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Human Strain in My Probiotic, What?

Meet Bev:

Hey there everyone…Bev here….again….you all know my story…ad nauseaum I’m certain…lol….I’ve had UC for some 14 years now and currently completely in remission without meds!!! Yey!!!

Why me?? Why not everyone??

My Symptoms:

Zippety – doo – dah for UC symptoms at the moment! (And for the past 8 months!!!) I feel like I am actually cured!!!

For the first time in years, I can eat ANYTHING I want and nothing bad ever happens!! Like a NORMAL person.

BTW, I am a complete non-drinker now. I haven’t had alcohol in years…but I wonder sometimes if I could now that everything seems so normal. I won’t, tho, because why tempt fate, right?

Probiotics Story:

Okay, so you all know all about how I got into remission with probiotics and was able to discontinue all of the pharmaceutical medications. Heck, I’ve repeated my story over and over and over on this site…sorry everybody.

Well, I ‘ve been thinking about how fortunate I am, because alot of UC’ers on here have tried probiotics, and have not had the same success with them that I have.

So, I go to buy my monthly supply of them today, and this new clerk there says to me “are you having good results with this product”, to which I reply “omg, you have no idea! I have UC, and I am in remission and off all meds now!” Well, damned if she doesn’t tell me something that I did not know…she says to me…”this product has ‘human strain’ in it”….I’m like…'”what??”

Apparently, the probiotic that I am taking has some kind of ‘human strain’ in it, where many other products do not!!! Is this the answer? Is this the difference? I couldn’t wait to get home to put this out there. She said that probiotics have alot of different places that the ‘strains’ come from, but this one also has a HUMAN STRAIN in it, and she figured that’s why I’m getting such fantastic results! I am floored…is everybody else?? Stoked too….wow!! I didn’t even know something like this existed!

So, now, everyone who is taking probiotics should find out about this so called HUMAN STRAIN, right? Does the one that you are taking have a HUMAN STRAIN in it? I don’t know if Adam knows anything about this or how to find out if it’s true or what…but I am super excited about this ‘new’ tidbit of information that I got today! I sure hope this gal knows of what she speaks…she’s got me all fired up…

I had heard about the fecal transplant and how it has worked in alot of people with UC, etc. and it makes sense, because, that too, would be of the HUMAN STRAIN nature, would it not? Wow…

Okay, that’s it for now. I have to settle down. I’m pretty jacked about this!!! Does anyone know any more about this?

Cheers to all,

Where I’d like to be in 1 year:

Exactly where I am this very moment.

Colitis Medications:


One CRITICAL CARE ULTIMATE FLORA (by RENEWLIFE) probiotic capsule first thing every morning

One scoop of fermented L-glutamine powder mixed in some juice every day before lunch

One 4mg astaxanthin capsule every day right after I’ve eaten some fat (for better absorption)…this is a natural anti-inflammatory

4000 mg of vitamin D every day after I’ve eaten some fat (for better absorption)…I only take this because my levels are low…this is also a natural anti-inflammatory

written by Bev

submitted in the colitis venting area

187 thoughts on “Human Strain in My Probiotic, What?”

  1. Thank you! I just ordered some on Amazon. Your story is such an inspiration. I so wish I had the opportunity to pick your brain in January!!!! Would u pls remind me what you use L-glutamine powder for?

    Keep posting, so helpful!!!


    1. Hi Lisa,

      I started the L-glutamine because I still had a bit of bleeding going on after all of the other UC symptoms went away. The clerk at the vitamin store recommended it because apparently, it heals the mucosa of the colon. I was on it two days, and the blood has vanished!


    1. Hey Ordinary…

      The one I am taking is up in my post at the very bottom…HOWEVER…I am beginning to think that as long as there is a human strain in whatever probiotic you take, that the results may be just as good!

      I’m so seriously excited about this…it may be why my GI specialist wants to see what strains are in the probiotic that I am using, as my resuls are now undeniable. Perhaps, something is on the horizon vis a vis doctor prescibed probiotic treatments…I’m crossing my fingers!


      1. I started VSL#3 today…alot of people here have written about good results with that too. How do you know if there is a Human Strain in it? I read the ingredients and I can’t tell if any of it is Human strain?

        I was using a natural product through my naturopath and didn’t see a difference…..

        1. Hi Julie,

          That’s a great question! I’m not sure how to tell exactly. Nothing says HUMAN on my bottle either. The clerk told me that there was. Of course, I had no idea there even was such a thing!

          Maybe ask online on google? ‘Does VSL#3 have any human strains in it’?


          1. I went to the Renew website to see if it was from humans. It only says they are human species of probiotics but not how or where they get them. I think they are like all the rest just made in a petri dish and probably derived how ever all the rest of these are derived from the same kinds found in the human gut but from some other species.

  2. Hey Bev,
    Great post to get the probiotics info out there.
    It seems it is crucial for everyone, but especially those of us UC’ers/ibd’ers, people taking antibiotics new research is showing it helps across the board with immunity, etc. I’ve researched some of this info in the past( and tried to find more info) and seems there are certain strains shown to be more effective. Anyway, the ones you take and the Vsl 3 I take and some others seem to make the grade…a good quality one is essential as you know. Vsl 3 has been the most studied and used a lot for pouchitis etc…they seem to contain all the necessary strains…perhaps until more research is done! If there are bazillions of strains in our guts, I guess we are just touching the surface!
    Good health, Shelly

    1. That’s right Shelly! I’m sure happy about all of this probiotic research. I honestly believe it may be the forerunning treatment of the future…

    1. Hy Ucer…

      The brand is North Coast Naturals and it comes in a black plastic tub (jar)…but, just like the specific probiotic that I take, I think as long as you buy an unfermented L-glutamine powder, it should be the same.


      1. Just curious, any specific reason you choose an unfermented L-Glutamine. I am new, new, new to all of this but read something recently about how fermented foods contain huge amounts of probiotics even more than supplements? I honestly don’t know one way or the other, just curious :)

  3. All probiotics generally come from strains that are present in the human gut and the Renew life stuff is no different, it’s a fairly standard mix of common Lacto and Bifido bacteria(quiet similar to VSL#3).

    What is interesting about it is, 50 billion CFU’s is alot more than the usual(a few capsules and you would be at VSL#3 levels), and it’s eneteric coated, which means the bacteria aren’t affected by the stomach acid and …. they ‘guarantee’ the bacteria survive until the best before. There is absolutely no way to do this, but at least the sentiment is there.

    1. Great info Andy!

      I really had no idea there was any such thing as human strains in probiotics. I figure that’s why the fecal transplant procedure perhaps works so well? Although, there hasn’t been much about it in teh headlines lately…

      Thank you:)

    2. Actually almost no commercially available probiotics “come from strains that are pesent in the human guy”. did a test a while ago that proved this.
      Unfortunately, the reason is that it is much easier to grow bovine strains, and even among them, the easiest to grow are acidofilous and such. Human strain bifidus are hard to find. The difference is great: bovine strain is used to body temperature of cows, no humans, and normal body temperature for cows is 104F, whereas for humans it is much less – 36.6C. (98 F). Such difference in temperature naturally means difference in metabolism of those probiotics, which further explains why they never persist in human gut (the bovine strain).
      Keep looking on the net and you will find some other manufacturers of human strain probiotics, I just don’t dare post them here, as somehow good ones tend to disappear.

  4. Hi Bev,

    I read what you said about Ultimate Flora and decided to see for myself. I went off Lialda and now take Ultimate Flora, L-Glutamine, Vitamin D3, a multi-vitamin and Astaxanthin. Well, after a couple of months on this regimen, I don’t see any blood anymore. I can’t thank you enough, Bev. The only difference is that I take L-Glutamine in a pill form. Now, here is something. I was listening to Dr. Bob Martin’s radio show yesterday and he recommended Prebiotin which comes in a powder form and was developed by Dr. Jackson (who went to Johns Hopkins) and is a gaatroenterologist. I wondered if anyone has tried his product. I might just see if it works too. There is a website for Prebiotin where you can read how it works and also good information about Ulcerative Colitis. Anyway, I like the fact it was developed by a medical doctor who is a gastroenterologist. Will keep you posted on how it works. I have an appointment with my gastroenterologist in November and I’m going to discuss Prebiotin with him as well.

    1. Lane, you don’t know how HAPPY I am to hear about your success!! I really do not believe in the meds at all…I think that they are dangerous and not very effective. (Sorry if that offends anybody – that is not my intent).

      I just wish people wouldn’t be so afraid of just trying these few things to see for themselves if they will work. They needn’t go off the meds first… they need not go off of the meds until they are feeling completely well!

      I must check into this Prebiotin as well. It sounds pretty good!

      I am so happy for you, I want to cry…I wish I could get everyone on board to a whole new way of taking care of themselves, without harsh meds, and treating their bowel problems. I’m not going to call them ‘diseases’ any more, because I think we can cure ourselves with these natural things, like probiotics. We just have nmore sensitive bowels, that’s all!

      Cheers, and again, I AM ELATED FOR YOU LANE!!! WHOOPPEEE!!!

      1. Hi again Bev,

        Thank you for the kind words. I agree with you that “natural” is best. That’s why I went off my meds since they were not helping me. Now, I may be in a remission right now but I do think it is because of the probiotics. Oh, just to let you know, I am going to try the Prebiotin. I will go the health food store to buy it this week and let you know how it works. Luckily, my gastroenterologist was giving me samples of the Lialda. He doesn’t know that I went off the Lialda yet (he might not agree with it) but if I can control the UC without meds (don’t like the side effects) then it’s worth it. Oh, by the way, I found out a cousin of mine also suffers from UC. She told me she has had it for years. I also told her about the probiotic we use so I’m hoping it will help her too!. Again, best wishes and THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Lane

          1. Hi Bev,

            Thanks for the kind words for my cousin. She doesn’t let UC stop her, she’s going on a cruise. Yes, I will let you know about Prebiotin. It comes in a powder form and you can mix it with juice. It has very good reviews so I want to see if it works for me. Will keep you posted. Again, I really appreciate your recommendations as I have seen improvement in my symptoms. I was diagnosed with mild to moderate UC so I don’t have it as bad as some people do. Best wishes, Lane

  5. As Andy said, all probiotics are based on human strains. That’s why you take them- to repopulate what you already have. It would be pretty pointless to take probiotics that aren’t based on human strains because then our body wouldn’t recognize them- it would probably make us really sick.

