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I Ate Some Sushi and My Colitis Knew It

That’s right.  It seems my ulcerative colitis knew I had sushi for lunch today. It was the first time in many a months to have that stuff that I used to eat all the time.  And guess what, I surely didn’t have a hard or formed stool to show for it.

I was caught in a sushi restaurant for work earlier and tried eating a few sushi rolls with cucumber, the california rolls, and some tiny tuna rolls, I think they call them tekka rolls.  It looked good, and surely tasted good with a little soy sauce, you know how it goes.

But when the day of work was through, I came home and headed straight to the bathroom as usual.  And today, unlike most of the previous days, it wasn’t a hard stool or crap as many call it.

So my conclusion is that for me, sushi, or maybe just the rice on the sushi rolls doesn’t mix with my colitis factor.  I am sure there must be some studies out there or other opinions on diet affecting the colon’s ability to make hard stools, especially when eating sushi.  And for now, my study is telling me that sushi is not great for my UC.

Just a quick simple test, it needs to be duplicated many more times to be clear, and that’s that.

If you are reading this and happen to have the following going for you:

  • have ulcerative colitis
  • currently symptom free
  • off medication
  • eat tons of sushi, and in specific sushi rice
  • drink quite a bit of sake

please share how you are making it work.  there are probably some others who want to know your secret, myself included.

Going to miss you sushi,


7 thoughts on “I Ate Some Sushi and My Colitis Knew It”

  1. Hi Adam,

    I was diagnosed with UC about a yr back and now learning to live with this condition. I bleeding has been on and off for the last 6 months and its driving me crazy. I was prescribed Prednisolone a few weeks back and the bleeding reduced and about 4 days back the bleeding completely stopped.

    About 2 days back, I happend to have sushi for dinner and almost immediately I noticed irritation and the bleeding resumed the very next day.

    I am a bit confused, as many forum on the internet suggest that eating sushi with my condition is not a big problem. What do you think is going on?


    1. hey Neel,

      welcome to the site buddy!

      My personal gut/gut feeling is that I can’t handle the digestion part of the rice that comes along with sushi, and I’d usually order a big rice bowl of that nice little sticky white stuff too.

      I follow many of the rules of the SCD diet, and white rice is a full on No No within those rules due to the composition of the rice itself molecularly. so I stay away from it, along with all grains.

      But, I guess I can’t forget who I’d usually put down a full bottle of that lovely Sake when at the sushi restaurants too, and that too is a no no for me along with most other alcohols. I don’t drink anymore at all(maybe 5 drinkers per year if you can believe that) and it’s allowed me to be medication free for the majority of my post UC diagnosis days.

      Hang in there Neel. And remember, you’re gonna find all types of different opinions on what sets people’s UC off and what doesn’t on the internet, so don’t trip out on that. Trial and error is usualy what works best for most. -Adam

  2. Hahahaha! I ate some sushi the other day too. I could not help myself, I just couldn’t. I’m with you on the rice. The fish I think was ok, but these days fish is so expensive, I probably
    won’t be doin’ much sushi. The rice? Welllllll – not for sure about that. But oh, it tasted
    soooooooooooo friggin’ good!

  3. I know this is an old post, but why did you zero in on rice as your problem and not the seaweed? Rice is one of the main things patients in Japan are given during flarups and hospital stays, but never seaweed, it’s super high fiber.

    My main concern with sushi is the bacteria. For normal guts it’s not an issue, but with our immune systems attacking bacteria no matter what, I wonder if I should stop eating it. And I’m eating fresh Japanese sushi…

  4. Maybe it’s the cucumber…. I had sushi last night. No problem!!! White rice is on the BRAT diet… bananas rice alesaybe and toast… so sushi should be fine!!!

  5. Hi, I was diagnosed way back in 2009 and since getting my symptoms mostly under control (I was a child case, and a complicated one at that) I’ve found that sushi irritates my stomach too. By eating ome component at a time (on different days and dishes) I found out it was the popular addition of sesame seeds on top that caused upset and bleeding!

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