How to Report Medication Side Effects to the Authorities

Adam Scheuer, founder of

Adam Scheuer, founder of

Reporting side effects is dang friggin simple.  You can do it all online in most countries too.

I want to let you know how to do it effectively so we can all benefit from the local authorities and drug companies keeping track of this.

Surprisingly drug companies and doctors don’t often let us know how to do this, but don’t worry, I’m going to tell you in this post.  (Feel free to share this with anybody else you know who takes any type of medication, the procedure for reporting side effects is the same, not just for UC medications:)

So…let me ask..  “Do you believe you have experienced a side effect or an “adverse reaction” to a medication you have taken for your UC???” (like I said – or for any other reason for that matter…)

Well, if your answer is yes, and there is a good chance your answer is yes…, please report the problem via the websites listed below.

This is very important because a huge percentage of ulcerative colitis related side effects go un-reported, and that means that NOBODY will ever know about what you have dealt with.

AND, this also means that nothing will be done in the medical world to help doctors, drug manufacturers and other patients learn more about the side effects you lived with.  So do us all a favor and report the side effects.

Drug companies are legally required to report any side effects that patients report to them to the national authorities, but you can cut right to the chase and use the links below to contact the national authorities yourselves.

When I say the national authorities, I’m talking about the following: FDA in the USA, European Medicines Agency in Europe…etc…)

Here are the links to Get Started:

USA – FDA Side Effect Reporting Form:  CLICK HERE to Report Side Effect

United Kingdom – Yellow Card Reporting Site: CLICK HERE to Report Side Effect

EUROPEAN List of national websites (in local languages) where patients can go to report side effects of ulcerative colitis medications, please visit this website:

Canada – Health Canada has its own side effect reporting site: CLICK HERE CANADIANS!

Australia – Department of Health Reporting site: CLICK HERE

New Zealand – National MEDSAFE site: CLICK HERE

ALSO, please feel free to review the medications review pages listed here: click here

Thanks for reading today, and I wish you the best with your UC,



(in all fairness, I’m sure there are many doctors who also do go and report side effects, or adverse reactions as they are reported to them by their patients, but at the same time, there is absolutely no way that all are reported…come on…doctors are super busy these days…they barely have time to speak with their patients…so again, take matters into your own hands and report your side effects directly on your own!)

11 thoughts on “How to Report Medication Side Effects to the Authorities”

  1. Awesome Adam! It is so important since we/patients are often brushed off and Dr.’s don’t like to “blame” the meds! I let my Dr.’s (Gastro/PCP)know, called the company and reported to FDA! That would be the last little warnings they give in this extra long ads(which you know I find their length directly proportional to their potential danger/toxicity!) ..that they say very quickly, usually around the cancer, heart, liver warnings and just before the potential Death warning!
    So PLEASE ALL… is up to US to report the side effects to help inform others of the True Cost/Benefit and making informed decisions before taking meds!
    WAY TO GO ADAM! :-) Thanks and best of health to all, Shelly

    1. Holy Crappers,
      I will get that website figured out today…(hopefully in the next few minutes and get that posted…) MY Big mistake for not thinking of that prior.:(

      Thanks for pointing it out:))!

  2. You always have such great information on this site, Adam. I have UC and am always reading all your posts as well as those of others dealing with this curse!! Just got put on Lialda along with the Canasa I’ve been on for six years now since the disease progressed further up the colon (discovered in my recent colonoscopy). Waiting to see if any side effects of new med. Am also tapering off 60mg Predisone that I’ve been on for six weeks now and have had the usual side effects of that to deal with (ugh)!! Good to know there is a place to report the side effects. Thank you for this forum, your passion to help others, and all these other people who share their stories and information that answer so many of our questions and concerns relating to this disease. Lois

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