    I don’t think that health food store clerk had any clue what she was talking about to be honest haha

    But, I have heard that scientists are coming up with actual human probiotic pills- freeze-drying fecal matter to swallow. I’m sure it will take a very long time for them to be FDA approved and probably only be used as a last resort unfortunately.

    1. Aw, really? So, I got all excited about nothing new??

      I thought there was animal and vegetable strains in probiotics as well. Just goes to show you…I really know nothing!!


      1. Bev,

        First off, you’re awesome.
        Second off, I’m so so happy you are feeling great!
        Third off, you’re unfriggin believably awesome.
        Fourth, Get your but down to Vegas this december!
        Fifth, you’re awesome.

        Bev, you rock, and no matter what it is, human strains, dinosaur strains, dog strains, cat strains, worm strains right, if the improvement outweighs the side effects, and is improving your life, and you’ve got a pretty long track record by now, that’s awesome.

        I think the probiotic companies need to hire you for TV commercials!, and the hospitals, and anybody else who wants to hear some good news.

        take care,

        1. LOL!

          Vegas, huh? I’ll have to talk the old man into that.

          Commercials, huh? Yeah…I could do that for good old probiotics…anytime…anywhere!

          Thanks Adam:)

  6. Congrats on your remission Bev.
    I am coming out of my flare and I definitely believe the astaxanthin,D3 and l-glut helped.
    Thanks so much!
    Keep preaching those supplements.
    I do think you should watch what you eat though… I got overconfident after 6 months of remission and it landed me in this current flare. Those of us with UC are sensitive souls.
    All the best-

    1. Great news Allison on your coming out party!!! Whoop-dee-dooooo!!! That’s SO good!!

      I think you’re right about watching what I eat, too. I do feel the odd ‘grumble’ if I really go off the rails.

      Cheers to you my friend! I’m so so very happy for you:):):)

  7. After reading this post I immediately went to the health food store and picked up a package of this Ultimate Flora probiotics! I was starting to get sad/down again, but this post has given me hope- so thank you for that Bev :) I also am taking L-Glutamine once a day, along with 4 mg of the astaxanthin. Still currently on the SCD and seeing a little bit of progress- so I am hoping this will be my answer! Quick question though…though I have stopped all of my other meds besides getting 6-week Remicade infusions…do you think these Remicade infusions will mess up my intestinal flora? I feel like I am putting all the right material in and I don’t want these Remicade infusions to screw everything back up. This Friday will be my 4th one, and obviously I have felt zero effects from them, though I know in the long run this is not the answer. Just trying to get through college haha. Just wanted to know your thoughts! Thanks again Bev!


    1. Hey Sarah!

      I wish I could answer you about the remicade infusions. I don’t know about that.

      I hope there is someone on this site who may know.

      I was only on the highest dose of asacol when I threw in the medication towel, not remicade, but I was still taking them for a month when I tried the probiotics, so, thinking practically, I don’t think the remicade should screw up the good that the probiotics will start and continue to do in your intestines??? Does that make any sense at all? I’m just going on my experience. Like I said before, I started feeling so good, and all the UC symptoms were disappearing, so I stopped the meds! I hope that’s what happens for everyone.

      Anybody out there that can answer this question from Sarah better than I? I don’t want to be incorrect….I am not a doctor…but do they even know? Or, do we just have to figure all these things out for ourselves…lol…what else is new, right?

      One more thing to remember. Hang in there with the probiotics…it may take a few weeks or so…don’t give up and stop taking them! Give them a chance to work.


  8. Hey Bev. I Just wanted to say Thank You! I tried your Rx after reading it here. Within three days of starting I felt great. This was after a year of taking Lialda and prednisone and feeling horrible almost every day. My mom has IBS. I gave her a dose and within 24 hours she felt better. She is ordering from Amazon today. I can’t tell you what a gift you have given me. If I could hug you I would! Thanks for sharing your story and for all the inspiration and support that you give to us on this site. May your blessings be multiplied!

    1. Hi Bev! Just checking in to let you know that I am still doing great on this protocol. I am now gluten, sugar, and dairy free. Haven”t had a colonoscopy yet but I feel better than I have since I was 30! I’m 47. I listened to a doc named frank Lipman last night. He is awesome! He says that he prescribes L-Glutamine up to 10 grams a day. He said it is the BEST thing to heal a leaky gut! (you can find him at I still thank God for you and this website. You are really doing a great service to people and I hope you are reaping all the blessings that you deserve in return! Thanks again :-)

      1. Oh April…you have made me cry…in a very very good way. There are no words to express the joy and happiness that it brings me each time I learn that one UC sufferer isn’t suffering any more.

        It is so sweet of you to say those lovely things to me…but it is all you, my friend!! You decided to help yourself.

        Over the moon…I’m over the moon for you!!!


  9. Wow April…SWEET!! That is so wonderful, both for you, and your mother!!

    It didn’t take very long for that probiotic to help me, either! I felt a difference in the first few days as well. I only wish that everyone would get such fast results, because I think people bail out too soon alot of the time. I am fairly sensitive to everything, so things tend to work quickly on me…just like I tend to get side effects from every medical drug that I have taken in my life. Alot of people don’t get any side effects from drugs, and I think those people may take longer for the probiotics to help them as well. Makes sense to me.

    Cheers, and thank you for letting me know. You have made MY WORLD!!

    Bev xoxo

      1. Hahahaha…don’t even GET me started on politics…I could really go on and on…

        I am not happy with our political ‘situation’ in Canada at the moment…I am so jealous of you guys!!


  10. Hi Bev,

    As promised, I wanted to let you know about Prebiotin. Well, I’m on it along with what you recommended and I am not seeing any symptoms of my mild ulcerative colitis. I mix the Prebiotin in a Smoothie with fruit and only use 1/2 of a small scoop. So far I am having normal BM’s and no bleeding and no rushing to the bathroom as I experienced before. Again, thanks for your recommendations and I will continue this regimen as it seems to be working. Best wishes, and agree with Adam…look into being a company spokesperson!!! Cheers to you too :) Lane

  11. Lane!!

    Your news just keeps getting better and better!!

    Isn’t it just so out of this world when the UC symptoms actually just go away? It’s like we learn to live with feeling so terrible, we almost forget what it’s like to feel ‘normal’ again. We never think we will ever feel good again, when we’re in the thick of things, do we?

    Nobody can appreciate a good daily constitution like a UCer can!! How grateful we are, right? LOL

    I don’t know what to say, I’m so overjoyed. It’s like a whole new life all over again. What can be better than this? Even winning the lottery sucks, if you have a flare…WOW…I am SO FREAKING HAPPY! Just try and wipe this grin off of me!!

    Bev xoxoxo

  12. Hi Bev,

    Thanks for the kind words..I have an appointment with my gastroenterologist the end of November and I’m looking forward to what he will tell me. I will let him know what I’m taking…probiotic, vitamins and Prebiotin. I’m hoping to be discharged because I don’t have any symptoms of UC anymore. Yes, it is wonderful to be symptom free. Again, thank you so much for your encouragement and advice. I sincerely appreciate it!!! Bev, have a wonderful holiday season! I will let you know if anything changes but so far so good! Lane :) Oh forgot to tell you that I no longer take Lialda as it wasn’t helping me. Funny that health food products are doing the trick!

    1. Hi Lane!

      It does not surprise me in the least that the so called ‘natural’ things are doing the job. We have been led down the garden path that only meds will do anything at all for UC. Hah! It took me years to try anything natural, but I am so happy that I finally did! Look at us now!! I never dreamed I’d be in such a good place, when for 13 years, I felt like I might die any day.

      Lialda (or asacol) tends to work at first, but eventually fail, and can even make certain symptoms worse, as it did with me. I am so glad that you discontinued it. Yey!!

      You too have a great holiday season. It will be so much more enjoyablke and normal for us now, won’t it? I only hope the same for all of the people on the east coast that were affected be hurricane Sandy…just when we think we have it so bad, right?!

      Cheers to you, my friend. Life is wonderful…

  13. Hi Bev,
    How are you? You do so much on here to help people, I think you and the probiotic thing should have a post on the small but more powerful “Cured” (Ulcerative Colitis symptoms being cured or stopped) section. Like you, I am so convinced by the powerful benefits of the more natural, common sense approach and these seem to be the very best solutions until the miracle cure is found. So many people are having major operations that may not be required, do we need to shout louder, what do you think, I may see you there?

  14. Graham!

    Thank you so very much! I am always so afraid to say ‘cured’ lest I offend someone. I have, a time or two, seemed to offend the odd person on here with my ‘against meds’ tirades…I have since pulled my horns in a bit, so to speak…lol…I can get a little over excited, shall we say?

    I do indeed feel like I have found MY ‘cure’. I really do! And, you probably feel that way as well, I would think? It’s hard not to feel that way, when we have finally found something that works!! I just wish with all of my heart that these things would work for everybody.

    That would just make my life!!

    Take care, my friend…I think about you often. You seem akin to me, probably because we have been through the same wringer, and have found our way out the other side…because we were driven to heal ourselves! We tried it, we persevered, and we did it! If only EVERYONE else could enjoy this…


  15. Bev,
    Spooky, I could have described the way I feel more or less word for word, though I’ve not had anyones wrath, yet. Is there a cure and the page “description” is as I stated above (stopping symptoms)? I think both our story’s stand among those already there, bearing in mind that these are also “clean” solutions. Both have worked for over a year, do we lack confidence? You are rightly questioning your ethics, facts and opinion which are all good, way more than most salespeople would do. Whatever you decide, I know you will continue to sell your well being from the kindness of your heart.

  16. Aww, cheers, Graham.

    I love the ‘clean’ solutions!! WE HAVE done it that way…which is the right way, too, I feel. Exactly how I like to look at it as well. When I say no more meds for me, I really do intend to stick to that. No matter what happens down the road.


