emergency room.  I was malnourished, dehydrated cpr was high anaemic on my death bed so thankful for my friends.  Pumped with hydrocortiosne and 3 weeks on a infusions I am now on infliximab, prednisone; vitamins and minerals; ensure drink. I was on azathioprine but had to stop affecting my liver,become insulin diabetic from the prednisone. Just started to take 6-Mercaptopurine but may not be able to take the 3rdinfussion of infliximab in Australia you cannot get infliximab treatment unless you have Crohn’s disease if you have UC they will not subsidies the cost and I cannot afford $3000 for treatment every 6 weeks not sure what is going to happen there.I have started to notice some improvement not going as as much as I used to my stools are forming this is an improvement b4 had diarrhea and gong 25-30 or more a day so something working but last2days bleeding again and not to well arrrrrr.

Colitis Medications:

6mp; prednisoline; (inflximab 2 infusions and if I can continue taking it) Insulin, multi vitamins, thaimine, maxolon dizapem; zoloft, insulin, caltrate plus with minerals and Vit D, Potassium chloride, magnesium aspartate, phosphate effevescent. homepathy medicine. Slipperty elm, somac

I believe the infliximab has helped and the pednisolone just started taking 6mp so can not say if that is helping yet.

written by: Anneabell

submitted in the colitis venting area

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