Humira-How Do You Know When It Has Stopped Working?

I was diagnosed with UC in 2008 at the age of 39. My favorite hobbies are still going to the gym and skiing when the disease allows for me to do so.

I have been on prednisone, lialda, 6 MP, and Humira. I am currently taking 3 lialda per day, Humira shots every 2 weeks and cortifoam enemas as needed. I take a multivitamin, vitamin C and iron pill. I have tried fish oil, aloe vera, and SCD diet none seemed to produce much benefits. My symptoms range, from a few bowel movements per day up to 10 to 12 when flaring worse. Don’t believe I have ever achieved 100% remission. I watch what I eat as certain items, like soda, pizza, fried food, etc. definitely worse the symptoms.

My question is how do you know when humira has stopped working and you should discontinue? What are the symptoms and reactions? Also has anyone had the surgery and what was the outcome? My doctor keeps pushing remicade next but I am not sure I want to try another biologic.

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  1. Hey Whats Up Ski Man,

    I’m forget if I emailed you personally, but I too was given the Humira to try to help contain and control my colitis. After doing the loading dose and a few twice a month sessions of Humira, along with my doctor we decided to stop it as it did not seem to be working for me.
    As for your question on when do you know when Humira has stopped working properly?.. I just don’t now because it never started working or chaning my symptoms of UC for the better when I was taking it. I would suspect that if you have previously noticed good results that you are fairly certain you can attribute to the Humira and all of a sudden that goes backwards, that might be a sign that it has stopped working, but again I just don’t know. After taking both Remicade and Humira, I for sure don’t have the biologics figured out anymore than most doctors it seems.

    As for my side effects, I started developing some severe joint pains and also some nasty psoriasis type skin reactions on my legs, chest and feet, and hands shortly after starting Humira. I hope you have not had any of those symptoms. Sorry I can’t be of more help with your exact question. It does seem that there are not too many Humira for UC users on this site yet, but every once in a while one pops us.

  2. I don’t know about others, but I’ve been on Remicade for 10 years and it’s the ONLY thing that has helped me. I have taken a roomful of Asacol, tworoomsful of Prednisone, went on a fruit-only diet for a year and they even had me on Oxycontin for a while. (Avoid that, if you can, it’s very hard to get and very hard to stop, and for me it caused permanent fine motor skill damage.) The only side effect (and I know everyone is different) I’ve had is once I experienced a slight skin rash on my chest that went away an hour later after the IV. But be informed. These are heavy duty drugs with a very high price tag.

    I like to ski too. I ski now, I just make sure to take extra Tylenol with me and I know I will be sleeping for a few days after. Hang in there. You’ll find something that works for you. I’ve had this for 15 years and when I was diagnosed there was no internet sites and everyone whispered the name. I felt like the only one in the world with this disease and even the doctors seemed to be disgusted. That was a lonely time. Be of good cheer. It doesn’t have to run your life.


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