  17. OrdinaryWorldWhereRU

    I am going to share something that I learned on a recent visit to an allergist/immunologist. I had developed hives a couple of months back and my regular physician couldn’t get it under control so off I go to the specialist. On the first visit he asked if I knew that this was actually something that comes along with UC. I didn’t. So he ordered several tests and a follow up visit for those. Of course those tests were all negative making it seem more reasonable that it really is due to the disease. Here is the important part from that visit. He said that if the disease ‘burned out’ then the hives and itching issue would leave with it. I said “what”? He replied that he didn’t want to get my hopes up but UC suffers follow a sort of bell curve. You have those on the one end that will have the disease burn itself out. Voila, you don’t have it anymore. Then you have those along the bell curve with varying symptoms. You may move along the bell curve. You may even get to the awesome side of the bell curve but that is back on those percentages again that match the bell curve . And then you have the ‘crappy’ end of the bell curve where you have severe symptoms and improvement is just plain tough and not really on your side. In other words, the odds are with the house. I seem to have been at that end nearly since diagnosis. Remi has helped the most by keeping things under control but I also have to adhere to a pretty strict and limited diet. Even yogurt causes me issues. There were times where I tried natural approaches and well, quite honestly, it nearly got me killed. So I love reading all of this but I also appreciate those who keep an open mind about the meds since some of us really need them. By the way, with my last Remi infusion, the itching finally stopped. For those who are not on my end of the bell curve, I envy you.

    1. This is so freaking interesting! Imagine UC…burning itself out?! I wonder how this specialist knows this, and why the actual gastro specialists don’t ever even say anything about this possibility?

      As for taking meds…I believe that whatever works for each one of us, then that’s what we should be doing. I am in total agreement, OrdinaryWorld.

      Cheers, and thank you for this insight. This is so cool…

    2. Interesting indeed and i agree with you.
      I’m guessing the burnout is for the lucky on the other end of the bell curve. I’m pretty sure I sit with you on the opposite end. I am all done toxic meds. -been there, done them all-allergic and intolerant. Making sure to have my backup to the backup surgery plan.
      I believe there will be a distinction in perhaps UC at some point with them finding genetic link and strong family history, age/”cause” of UC diagnosis. I think perhaps that there are many circumstances where our bodies/guts may not be able to fight and become overwrought with the UC…so many external factors along with the genes…which I think is where the distinctions will come and hopefully better treatment…traditional and holistic….for the entire body as we know it is a full body experience!
      In the meantime, I continue to work on a pretty severe flare, 30 + years with this…Grimm reaper uc always finds me…2nd flare since Med free and keeping my fingers crossed and fighting the fight…
      Hang in there I know you’ve been in this a while, too.
      Best, Shelly

  18. Hey thanks for all the great input!

    Here are some further tips if you want to go even more “natural”

    I hope you mean 4000 IE or 4 microgram it’s difficult enough to get some Vitamine-D supplement that contains more than 5-20 microgram.

    15minutes in sun above 45 degrees supplies more vitamin D than a lot of supplements or food. If you live in northern (like me) Eat AT LEAST 100g salmon a day or take 20ug supplement every day

    1 milligram (mg) = 1/1,000 gram
    1 microgram (ug) = 1/1,000,000 gram

    Also if you want to go more natural:
    Dietary sources of L-glutamine include beef, chicken, fish, eggs, milk, dairy products, wheat, cabbage, beets, beans, spinach, and parsley.

    Astaxanthin is found in microalgae, yeast, salmon, trout, krill, shrimp, crayfish, crustaceans, and the feathers of some birds. Eat some more algees and seafood and you’ll be fine!

    And for the “probiotic lacto bacterias” make and eat sauerkraut and other fermented food:

    Fermented foods by region

    Worldwide: alcohol, wine, vinegar, olives, yogurt, bread, cheese

    East and Southeast Asia: amazake, atchara, bai-ming, belacan, burong mangga, com ruou, dalok, doenjang, douchi, jeruk, lambanog, kimchi, kombucha, leppet-so, narezushi, miang, miso, nata de coco, nata de pina, natto, naw-mai-dong, oncom, pak-siam-dong, paw-tsaynob, prahok, ruou nep, sake, seokbakji, soju, soy sauce, stinky tofu, szechwan cabbage, tai-tan tsoi, chiraki, tape, tempeh, totkal kimchi, yen tsai, zha cai

    Central Asia: kumis (mare milk), kefir, shubat (camel milk)

    South Asia: achar, appam, dosa, dhokla, dahi (yogurt), idli, kaanji, mixed pickle, ngari, hawaichaar, jaand (rice beer), sinki, tongba, paneer

    Africa: fermented millet porridge, garri, hibiscus seed, hot pepper sauce, injera, lamoun makbouss, laxoox, mauoloh, msir, mslalla, oilseed, ogi, ogili, ogiri, iru

    Americas: sourdough bread, cultured milk, chicha, elderberry wine, kombucha, pickling (pickled vegetables), sauerkraut, lupin seed, oilseed, chocolate, vanilla, tabasco, tibicos, pulque, mikyuk (fermented bowhead whale)

    Middle East: kushuk, lamoun makbouss, mekhalel, torshi, boza

    Europe: rakfisk, sauerkraut, pickled cucumber, surströmming, mead, elderberry wine, salami, prosciutto, cultured milk products such as quark, kefir, filmjölk, crème fraîche, smetana, skyr.

    Oceania: poi, kaanga pirau (rotten corn), sago

    1. Wow, great article Graham! I really believe that this is the way to really treat our condition. I heard just recently that there is now a synthetic form of ‘fecal’ transplant, so it’s easier and ‘nicer’ for the doctors to do. (Not so disgusting…lol) Apparently, with great results as well!! It makes me so sad that we and others have all endured such rotten medications to treat UC in the past. Too bad we had to go through all of that…the future of bowel treatments certainly looks to be brighter!! Whooppee!!

      Cheers…you are a GEM!!

    1. What??? Now, THAT is something I can get down with!!

      Funny, because I actually eat semi sweet dark chocolate almost every day…it was my shameful secret…but I guess it ain’t so shameful after all!!

      Mmmm…I’m gonna have a cupful of semi sweet dark chocolate chips right now…lol

      1. Not shameful…girl’s prerogative, I thought! I’m not a huge chocate fan, but the data says that dark chocolate can be good for the heart, too! :-)

  19. Hi Bev!

    I have done around 10 simple trials of PB’s over several years and found the supermarket 2 billion yogurt type definately helped. Recently I have tried a few different 20-50 billion capsules and had to stop after a week due to constipation. Having looked into a possible reason (other than this just being me) I came across this long paragragh. The link for the whole story is at the bottom..

    If you think you’re very dysbiotic – you have a very disordered gut, or serious health problems – you’re going to want to start slowly with this stuff. Taking tons of probiotics or gobbling up tons of fermented foods is probably going to make you feel bad, bad, bad. The changing gut ecology brought on by an “overdose” of probiotics is going to send your system topsy-turvy and can lead to many issues, including diarrhea or constipation, fatigue and/or brain fog, body aches and flu like symptoms, skin “stuff” including rashes, and possibly a worsening of the symptoms you already have. So start slow. If using fermented foods, start with a teaspoon once a day and build up from there. If using probiotics, go with one of the lower potency probiotics to start with, possibly as low as 1-2 billion/dose, and gradually increase from there. (And, as always, it’s best if you can work with a naturopath or a functional medicine practitioner.)

    1. Wow Graham!!

      Holy moly…I did not know all of this. I just jumped right into the 50 billion probiotic and the fermented L-glutamine without a thought. They never bothered MY gut, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t bother other peoples’.

      Perhaps some people have actually stopped trying to take these things because of this very problem happening to them. I’ve always just recommended to ‘jump right in’ and take a good probiotic as well as the fermented L-glutamine…yikes…maybe not everyone should…I will be more cautious from now on about the ‘advice’ I give…

      You know, it does not seem to matter what we find that works for us…it is never quite ‘perfect’ for everyone, is it?!

      Cheers, and thank you for the heads up…I do tend to just go for it…lol


      1. Hi Bev!

        I’ve been a quiet fan of yours for a couple of weeks-I actually started your probiotic/l-glutamine/astaxanthon regimen a week ago. :)

        I haven’t really had a bowel movement since then-only a LOT of mucous. Is this a common side-effect?

        It’s the first time I’ve been able to take any supplements or probiotics without feeling sick to my stomach, so I’m willing to continue as long as the mucous isn’t something to worry about…

        1. Hi Lauryn!

          Are you sure you haven’t gone to the bathroom in a week? I have never had that sort of problem…constipation…really! I am like clockwork, every morning first thing. I’ve always been that way, even after I had me appendix out at 2am and went to the bathroom at 7 am…the nurse was floored. That’s just me, though.

          I think that if you were going to the bathroom ALOT before you started taking these things, that maybe it’s a bit of a good sign that perhaps your colon is healing? That’s just a guess…maybe someone else can weigh in here? As for mucous…were you bleeding before? I always think that mucous isn’t so bad. L-glutamine actually HEALS the mucosa (that has the word ‘mucous’ in it…lol) of the colon, so perhaps in this case, it is actually a good sign?

          What about your other symptoms? Did you have pain, bleeding, urgency, and frequency before you took these things? If so, have you noticed them gone?

          It’s easy for us to examine every little thing that’s happening to us, but, like I said…perhaps you are having positive changes, only it takes awhile longer to realize that they are positive changes? Am I making any sense…lol??

          Please keep us all posted…and hang in there. It mat just be the best thing you ever did!!

          I know what you mean about not feeling sick, too. These probiotics are the first ones I’ve been able to ‘stomach’ as well.


          1. I take one 4mg capsule everyday, with lunch, as it is best absorbed with fat. I buy a brand called NOW.

            Cheers Lynne!


          2. Hi Bev,

            I really haven’t gone in a week! Before I was diagnosed with UC, that was a pretty common occurrence for me. My Dr. actually told me that constipation could be a symptom the same way diarrhea is…

            When I was first prescribed Mezevant-I took to it really well. For an entire year I felt great, only had one BM a day, first thing in the morning. Since then, it’s all been downhill :( I haven’t really been fully in remission since then, which is just under two years ago.

            I wasn’t bleeding recently, but had been have a lot of gas when I went to the bathroom and not quite formed stools a few times a day.

            I read online today that L-Glutamine can actually cause constipation, so since I’m not bleeding, I decided to cut it out for the time being to see if that helps.

            I’m taking 4mg of astaxanthin with lunch, and a Renew Life Ultimate Flora Critical Care 50 Billion capsule two hours after dinner at night.

            I purchased some vitamin D3 drops that are mixed with EVOO, flaxseed oil and vitamin E. Should I add this to my daily regimen? How many IU should I start with? I live in Eastern Canada, where the weather is pretty crappy for 5 months out of the year. My flares have always started in the winter, and when I go south on vacation I always feel so much better! I have a feeling the D3 could be a big help…

            Thank you so much for all your helpful advice,

          3. I took 4000 units (4 1000 pills) of vitamin D when my levels were low. Now, I take 2000. If your levels are okay, then you only need to take 1000. Because vitamin D helps with inflammation, that’s why I take extra. I don’t think that adding it will hurt anything. Take the D with the astaxanthin, at lunch. It is absorbed better with fat as well.

