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Humira May Just Be Gods Gift to UC Patients

Introduction to Troy:

Hi I’m from Kokomo Indiana I’m married with 3 kids I’m 26 and was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2008 as one of the youngest cases ever documented in indiana I run a weed control and fertilizer specialist business.
My Symptoms:
After 4 years of remission I’m currently experiencing a mild flare which is uncommon for me now but used to I got them all the time when first diagnosed

My Story:

I was diagnosed in 2008 as one of indianas youngest documented cases I was embarrassed for 8 months hiding my issues while still goin to work and high school until I no longer could hide it any longer I joined the army my senior year of high school and had lots of plans for my future was hitting the weights and was 180 of solid musle and wilt to a mere 113 by time I finally made it to the er my potassium level was a dangerous 2.7 low enough for organ failure drs were shocked but with blood transfusions and steriods aka prednosone I pulled thru it I had a lot of flareups till I finally found my life pace including eating habits and meds so this is where my advise comes into play with my drastic battle with uc is humira I developed another cronic inflammatory disease called angcolozing spondinitias a spinal artritas I was givin humira for it and works amazing but was also told by my ruemotoligist that it has been proven to help and prevent chron s and uc and boy were they right its amazing and works very well especially if taken with regular uc meds like sulfisalazine or aszocole so if anyone out there is battling severe uc and humira hasn’t been a option mentioned by your gastroenterologist please ask!!!! I’ve battled many different things in life none more challenging then uc I seen 2 different drs in one year and they both would just get my current flare up under control then tell me I was a difficult case and they felt they couldn’t no longer help me then I found dr. Chiorion in Indianapolis Indiana at the iu medical center its a teaching hospital he’s the dr of all drs he actually taught the other two drs but didn’t seem right cause he was so nice and intelligent and helped me so well it was like he was the cure for uc lol they are the leading center in gastroenterologist and would suggest it to any UC patents in or even someone willing to travel to distance to consider it as an option also I’ve had major help managing my uc for years.

Where I’d like to be in 1 year:

Right here with my wife and kids workin hard and watching us grow as a stronger family without a single flareup
Colitis Medications:
Humira, it’s a miracle drug not necessarily used for ulcerative colitis but has been proven to work wonders

written by Troy

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5 thoughts on “Humira May Just Be Gods Gift to UC Patients”

  1. Hi Troy,

    I’ve heard alot about humira, and I’m so happy it’s working for you!

    Do you have any side effects at all? If so, what are they?


  2. Hi, Troy. I’m so glad Humira is working for you. I, too, besides UC, have arthritis, psoriatic arthritis and went on Humira. Unfortunately, I had a bad side effect after 2 years that caused MS type symptoms that cleared up a couple months after I went off if. Later I tried another called Cimzia that sent me to the ER 2x. I’ve been using low dose naltrexone and it’s helped my arthritis a lot but a little slower with the UC but I am on the down-side of a flare. I will never use a biologic again because I’m afraid of side effects. I say use whatever works for you though. I take a lot of supplements that may or may not help. My bacterias have been checked and I have no detectable bad bacteria and plenty of good bacteria. I eat alot of yogurt and use acidophilus so in my case can’t say bad bacteria caused my last flare. Here’s wishing you continued good luck with Humira.

    1. Hi Troy – glad Humira is working for you – it seems to be working for me- but after 8 months, side affects are making me reconsider taking any more biologics (was on Remicade before). I was diagnosed with UC at the age of 10 (I am now 47) – its been a long haul with this disease. Good luck!

      Maggie – what kind of side effects did you have on Humira? I am starting to have trouble walking down stairs; severe numbness in extremities when I wake up – getting tired of the rheumatologist guessing and saying that its not the Humira….would love to talk

    2. hi i am really scared to try Himira i got a couple of infections with enbrel so I decided to stop that. I noticed you said in your article that yo had your bacteria checked ..what kind of doctor did that for you?

  3. Hi I have had UC for over 18 years now. I was hospitalized for 5 days last year with severe complications from a bad flare up. I developed c-diff and after that was over started taking Humira and now enjoying remission. But because of the side effects and future health risks from the drug, I have a appointment with a surgeon for J- pouch surgery. I’ve had enough of this disease and I’m 54 and time is running out. I know the UC will rear it’s ugly head again. Wish me luck!

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