I am 20 Years Old – Battled with UC Since I was 13

Damien L fullIntroduction:

My name is Damien I am 20 years old and I battled with ulcerative colitis since I was 13 and I am living a normal ish life now.


Well I now have a j pouch and has had it for a year or two and it is working great so far I have pain but no where near what I had experienced before the surgeries.

My Story:

UC has ruined my life.

It caused mental pain as well as physical. I dropped out of high school, love of life left me cuz I was always in the hospital, had a dependency on pain pills cuz had such a high pain tolerance and so much hospitalization. Finally I have kicked the drugs and hurt still but I am afriad of having a dependency of pain pills again.

My family and real friends flipped there lids so to speak.

The reason I am hear though is because if Remicade is not working, and you have the option for j pouch – do it.  It’s worth getting cut open. Believe me, and you get a bad ass battle scar.  But I think I might have Crohn’s Disease too.  I found this website because I just came from the bathroom and had the red blood circles if you know what I mean.

The j pouch is best decision I made, better then remicade. By the way, 5 years of Remicade worked great then my body was like “haha I’ll work around that” and it stopped working.  And if I am to die I want people to know that the j pouch is the best thing that happened to me during this time and it is scary but do it, it will better your life.

And now I’m sorry I must end this cuz tears rolling out blinding me cuz I have two markers for Crohn’s out of 7 and did surgery anyway and glad I did but I think since I most sure have Crohn’s now that it has spread and I will start dieing again. But if you only have UC, the j-pouch is a sure way to have a normal life again. And you can enjoy all the foods you once loved.

written by Damien

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5 thoughts on “I am 20 Years Old – Battled with UC Since I was 13”

  1. Damien,

    Hang in there. There’s quite a few people who are in your shoes who have had the j-pouch surgery and later had a potential Crohns diagnosis. You will for sure get through it all no matter what comes your way. Keep your head up,


  2. Hey Damien…don’t despair, my friend. You have already come so far! You will get through this, like Adam says. All of us UCers / Chron-ies have a lot of ‘shit’ to get through…no pun intended…well, maybe just a little pun…but we all come out the other side. You will too, Damien. You are young and your life is just starting, really.

    You will find the REAL love of your life in the future, because that other one wasn’t the one, if they gave up on you! Thank you for your post…you are one of a kind and precious!!


  3. Hey Damien,

    Hang in there. Glad you found “us” and shared your story.

    I also want to let you know there are others, like Adam said, with both crohn’s and uc. 1 person is Dede Cummings. She just wrote a book and frequents this site plus her own blog. She is super nice and well informed. You can contact her on her blog and/or facebook or maybe Adam can make sure she sees your post…I’ll try, too to contact her to read your story.

    Living with Crohn’s & Colitis is her book and that will also get you to her blog, etc.

    Be strong…Best,Shelly

  4. Hello Damien,

    I am 22 and have often felt like UC has taken over my life. I just had my take-down surgery 3/14/14 for my J-pouch and hope it’s my last surgery. I left school and understand how frustrating that could be. I tried Remicade before considering surgery for about 5 months and it did nothing for me.
    I hope your feeling better and can E-mail me at -Michaelschroll1@yahoo.com
    to see how your doing and discuss having a J-Pouch.



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