            If you are not bleeding, then I suppose it’s okay to stop the L-glutamine. I wasn’t aware that it can cause constipation. I am too afraid to not take my daily dose of it!


  20. We do just go for it, they call it passion (amongst other things)..I reckon its the same with the Evoo, if we dont start correctly, it will fail…I didnt want to tread on your toes but it was a relief to find out why I wasnt experiencing the benefit. Now it makes sense, so I will proceed gently with one of the things that work..Probiotics! It may encourage a few to try again or at least improve their symptoms while they pursist. A few days ago, I followed my “gut feeling” and began to take the PB’s on alternate days and I think it helped, worth considering maybe?

    1. You are very intelligent to do that Graham. That is one good idea!

      I think that if I had experienced stomach problems from the probiotics, I likely would have just stopped taking them! Imagine. I would never have reaped the benefits…

      This must happen alot of times, with alot of different remedies that people try. Firstly, we all want instant results. Sometimes we stop taking things because we aren’t getting the results that we want fast enough. Secondly, if we get side effects from something natural, it is easy to just discontinue taking it. Instead of perhaps, getting used to it.

      It’s hard to win! We’re doing it though…winning, I mean. Thank goodness. We won’t lose to UC!

  21. Hey everyone-

    I think the lesson here is that even though we share a similar set of symptoms each of our systems is quite unique.
    I think it is easy to feel like a failure or that you are doing it “wrong”. With UC I personally would always much rather take a chance with natural remedies than the medications but I do think it is important to try and have a naturopath at your disposal (not always affordable) and do a ton of research before you take anything.
    I agree probiotics are essential and they have never bothered me but I say go slow with anything new… UC makes us extra-sensitive I think. I also need to remind myself that things take time. I just started taking turmeric capsules (curcumin), and I am slowly working up to 2 grams per day but my practitioner reminded me that it may take up to 8 weeks to see anti-inflammatory benefits. PATIENCE is tough, right?
    Best wishes everyone and Happy Spring. Looks like a sunny day at the Jersey shore. YAy!

  22. Hi Everyone,

    I think we all must realize that we all are different. I started last August after a flare and decided to go the natural route myself. I’m taking the Ultimate Flora 30 billion brand and it’s been doing the job for me. Right now I’m having a bout of sinusitis and my doctor prescribed an antibiotic as I was not getting better. But, I’m still on my probiotic and my doctor told me to continue taking the probiotic. No stomach problems so far. Also, I take Prebiotin mixed with cereal or what I drink in the morning. Also take vitamin D, a multivitamin and Co-Q10. I have not had an episode of UC since last August and feel great. I eat everything and no problems so far. Not everybody is the same so you have to do your research and find out what works best for you. I’m a firm believer in that. Happy Spring to everyone! Lane

    1. Hi Lane!

      I, too, just took a course of antibiotics for an infection, and spaced my probiotic out four hours apart from it. I had no stomach issues whatsoever! Probiotics are definitely the answer to taking antibiotics, which often strip the good bacteria from our bodies, as well as the infection.

      Great to hear you are still doing well! Me too…


      1. Hi Bev!

        Good to hear from you. Yes, I do the same. Take my antibiotic early in the AM and then take my probiotic about 4 or 5 hours later. No stomach problems either. I’ll be finished with my antibiotic this week. Asked my doctor about it as I was concerned about taking the antibiotic but she told me to continue with the probiotic. Hope you are feeling better too. Also, I still take Prebiotin and think it is really good at helping with UC. Also, my doctor checked all the side effects before prescribing my antibiotic so I’d know what to look for if there were any problems. So far no problems. Stay well Bev! My best to you :)

  23. Hi all,

    I have worked my way up to 6 VSL#3 probiotic capsules per day. I had my GI dr appt last week, and he was very impressed that I take VSL & said I am his first patient to even know about them. He’s followed the studies & has recommended VSL to patients with severe cases. For me, however, he felt that 6 capsules was too much. He suggested I only take 3 per day, which is 337.5 billion live bacteria. I was kinda wondering if it was overkill for me to take 6/day … wondering if we can aggravate our intestines by thinking that more is better. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?


    1. 6 capsules a day is fine. the most I was taking was two DS packets a day which is 1.8 trillion. some people just need more to feel better and others need less. it also depends on how much you can afford, too.

      to induce remission, the VSL subjects in the famous VSL study (on their website) were taking 3.6 trillion a day which is 4 DS packets. obviously, a lot of people can’t afford this but that was the amount shown to work.

  24. Did anyone experience worse D right after starting the probiotic? I started Ultimate Fora Critical Colon (80 million) last week along with L-glutamine to try and help get flare under control. The last week of BMs have been more like the affectionately referred to “Buttpee” versus the usual flare BMs of blood/mucus. Wondering if this is a side effect of the probiotics. A few sites say it is one of the side effects until your body gets used to them but I figured I would see if anyone here had similar experiences.

  25. Hi Bev and everyone! I’ve been following Bev’s probiotic + L-Glut protocol since December and it’s done wonders for me. Seriously big thanks to you, Bev! (I’ve commented before to thank you but really can’t say it enough). I’m taking the over-the-counter VSL#3 instead of your renewlife, as I felt like I needed something stronger than 50 bil. And as I suspected, I did. The switch to VSL#3 really help put me on the road to recovery. I think some people are like Graham above, where you need to start slow with probiotics and gradually build up to a stronger one; it’s probably the most prudent and best route for most. In my case, though, I was already on SCD, using diet to address the bacteria imbalance in my gut, so it helped me to go big on the probiotics for a while when I first introduced them and then start to cut back as I healed more. I was taking up to 3 packets of VSL#3 a day, and now am down to yogurt and one VSL packet. I should add though that I did experience what may have been die-off, flu-like symptoms, when I started VSL. This harkens back to what Graham brought up in the quote in his comment above. But I pushed through it and made big strides after my “flu” cleared. I’m not positive that it was die-off, it might have really just been the flu, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was die-off. Just thought I’d add that for those above asking about bad reactions to probiotics.

    Anyway, I’m actually writing to ask you about the fermented L-Glutamine you take, Bev. I read on the North Coast Naturals website that it’s made from fermented beets–which means it’s totally natural. I can’t get it where I live though so I’ve been taking the Jarrows Formula L-Glut, which is fermented by a microbiological process. I’m wondering if in all your discussions with people about L-Glut, if you’ve come across any info that might support getting on the specific L-Glut that you’re taking (North Coast Naturals) or if it seems that any L-Glut will do. I’m definitely seeing benefits with the one I’m on, but I’m just curious if there is any compelling anecdotal evidence to convince me to get my hands on some North Coast Naturals. Any thoughts, Bev or anyone?

    Thanks. Bev, I always reading your positive comments with a smile. I think you’ve made a job of contributing to this site, and in the process helped make it as great as it is! Best.

    1. Colleen!!

      What wonderful news that you are still doing so well. You don’t know what that means to me…

      As to the L-glut that I take…yes, you are correct, it is all natural and made with fermented beets. Whether it’s better than any other type of L-glutamine, I’m really unsure. I think that if what you are taking is working, then stick with it! I know you can order North Coast Naturals online, though, if you think it may make a difference.

      Does anyone else know if one fermented L-glut is better than another?

      Cheers, and thank you for the very nice post, Colleen. I do feel dedicated (almost compelled now, really…lol) to helping as many UCers as I possibly can before I leave this world!! It’s become a sort of passion. What I’d really like to do is figure out the ‘cure’…or perhaps we all already have with all of this sharing? There could be many…


    2. Colleen,

      I live in the U.S. and order North Coast Naturals Fermented L-Glut online through Just fyi, it does take quite awhile for shipping, so I ordered four containers the last time. When I’ve run out, I’ve used the brand NOW. I can’t say that I’ve noticed any real difference -good or bad- between the two brands. Good luck! :)


  26. Hi Colleen,

    I couldn’t find the brand of L-Glut that Bev uses where I live so I bought Jarrow L-Glut in the tablet form and it’s working fine for me. I do take the Ultimate Flora but I get the one with 30 billion. I’ve been doing this for almost a year and have no symptoms of UC. Best wishes Colleen! :)

  27. Thanks Lane and Bev for your responses! You’re the Probiotic-L-glut team in in my mind. Love it. You’re both in total remission and able to be off and on with your lives but you stay tied to this site and committed to teaching others what got you well. Awesomeness. I live overseas but will be in the US over the summer and was thinking of ordering the North Coast Naturals then. I’m just curious, I guess, to see if it makes a difference. I guess they’re both processed in the end to get the powdered form, but I think the Jarrows L-Glut is completely synthetic. I may be wrong though. And Lane, it’s been working great for me too, actually, so maybe I should just shut up and be thankful. I think all the investigating and research required of us with this illness can sometimes get us (read: me) in a tailspin running around mumbling “what more can i do” “what more can I do.” Ha. But I’d rather that than soley relying on meds. My road to remission has progressed inch by inch by inch, but it’s happening and I’m a happy and thankful camper. I will keep you posted after I give NCC a try and let you know if I notice any difference! Best to you both, team PB-LG. :)

      1. Just like someone else we all know Bev, just thought I would say Hi to YOU as its been a while.. Dont want you ever thinking I/we are taking you for granted…

          1. Bev, I am on Apriso and 6-MGP, am wondering if taking probiotic as well as boswellia and olive leaf extract will be ok to take along with meds. Do you know if any side effects or if natural supplements could interract with prescribed meds? Would like to get off meds , too, but can’t until get my UC under control. Thx for your input.

          2. Hi Joyce,

            I really do not know about interactions between drugs and naturals…I don’t believe that a probiotic can hurt or interact in any way. Not sure about anything else.

            Just remember to take the probiotic on a completely empty stomach with water and then nothing to eat or drink OTHER than water for at least half an hour afterward. Also, make sure that the probiotic is enteric coated, meaning that it will not dissolve in the stomach, but in the colon.

            Cheers….sorry that I could not be of more help on this one.

            Does anyone else know about naturals interacting with the meds Joyce is on?

      2. Aww thanks Bev. Right back at you, of course! I have so many more questions I’d love to pick your brain about. And others. Mostly about the road to remission, which has been on my mind a lot lately as I see more solid improvements in my own condition, thanks to your protocol and SCD. Think I better post a story for Adam and ask what my inquiring mind wants to know.

        Graham, I read your epic thread on evoo last month with much interest–I’m sure it’s grown even longer since then. I then found myself in a snooty delicatessen looking at their upscale evoos when I accidentally broke a bottle that slipped from my hands. I bought one then because I felt so embarrassed. And then just yesterday someone gave me two gorgeous bottles of more evoo– the good stuff, I think. The universe might just be beckoning me to join your evoo revolution. I sort of want to save it though for a time when I might need that ace in my pocket, or for when im ready to taper off meds completely, which I’m still working on. But it’s so great to read about how many people you’ve helped as well. You and Bev are both making positive changes in a lot of people’s lives. Good stuff!

  28. Colleen,

    Thank you for your kind words. Things are a little quiet on the thread but it does give me a chance to read more from our community. You also reminded me that I must read through the thread, perhaps making notes to help put together a more concise sequel..

    Questions, questions… I think that could be UC’s middle name. As you can see from the thread, I have lots to learn but have hopefully improved a good deal in well under a year. Quitting smoking made me give this problem the attention it deserves (nearly said disease there). I found Twitter a good way to get lots of up to date UC information and can recommend it.

    You mention gifts of Evoo, this is common in some cultures. I now also do this but by the time the “health benefit” penny drops with the recipient it will have no doubt gone bad! You can only push someone up a ladder if he or she is willing to climb (from twitter).

    Ask away is what I would say, I think we can learn from wrong answers as well as correct ones. A good theoretical knock about is a must in my opinion, let’s get to the bottom of it!

    I must have a weekly if not daily theory, how do I sleep, eventually? Today I’m wondering why inflammation almost always starts at the very end, sigmoid/rectum. I guess the waste our bodies doesn’t “treat” well enough is toxic and damages the intestine wall. This matter becoming more poisonous by the hour and the worst place should logically be where this waste is oldest. Constipation would make this worse and again more reason for quicker transit times maybe? Is this why we find more mucas and diarrhoea as the body tries to evacuate this matter? Questions, questions…

      1. OMG!! This is fantastic news Graham!!

        Where…or should I say, how…do you find these things??

        This solidifies what those of us who are having success are doing. MUCOSA!! Colon mucosa. We UCers are lacking in it and simply probably need to replace it again.

        Can we all imagine if this were the simple answer?? I always thought that there would be a simple ‘CURE’ for this condition. That is why I won’t call it a disease. Doctors like to call it that so that they may prescribe medical drugs to treat it. Hah!

        When I took ACCUTANE, four times in my twenties…it probably stripped my colon of it’s mucosa, causing me to have UC. That, along with the antibiotic use over the years, and all the processed foods that I may have ingested…well, if that ain’t a recipe for UC, I don’t know what is!!

        Anyone else want to break down how they think the mucosa was stripped from their colons? I hope I don’t sound crazy…but it could be, in fact, just this simple…

        Thank you Graham, as always. Thank goodness you are finding this information for the rest of us.

        Yes indeed, how we do ponder…


        1. Way to ask and answer you’re own question, Graham. It is interesting that the point of exit is where it all starts for most of us. The mucosa. Gotta love them. Got to have them. Thanks for another good link. I’m always learning more on this site.

          I lapped up Michael Pollan’s recent piece in the NYT about the role gut flora plays in our health. I think you posted it somewhere Graham, as did someone else on a comment thread. Here it is again anyway for others:

          It’s sort of preaching to the choir with us on this site, but what a triumph to have such a popular food-science writer like Pollan tackle this issue and bring it to the public.

          Bev, he writes that there is evidence that babies who are not breastfed may have weaker gut bacteria profiles and therefore more prone to develop auto-immune conditions at some point. As are babies who are born via C-section, as we pick up important bacteria passing through the vaginal canal. I come from a family where digestive conditions are very present, but in addition I was born via C-section and was NOT breastfed–double whammy on top of not-great genes. And I’m sure lifestyle choices, such as diet, have exasperated my gut flora over the years (poor little guys). I’ve also traveled a lot in far off places and picked up the occasional new little guy along the way.

          I’m not sure what triggered the actual stripping of the mucosa when I first became symptomatic, but it was a stressful time in my life and perhaps I was the perfect storm waiting to happen anyway. Not that it didn’t blindside me. I knew nothing about any of this until I had to because I was suffering. I’m hoping Pollan’s next book is on our favorite gut bugs, so the public at large can begin to take notice of all of this too. The world residing in our guts is really so fascinating. He also talks about it’s likely that the reason we’re made up mostly of bacteria is because they evolve more quickly than we do and are able to protect us. That works for me. I’ve spent the last year trying to get these buggers on my side again. I know one thing for sure: I will not take them for granted again.

          1. All so very well said, Colleen…I love it!!

            We all got this dreaded thing one way or another…and I still maintain it’s as simple as bacteria…and as complicated…


  29. Apparently Google don’t pay enough tax in the UK but I certainly get my monies worth! Oh and not forgetting Twitter (@realslimshakey).
    It explains the smoking thing too I believe, all that mucas created by from cigarettes and you wouldn’t know you had UC. All the resulting complications should not surprise us either, constantly poisoning ourselves!

    We are therefore apparently lacking Bacteroides, which is linked to diet, who knew? I Googled Bacteroides and Wikipedia states.. Studies indicate that long-term diet is strongly associated with the gut microbiome composition – those who eat plenty of protein and animal fats have predominantly Bacteroides bacteria, while for those who consume more carbohydrates the Prevotella species dominate.

    We probably wiped this out in various ways and it would also explain the success of your mantra.

    Just found this, good old Lea posted the same info here in June..

  30. wow…that Lea already posted the same thing…huh…

    That Endragil 500 should already BE available, because the article said 2012. I went into the supplement store this morning, and let the clerk read the article (I printed it off the computer). She is going to do a bit more research…sometimes things are available in the US, but not here in Canada until much later. They did have the phosphatidyl choline, though, but it was not a slow release, like the article recommends.

    I’m going to keep looking for this product, or something just like it.


    1. Hello Bev,
      Did you find out any more on this? I see you posted this back in 2013.
      I would also like to try Endragil 500 for my UC.

  31. I love that NY times article and maybe it should be splattered across the site. Any new information and understanding is very comforting, this has been quite a week for me personally.

    It definitely needs to be slow release phosphatidyl choline. It seems Bacteroides that do not reach the lower gut can increase Anaerobic bacteria where you don’t want it. If you have dry mouth or an acid reflux type of problem this will increase bad breath and dental problems. They feed on these undigested proteins in the mouth and create fouls smelling gasses, not uncommon in UC.

    Here is another link that follows on from yesterday where Gaps gets a positive mention.

    It’s about Bacteroides that are essential for mucas in the bowel and a whole load of understanding on how to cultivate them. It explains why many of the foods and supplements mentioned here are effective. I think the information here over the last 24hrs explains why glutamine that reaches the lower gut is crucial. It also appears that low bacteroides result in a lack of fatty acids, hence the benefit of Evoo, fish oils etc.

    I am happy to just trying something new but these explanations help us to commit, be more positive and believe in what we are doing. Good luck!

    1. Hey Graham and all,

      Awesome adds to the site! The info out there is astounding, if you are willing to look for it. Even though it may not all be 100% or the “cure” or fix, I feel it is so important for all to understand that this natural stuff is a MUST for all us UC’ers regardless of whether or not you are on meds…There is My Rant…long overdue! :-)

      Maybe this will lead to testing of my dream of direct deposit, so to speak, of the probiotics and a cleaner fecal transplant(ICK! Still can’t quite come to terms with it!)
      Good health all, Shelly

      1. Yes, yes yes!!

        We are on the way, Shelly!! I just know that we are…every day I feel it’s closer…lol

        As to the ‘cleaner’ FT…they are already available…just not mainstream, apparently. I don’t for the life of me know, why these things can’t happen faster. It’s like pulling teeth…

        How is the Ultimate Flora probiotic working for you? Is it? Do you notice any positive changes at all? Please let us all know. Are you using L-glut as well?

        Love ya, girl!!


        1. Hi Bev,
          Thanks for the positive vibes. I think I did read about the “cleaner”ft, but they haven’t shown success yet?
          I still get so icked out!
          I know adding the ult flora gave my probiotics a booster shot, so to speak. There is a form of glutamine in my spirutein so I didn’t add extra and couldn’t track down your brand which is all natural. They wanted an arm and leg for shipping. I did purchase another natural brand, but didn’t didn’t take it…yet. Anyway, I was saying to Graham on another thread about multiple forms of the natural stuff will increase its chances of getting to where it needs to and doing its thing!
          I am soon to write an update story…always afraid to jinx it! 8 months and counting with this last flare…no meds! :-)
          Thanks as always for your posts…you are so positive…i am very matter of fact, but still passionate in our battle/UC war!
          Stay high on your soapbox and keep shouting!
          Thanks for being you…I too read all your posts because you are so positive. So love right back at ya! :-)
          Best, Shelly

          1. Those ‘clean’ FTS have shown success, but so far only used in c-diff patients. I truly believe in them for UC. Like MichaelK (who has had complete remission with FTs) has said before…I think you need them for months, or even a year in some cases…not just one or two.

            You’re the best, Shelly…I know I’ve said it before!


    2. hey all…speaking of things beyond our control(and I don’t use this and hopefully there reading this don’t)…Organic fruit mix…massive hepatitis a outbreak here in the U.S.
      I subscribe to the FDA food, etc recall list, which I think is a great idea for all us UC’ers and everyone else, too.
      Imagine what doesn’t make the recall list??? :( ugh

        1. Stupid self correct…anyway, Townsend farms Organic fruit mix.
          The other problem with recalls is that people have already consumed the products. Our food supply is just not monitored enough. And the other thing they said this a.m. is the fruit comes from various countries so who knows how long to trace it.

  32. Bev,
    You will be pleased to know that I will be taking the glutamine (capsules) 1st thing in the morning. Like the Evoo, with what we know from this information and personal experience these need to go further and faster without food in the way. I have tried your glutamine at night but I’m sure the protein stayed high and fed my mouth bacteria (not pleasant).

    1. Hey Graham,
      I have another theory about using multiple forms of ingestion(powder/capsule, etc) to increase the chances of them making it to where they need to go. I added in the ultimate flore after reading it has a delayed release capsule and after I bought it a few months ago, you’ll notice how thick the capsule is. I still use my vsl 3 powder Rx in addition and have the glut in my spirutein so I haven’t added it seperately, yet.
      Anyway, just a few more thoughts to add and semi-rant!

      1. Shelly, do you make yogurt? I’ve read that it’s more likely that the probiotics in yogurt survive the trip to the gut than in capsule (even enteric-coated) or powder form, although I don’t think it’s proven either way. I take the VSL3 packet AND make yogurt with the VSL and/or another probiotic (such as critical care) to mix things up. The yogurt helps stretch the probiotic as well as it multiplies so much in the fermentation process. Might be another form to add if you’re not already doing it! And rant away–keeps us talking!

        1. Hi Colleen,
          I don’t make my own yogurt…it really grosses me out! I am extremely finicky about food and perhaps this has added to my longevity…in a good way! With this disease. It is never out of the question for me and it is in my back pocket. As you probably read I am not 100% with SCD and probably my finickiness is aided in that, too! I actually ended up giving up most all dairy even though the yogurt is not…I will probably take that leap if/when I have another flare.
          Thanks and Congrats to you on your progress.
          Best, Shelly

          1. Hi Shelly, ha ha, is it the process of making it or the actual yogurt that you don’t like? My husband hates anything milky, and won’t go near my yogurt. Although our toddler inhales it! I try not to overdo it with the yogurt but am a big fan, for sure. Do you do any fermented foods? Those are great for probiotics too, of course. I can’t really digest most yet, although I try again every couple of months. I think giving up most dairy, other than yogurt, is probably for the better! Sounds like what you’re doing is working. We’re all so different. Even within SCD, we have to make sure we can digest a legal food first before we can add it to our customized list of things to eat. So even on the same diet, we may be eating completely different things, depending on what we tolerate. I’m glad to hear what you’re doing is working for you!

        2. Colleen..yes on both! And not much on the fermented, but some. :-) I actually will order a yogurt maker some day. I put it in my Amazon cart sometimes…could still be there! I actually am planning to make it for my Smoothies for the probiotics and protein since I gave up milk and yogurt. Been using some coconut milk and alternating some with almond milk, but hard to find more natural without “extras”being added. Couldn’t quite make the transition to the yogurt yet.
          Yeah, I use the pecanbread-stages site as my guide because the SCD book/site was of no appeal to me. And yes, so different. I remember reading all Adam’s posts and his book thinking-how can he eat that?! I had to go very, very slow plus the finicky thing!
          Anyway, been at this UC thing forever, 30+ years plus a lifetime of symptoms before diagnosis and on asacol 2 years before that! Going on 2 years Med free and SCD since Oct but very limited diet for the last couple of years or so.
          Thanks for your input.
          Best, Shelly

          1. Shelly, first, big congrats on taking control and getting med free. I am so thankful for SCD but I’m still not at remission yet. I hope to be able to taper off my meds in the year to come, but right now I’m just so thankful to finally be doing better that I’m trying to take baby steps with everything. What do you put in your smoothies? And do you have Trader Joes where you live? They sell a light coconut milk that has no additives and only costs $1 per can. I went real slow with introducing coconut milk–it took months but now I can have it when I’m craving something latte-esque. And I’m a big stew fan, and coconut milk can work well in stews too. I think coconut milk is the reason I’ve gained back some weight this last month finally. The canned stuff is pretty darn fattening! Adam’s post re his love for smoothies encouraged me to try them. Plus the weather is warming up where I live so I’m not craving my ole standby of soup as much at the moment. But I’m not sure I’ve found my perfect smoothie combo yet. I’m sometimes jealous of those peeps who SCD just turned everything around for overnight. That wasn’t me. But it’s still worked wonders for me, combined with Bev’s protocol, and so I can’t praise it enough. Although I find myself spending an enormous amount of time cooking and planning/buying food each week, which can be challenging when you have a young child and are working full-time too! Still, it’s worth it.

        3. hi Colleen,
          thanks. No Trader Joe’s here…I keep hoping. Such a huge disadvantage. We have to Natural stores with very high prices. Luckily the grocery stores are carrying more.
          I think I’m on that smoothie thread or be before that. If i am in a severe flare it is more limiting staying away from berries with seds..but I usually have frozen blueberries-wild are best/Maine!, bananas(which are awesome to buy and freeze and always keep on hand-riper for SCD! Use a freezer bag and lay flat, 100% Nat oj w/calcium,100% cranjuice, vsl 3 (amount varies on flare), metamucil clear and natural(sluble fiber), aloe-but not all the time, spirutein….that’s my usual! I think I’ve had issues with strawberries and pineapple, oh yeah and sometimes coconut or almond milk and sometimes a splash of honey and watermelon and discovered a little cucmber is very refreshing, but forget to use it a lot. I think you can play around with fruits, etc especially now we are coming into season like peaches, pears, etc. Caution with seeds and acidity. A lot of people like mango. I think you just have to look up recipes and give them a shot. I’m kind of a creature of habit with my finickiness! Great way to sneak healthy stuff to family members especially when the weather gets warmer!
          Happy Smoothies! :-) Shelly

          1. Thanks Shelly! All those options sound great–it helps to hear from another UCer what works for them. I haven’t reintroduced juice yet other than juice I occasionally make myself so I always use yogurt or a little coconut milk plus water for my base. I might give juice a try though–I tend to get nervous with anything store bought. You wrote in another post that you give up smoothies during the summer–what’s the reasoning for that? Or maybe I misread? Thanks again for the ideas and best!

        4. hi Colleen,
          First, I think it is important to add the fruits and vegetables that help heal and have super powers :-) like 100% grape juice. There have been a lot of studies on ESP. Maine WILD blueberries. It is also the whole concept of using food as medicine which really is the science behind these diets scd,and writing from James Scala-Eating Right for a bad gut, Dr. David Klein-Self healing Colitis and Crohn’s, etc, etc. I try and incorporate all these theories and therefore always used banans and blueberries and 100% grape juice plus my supplements and expanded from here. I wholly believe in keeping those things that are so powerful. I use them in Smoothies or cooked them down when i am flaring more severely. My body actually craves a lot of fruits and veges so i listen! :-)
          I don’t totally give up the Smoothies,but i like to take a break from the spirutein and aloe if i can. I work ina school-spec. Ed, lots and lots of germs so te smoothie is my breakfast and lunch during the year, if i am able to eat at school which I was out of worth for a while off and on and unable to eat or drink in order to make it thru my day. Not the best choice,but just something we have to door keep our jobs! Also, I eat pretty well during the summer and don’t always “need” the smoothie, but use it if I need it or just want a nice refreshing smoothie-maybe with my vsl 3!
          Sorry kinda long, but important version! :-) I hope that makes sense?!
          Best, Shelly

          1. ok, that was “work” but I guess worth could work, too! Wild blueberries have super, super powers. There are lots of foods recommended to heal…check ’em out. We uc’ers live in fear and it keeps us stagnant sometimes. Even the SCD lifestyle guys talk about how to test foods to see if your OK with them. Food is medicine, too! :-)

          2. Hi Shelly! Gothcha, summer as in summer vacation! That makes sense then. I work from home, and so have my kitchen at my disposal for my daily lunch, which is a godsend. I totally agree that food is a source of healing and wellness. I am not a finicky eater, quite the opposite, so I try to incorporate all kinds–I’m always testing something new as I like to have variety in my diet! I’m still going slow with fruit though–even the seeds in blueberries I have to be careful with. Although I do have them in smoothies often. Wild blueberries sound delish. I’m sure being on a mostly liquid diet during the school year gives your GI tract somewhat of a rest as well, which probably helps. I am currently a salad addict and have one every day for lunch. A lot of the ingredients are not raw though, as I’m still working to incorporate raw veggies back in, but even just the crunch of the lettuce makes me very very happy. Food is medicine, and (finally once again) joy. All my best!

        5. hi Colleen…yeah, nothing like fresh veges/salad. I am such a fruit and vege fanatic especially raw saw that was the hardest part for me. I eased back in with cucumber without seeds and carrots that I chewed to death, but
          knew I just needed to make the leap of faith! Then I would go back to cooked the next day and went slowly back and forth! Then salads with occ. Tomatoes that I would try and deseed and peel some-plum are best and so are pickling cucumbers! I mostly ate lots and lots of soup! Or cooked chicken…did I mention finicky.! :-)
          Oh, the grape juice was listed in the SCD book anyway, just fyi.
          happy cooking, Shelly

      2. If anyone has earned a rant its you Shelly, you go girl! Ive not had much joy with P.B’s but I will keep trying, either the one you suggest from Bev’s company (lol) or one listing the specific feeders for bacteroides. Like a good UC boy, I will try L glutamine capsules 1st thing for a couple of weeks 1st to assess this then no doubt have stage ?? ready and waiting in the wings.

        1. …my company…lol…I WISH!! I should be making money for all the people that I have recommended the probiotic to!!


        2. Thanks Graham…we all need to and deserve to rant. And we should be earning our Ph.D’s with all our research! :-)
          Did you go to EVOO holiday yet? :-)

          1. Shelly,

            Sometimes I think it takes a problem solver more than an academic when it comes to problem solving but then again, who can argue with 5 years at med school, Bev probably?

            Thank you for asking.. Villa Campestri is booked for the summer hols and I can’t wait! I may even take the ball and chain (phone) with me and bore you all with poolside Evoo info from Tuscany. Still can’t believe my wife and inlaws were that easily persuaded, though it looks nice on the website…Fontana della Giovinezza!

          2. Please take the ball and chain and bore us!! Are you kidding?? Tuscany??

            Let us live vicariously through you Graham….PLEASE!!

    2. Graham, my man!!

      I AM pleased!! I want you to be 100% again. You deserve it! I’ve never felt so good in 15 years, on the probiotic and the L-glut…

      Yep…empty stomach…yada yada yada…that’s the way the L-glut and the probiotics work the best. Might as well get our money’s worth, right? And get better…

      You have to give these things time, too. I noticed when I read that PC article that you put up, that it took 2 to 4 weeks for remission to happen in the patients, so there we go. The probiotic that I take is slow release (enteric coated) so that it dissolves in the colon, not the stomach.

      Please let us all know, okay? I want you to be so happy and feel totally normal again…we forget how good that feels sometimes…


  33. Bev,

    I’m sure you are right, any remission worth having will take a little while and this must be the case with anything natural.

    I am actually very well, the 3 weeks of Asacol was very good for me. I would obviously prefer to do this with natural items so I know I am total control. I must confess I am very excited with what I have learned over the last 2 weeks and extremely positive the drugs and I may be finished. For the first time I think I understand the various problems within and how to sort them, myself.

    What no commissi+,? In this world, there are givers and there are takers, you my dear are a giver, no doubt!

    1. That’s how I feel as well, Graham. I feel like I know so much more now, about this whole UC thing. Why we get it, and what we can do to keep it at bay. That info in your link yesterday helped me out even further.

      Is everyone alive susceptible given the right antagonists or circumstances? Perhaps…

      You too, Graham…you as well. A supreme giver!!


    2. oh and let’s not forget we’re scientists complete with our own chemistry sets and guinea pigs…us! :-)

    3. 8 +months…a little longer than a “little while” but well worth the battle! I kept/keep my meds in my bathroom as motivation to not take them(and Murphy’s law, hopefully) and boy did those meds taunt me a million trips/times a day! :-)

  34. A cleaner FT, I must Google that, though one thing at a time eh? I am now thinking about the brave UC’ers young and old who go through such procedures, FT’s, surgery etc, respect, respect!

    1. Mmmm…

      Very informative!

      I do take the L-glut with a bit of cranberry juice (no sugar added)…but only a little bit like a tablespoon or two. Maybe that is helping…

  35. Hello everyone, I just recently decided to give probiotics a try. I picked up a bottle of Ultimate Flora at my local CVS,,,,unfortunately they only have the 30 billion count and I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this one? I certainly hope it will be beneficial for me to take and look forward to seeing some positive results

    1. James, for some people it helps to start slow with probiotics so the 30bil instead of 50bil should be a fine place to start, I think. I started with the 15bil originally and then worked my way up to something much stronger, which is when I started to see major change. I think Bev started on 50bil and that worked wonders for her so she stayed there. Test it out and see what happens with the 30bil. Good luck!

        1. Thanks for confirming Bev. You’re the ihaveuc probiotic pioneer! We’re all just following in your flora footsteps. :)

    2. Hi James,

      30 billion is still a lot of action – you might just do fine with that! Keep in mind that they may cause some additional symptoms in the beginning – you can always back off to taking one every other day until things settle down if it’s troublesome. Probiotics are amazing and have been a huge help to so many people – good luck!

      1. Thanks guys for all the replies…..the only thing that worries me about starting the probiotics is that I am feeling pretty good at the moment and I dont want to induce a flare up. Has this happened to anyone starting probiotics for the first time?

          1. Not a flare, I don’t think, but some people do get flare-like symptoms when they start messing (messing in a good way) with their gut bacteria. It’s called die off and can vary per person. James, when I started VSL3, which is a much much stronger probiotic than 30 bil (it’s 450 bil per packet and I was taking 3 packets a day), I had flu-like symptoms for about a week. This included a lot of D, but after the week passed, I felt better than before the probiotic because I was reaping the benefits of the new visiting residents in my gut. Die-off is more common when making diet changes like cutting out carbs and sugars–I don’t think most people experience it when starting a probiotic, but I think I did. Although I could have just had the flu!

        1. Some new information that might be useful here to add here: it might be best to avoid probiotics marketed as HIGH BIFIDO. It’s a strain of bacteria that multiplies quickly and can cause problems for people with IBD. I briefly made a switch recently to a high bifido probiotic and had some problems. I can’t say definitively, but I suspect it was the high amounts of bifidobacterium. I think it’s probably worth checking into when starting a new probiotic; try to avoid anything marked high bifido, or test it out carefully.

          1. Sorry should have clarified that I’m the same person that commented above: Colleen. Changed my moniker to avoid confusion with other Colleens on the site!

  36. I’m so happy that I came across your site, very informative. I have a daughter with Crohn’s and in want to help her. She is going to n MD and I believe is on meds. I’m in to natural n holistic forms of healing so I’m gathering info to assist her further. As for me, I was diagnosed with Hep C in 2010 and recently with Leaky Gut syndrome. I am taking HLC Intensive probiotic, which is a human strain. I am also doing the GAPS protocol, I think I’m making head way although I will not know for certain until my blood work in late October. Seeing an Osteopath physician. I did not understand the connection between D3 n inflammation until I read your blog, thanks also the importance of l-glutamine. If you have an other info you feel could be useful to myself or my daughter it would be much appreciated. Again thank you for your dedication to the people who really can use this information. Aloha

  37. After thought. I’ve been taking D3 for some time after seeing my labs that put me at 20, but I used Choline Citrate in the recommended dose with it because my naturopath said it aids in absorption of the D3; manufacturer Perque. It brought my D levels up to 80 in about 1 1/2 months time. Mahalo

  38. # of bacteria in the gut:
    1 trillion.

    1) Number of organisms. eg 100 billion is better than 1 billion.
    2) Strain types (as in subspecies)
    3) Purchased from a seller that stores the probiotic *refrigerated*

    It’s controversial as to whether this is important. Nonetheless, for those of you who want to try the human strains, the brand to try is “Seroyal”, aka “Genestra”, whose probiotics all state “HMF” as in “Human MicroFlora”. This company is also sold as Pharmax, whose probiotics all state “HLC” which stands for something like “Human … Commensals”.

    I learned all of this stuff the hard way, so I hope that it helps some of you!!

  39. Hi Bev,
    I am fairly new to this site, and I must say I have grown quite fond of you! I was just diagnosed in November with left sided UC. I am 29 years old. I just started the probiotics you recommended about 3 days ago, and after the first day I stopped having so much stomach aches. I am one of those people with more constipation then diarrea. The last week I have been going like every other day. Before I would go almost a week without going. I have been eating more salads and try to drink more water. I just had my second colonoscopy last week and the doctor said that the meds I have been taking(delzicol 2 capsules 3x per day) werent doing what they are supposed to do, and everything looked the same. So he prescribed me with hydrocortizone suppositories, which I havent gotten yet due to insurance. Has anyone had luck with these? Bev, I was wondering, have you had a colonoscopy since doing your probiotics and l-glut? I am seriously thinking of trying scd diet, scd lifestyle way. With the intro diet then going through the phases. Has anyone had better luck doing it any certain way? Thanks for any advice!! I am so thankful I found this website!!

    1. I had to share!!! I had 2 very nice Bowel Movements today! And no Blood!!!! (Hvanet had any blood since starting the probiotics! (I actually think I started them about 4 days ago)

      1. That is absolutely WONDERFUL!!

        The very same thing happened to me when I started the probiotic…it was only a few days…

        Isn’t it just the best feeling ever??? Normal BMs…such a big deal for us, huh?!


    2. Hi Tara!

      Thank you so much for the kind words. You are so sweet.

      Boy, like you, the asacol really never did do much good for me either. It really only made me even worse. Asacol actually made the UC worse, symptom wise for me. More cramping, more bleeding, looser you know whats…lol…all of that.

      As to steroid suppositories, well, I have never taken those per se, but I have done the steroid enemas, which I imagine are pretty much the same sort of thing in that they both apply steroid directly to the colon. The steroid enemas did work to stop the bleeding, I suppose, but I have strong reactions to most meds, and they did not agree with me. I cannot take steroids in any form, orally or rectally, it seems. Both types make me crazy, edgy, and so awake I can’t sleep. That is not the case for everyone, however. I am just really sensitive to drugs.

      Now, to answer the colonoscopy question that I never want to answer…let’s just say…I am a ‘bad’ girl. Since I’ve been in remission, I have refused to have another colonoscopy (I’ve had five in my UC life of 16 years). Every time I get that procedure, all hell seems to break loose and it seems to start a flare or make it worse…I can’t be positive about that as the times that I have had them, I was usually already flaring. Nonetheless, I just do not want to chance it! I know…we should be screened for cancer because we have UC…but my last colonoscopy showed no polyps or problems other than the UC at all, even though it was at least 4 years ago now. If I were to have a colonoscopy, I am almost certain that I would have some inflammation and/or active UC simply because of what other people on this site have had happen to them while having a colonoscopy, even when in remission. Then, the GI tells you (us) that you (we) HAVE to take some sort of med because you (we) have active disease….forget it. I just can’t go back there again…

      I hear you about this website…I don’t know where I’d be without it either!!

      Takes care Tara,


      1. Bev, Thanks so much for the quick response! I hear what you mean about the colonoscopy irratating you. I actually like doing them because they clean me out, lol, but i am hoping that with adding new things like the probiotics, I will become more regular. I have one of those docs that doesnt believe that diet can help you. I already told him about cutting out tomato seeds and it helped and he was like “ehh. if that helps you” so he isnt very encouraging. I guess i am afraid to switch doctors. I dont like new, I like what I am used to.
        I was wondering, you have probably answered this question a hundred times, so sorry, but what time of the day do you take the astaxanthin? are you still taking that? and do you take the vitamin d with the l-glut? Would they be okay together? I have been taking vitamin d3 is that different then plain vit d?
        I may have many more questions.. they have been adding up…lol. hope you dont mind.
        Im not sure how long I have had UC, as like with many others I am a previous smoker and I quit in july and started seeing blood a few months later. I refuse to start smoking again, as it was so hard for me to quit in the first place. I was so frustrated and angry when I found out that nicotine helped it. When you think you are doing something “good” for your body then find out theres something else. ugh anyways, sorry so long, just venting.

        1. I take the astaxanthin with regular vitamin D, with my lunch. Both of them are much better absorbed with fats, so it is best to take them after or while you are eating something with fat in it.

          I also was a long time smoker (20 years) and had NO sign of UC until after I quit. Like you, I will never smoke again…it WAS too hard to quit! Not sure which is ‘worse’ for our health, but I’ll take a wild guess that it’s smoking…

          Vent your brains out!! I do…lol!

          1. Bev, When I was first diagnosed, I wanted to start smoking again to hide the problem of UC. I didnt even start to look anything up for awhile because I was in total denial that this was happening to me. After the new year I started looking up UC, and let me tell you(I’m sure you kow this) It’s so scary just looking it up at first, and what it is and what it means, and surgery! ugh! I am a paranoid hypacondriac(sorry about spelling) already and I have anxiety so I am sure that doesnt help. I literally found this site and Adams story and it made me feel a lot better almost instantly!
            I kept seeing your name popping up! I def agree with people that you should be a spokeswoman for the Thanks for letting me vent. I sent Adam my pic and story, I’m not sure how long it takes for him to post it though.

          2. Really happy you found this site Tara!

            It has ‘saved’ me too. I do not want to lose my colon either, and will do anything that I can naturally do, to keep it….


    3. Hey Tara-
      Great news on feeling better! I also have UC flares with some super, serious constipation. I found much success with probiotics, Vitamin D, l-glutamine (only a teaspoon for me as it tends to firm things up too much), digestive enzymes and fermented cod liver oil. But I never could get fully out of the 2 year flare until I got super, SERIOUS about my diet. I followed SCD to the letter and was able to figure out the foods that I was reacting to- once I eliminated them I found true REMISSION. No meds, no pain, no constipation, no inflammation and it is joyous to have a BM every morning like clockwork.
      All the best- I am rooting for you!

      1. Allison, Thanks for the response! Congrats! I hope to get my BMs regular soon! I really want to be med free! When you started the scd diet, did you do the phases? like the intro diet then the phase 1 phase 2? or did you just jump right in?

        1. Tara- The only med I ever took was sulfasalazine for a hot second and a few stints with prednisone. I have been med free for about a year now. I definitely recommend doing the intro diet and each stage as prescribed. This was something I skipped when I first tried SCD and never could figure out my food triggers. Once I started from the beginning I quickly felt better! There are so many recipe ideas online for each stage and it is all spelled out for you. I actually just ate a batch of the stage I grape jello for dessert. Yummers. I was a previous weekend smoker and it helped keep UC at bay- but I definitely had constipation since I was a teenager.
          But now I am REGULAR and I seriously do a dance in the bathroom every morning after a BM.
          Just go one day at a time and you will see progress. Health is right around the corner. Hang in there!

          1. Allison, When did you stop your meds? or ween off them? was it after starting the diet? Have you had a colonoscopy since doing the diet? I havent heard much of people starting the diet and saying they had a recent one proving their feeling of improvement was shown in the doctors eyes. I mean like i said I am a new UC’er so I am still learning so much! I have been taking the probiotics and feel better everyday, but I do want to try to heal my colon if possible, and maybe later in life live a normal life again. I’m sure thats what everyone wants.
            I thought the grape gelatin was in the intro diet? whats an example website you use? I have been looking at
            I have been wondering, can you eat the chicken from the chicken broth during intro diet? everywhere i look it says to eat the chicken broth but I wasnt sure about the chicken itself.
            Also, How did you know a food was a trigger? what were your symptoms? thanks for the advice! It definetly makes me feel better!

        2. Tara- I would advise you to read Breaking the Vicious Cycle if have not. And definitely order Adam’s eBook if you have not.
          Try website for all the Intro & various Stages recipes.
          And yes the grape/apple cider jello is on the intro diet but I still eat it because gelatin is a good healing agent and I really, really like dessert. I did NOT eat the chicken meat on the intro diet but froze it and saved it to make chicken salad once I was in Stage I. Also, I make goat yogurt every week for my probiotics bc I cant have any dairy and the supplements were getting too costly for me.
          Basically, SCD allows you to create a safe zone of foods that you most likely won’t be reacting to and then you can SLOWLY reintroduce things a few days at a time. You will know right away by bloating, blood, constipation, skin rash etc. And if you react you just go back to those safe foods. It can be a little boring in the beginning but makes you appreciate every new flavor for sure!
          Personally I get sores and weird things in my mouth immediately after I have eaten something that triggers my immune system (sadly chocolate, some nuts, dairy), but everyone is different. I think SCD will let you figure out your own profile.
          I was still in on course of prednisone when I first started but quickly tapered off of it because I wanted to really know what the diet was doing for me. BUT ALWAYS CHECK WITH UR DOC.
          I posted all the foods I COULD eat on my fridge so that I didn’t keep obsessing about what I couldn’t have. It does require a lot of research, patience and energy to plan and cook but I love how I eat now. I am thankful for this diet because it is healing me… truly.
          In hindsight, it required a lot more energy to just worry and not trust food for many years. With that said, I was rather stubborn about committing to SCD for a long time. Silly me!
          And after 6 months of absence, I was able to successfully reintroduce coffee. A true delight!
          Good luck on your healing journey-
          email me if you have any other questions.

  40. I’m using a specific probiotic that has 14 stams and 20 billion bacterias. And feeling great!
    Innate flora 20-14 ultra strength
    – bifidobacterium longum (present in the human gastrointestinal tract)
    – lactobacillus acidophilus (occurs naturally in the human and animal gastrointestinal tract and mouth)
    – bifidobacterium infantis (B.lactis) (relieve including diarrhea and constipation) (
    – lactobacillus lactis (production of buttermilk and cheese)
    – lactobacillus acidophilus DDS-1 (The DDS-1 strain of L. acidophilus has been shown by Dr. Shahani and others to naturally produce lactase, reduce serum cholesterol and suppress H. pylori (a bacteria known to be the principal cause of stomach ulcers))
    – lactobacillus reuteri (colonizing the intestines of healthy animals)
    – lactobacillus salivarius (probiotic potential has not yet been exploited)
    – streptococcus thermophilus (production of yogurt)
    – lactobacillus plantarum (commonly found in many fermented food products as well as anaerobic plant)
    – lactobacillus brevis (fermented foods and as normal microbiota)
    – bifidobacterium bifidum (occur naturally in the gut flora)
    – lactobacillus bulgaricus (for the production of yogurt)
    – lactobacillus casei (human preventing Clostridium difficile)
    – lactobacillus rhamnosus (avidity for human intestinal mucosal cells, and produces lactic acid.)

  41. Hey all that haven’t seen my new post…Remission Potion! I hope that this will go to people’s emails and knew one of Bev’s or Graham’s posts would get to many(got Graham’s the other day)…but anyway…wanted to let you know I hopefully found a product with a hopefully perfect mixture of l glutamine and other healing amino acids. It’s called intestinal restore by DesBio and you have to get it from a health practitioner.
    Hope this get to you all.
    Best, Shelly

  42. Had lots of stomach issues and digestive problems and found that not all supplements are produced the same and therefore can have different results. Had to try a few different L-Glutamines before finding one that was excellent and helped heal rather than cause more problems, it is fermented so it is a tricky thing making, It took years to find some of the best supplements that work for the ultra sensitive with great consistent results.

    L-Glutamine (Ecological Formulas)
    Ultra Micro Plex Probiotic Powder (American Biologics – Human strains by Dr. Shahani
    Cape Aloe Powder (Zooscape brand – put in caps. tastes terrible)
    Ascorbyl Palmitate Powder (Source Naturals – non acidic Vitamin C)
    Dandelion Root (Ecclectic Institute – Liver cleanse – good for skin too)
    EFA Oils (Borage, Evening Primrose & Flax Seed Oils – Barleans brand)
    Garlic / Parsley caps. (Solray)
    Non Fat Yogurt doused with extra probiotics daily( if dairy intolerant put lots of microplex probiotic powder in itt and mix up, you should have no problem then and it causes the friendly bacteria to proliferate – Like these brands Mountain High, Pavels, Karuna, Siggi’s Filmjolk all unsweetened unflavored and 0% fat – these work best this way)
    George’s Alole Juice (Tastes like water and works best don’t waste money on other brands they just mess up the stomach with the preservative used too acidic)
    Juice fresh GREENS daily dilute with water and mix probiotic powder and ascorbyl palmitat in it in blender after, it will coat the stomach with greens better than if you don’t add the powders and get great results, wakes up the digestion and can be a meal replacement, great weight loss.

    Limit meat and if necessary puree cooked vegetables, lots of soups and salads.

    Follow this and get good results, good luck beautiful people!

    Nutritionist & Healer

    Some people just have a naturally born weakness when it comes to their stomach and digestion unfortunately so it can be a life time of addressing it on a specially designed diet and supplements.

  43. Hello,
    I would also like to try Endragil 500 for my UC because the study done in Germany proved successful. It says above that it would be available from 2012 but there is very limited info on the web about it. I am in the UK. Can anyone tell me if it’s available here? Many thanks.

    1. Hi Mathew,

      I am not sure what you meant if I had heard anything about? Sorry…

      This post is so old…lol. Could you be a bit more specific?

      Also, I am not aware of Endragil 500…what is it?

      Cheers :)

      1. Hi Bev, thanks for your reply.

        I was referring to your post above where you wrote:

        “That Endragil 500 should already BE available, because the article said 2012. I went into the supplement store this morning, and let the clerk read the article (I printed it off the computer). She is going to do a bit more research…sometimes things are available in the US, but not here in Canada until much later. They did have the phosphatidyl choline, though, but it was not a slow release, like the article recommends.

        I’m going to keep looking for this product, or something just like it.


        Here’s the link:

        So I was just wondering if you’d managed to find it anywhere? I would also be keen to try it, based on Dr Stremmel’s successful study of it in Germany in 2004, in which he got excellent results with UC patients. It was supposed to have gone on the market in 2012, but I’ve heard nothing further on it.

        Hope you’re well.

        Many thanks,

    1. No…I am so sorry…it was so long ago and I have been in remission and I don’t think that I ever looked for it.

      I don’t even remember saying that I was going to…lol

  44. Hey all fellow UC’ers especially Bev!
    Just wanted to let you know that, VSL #3, for those than can access it, is offering amazing discounts. (I mentioned it to Graham a while ago…hope you are feeling better, Graham). I was able to get my Rx for FREE! Just wanted all to know. (I have been using this product I get no kickbacks or anything…1 of few actually studied)

    Best of health to all! Shelly


    Are you among the hundreds of VSL#3 users who have taken advantage of the VSL#3 Patient Savings Program? With your doctor’s recommendation and a script for VSL#3 (regular packets or VSL#3 DS), you save up to $80 each month! Get all the info here:

  45. Hi Shelly,

    Thank you again, I will ask my doctor for this when I next contact her. So you are doing well?

    Spinal cord lesions gone from MRI and energy better. Still got the parasites and some doubt of their species. Good sample lost/incorrectly labelled by docs office so now ordered own microscope to identify! Starting to acknowledge conspiracy theories. Acquired Albendozole from outside UK though won’t take until confirmed ID, them drugs can mess you up.

    1. Hi Graham…sorry to hear of all your misadventures. They just posted something on .SCDLIFESTYLE about parasites and other info. I’m not sure if you have followed any of their stuff? You can access a lot of their info for free now on their site and faceboook.
      Hang in there Graham.
      Best, Shelly

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