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How to Make a Vitamin E Enema

Alright first get an enema syringe like this one: Enema Link

This one seems big so the smaller the better. Or you can get an ear syringe. I asked for an enema syringe for kids at my pharmacy and they gave me something like the first one but smaller. Then get a bottle of natural vitamin E that has d-alpha tocopherols and mixed tocopherols (I personally use Solgar) and distilled water (water for injection will do). You don’t really need the distilled water so if you can’t find it that’s ok.

Then get a small cup, empty the contents of 10 capsules if they are 400IU or the equivalent of vitamin E capsules (they may be from 200IU each to 1.000IU or perhaps more), about 1 tbsp of distilled water, put the solution into the enema syringe and you’re ready to go!

You might have more gas from the enemas but don’t worry it will pass once you stop them and they will not get in the way of your colitis treatment. Always do the enema after you have a bowel movement so your bowels are as clean as possible. It took others a week or more to see results, while it took me only 3 days. Probably depends on how heavily you’re bleeding. One woman said when she had let it get really bad (she had had a relapse because she didn’t do it for 3 months only a couple of weeks) it didn’t help her anymore. I had blood and diarrhea but not very severe at that time so it took me less time.

Also, I started eating lots of vegetables like the man that had first written about the treatment had said. I cut down all sweets for a month, only a banana a day and mainly vegetables for food. After the first month I could eat almost everything. You may want to try and see what works best for you. You might not feel comfortable for a few days if you weren’t eating any vegetables to suddenly start eating them but after a few days it will pass.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

(Most definitely talk to your physician before beginning the use of enemas.  Marine is obviously having great success with this, and that’s fantastic, but please please please make SURE to consult with your healthcare provider for advice. This is here to provide you with ideas on what is working for someone who has UC.  THANKS FOR WRITTING THIS MARINE!!

Marine was kind enough to write this as a reply to a question someone posted on her original enema post, thanks for that question too Kevin!)

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  1. How long should you leave these in for. Is it best to use at bedtime and eliminate it upon rising in the morning? Or should it only be left in for a few minutes?

  2. also… do you re-use the enima/syringe? if so, how do you gl about cleaning it? I would think it would be costly to by a new one and use it every day.

    1. Marine

      Hey Anna,

      You don’t eliminate it. You can’t even if you want to. The quantity is small. It will go in and it will stay for some time. Some of it may come out next time you have a bowel movement.

      What you do with the syringe is you squeeze it enough to make sure most liquid is out, clean the tip with a piece of cotton with pure spirit on it and store it somewhere safe like a plastic bag. Since it has oil in it, it’s difficult to clean but according to the original author you don’t clean the inside. I didn’t either. at the end of the day it’s you who uses it and UC is not a virus or something so you think that you’re putting it back in you every time. If you want you can change it once a month or once a week. I think they’re like $4-$5.

  3. I was thinking of trying to just take the vitamin E orally first and seeing if that had any results (since the pills are so expensive and you have to use so many of them a day for the enima). I looked up the brand you suggested, and though it says on the package that it does not contain soy, the ingredients say that it contains soybean oil… isn’t that illegal on the SCD?

  4. Marine

    Dear L,

    To be honest that was not a concern for me so I did not even notice that part. I just needed it to be natural and to contain mixed tocopherols, which it did. You can see how the other brands are.

    Yes they are expensive but I think it’s worth it. Also, with my recent flare up caused by iron pills (my doctor did not warn me the kind of damage iron pills can have on the intestines), I realised that drinking a selenium pill a day is just as important as doing the enema.

    Also, try and see in case the 1000IU pills are of a similar price. If they are, you will only need 4 a day.

    Good luck!

  5. Marine


    I recently had a flare up because my doctor told me to take iron pills and didn’t tell me to be careful with the dosage, brands etc. So the pharmacist (also being ignorant), gave me the highest dose. The next day I was running to the bathroom. In only 3 days,it almost fully destroyed all the hard work. No food had had such an effect on me. Probably even alcohol would not do so much damage. BE CAREFUL WITH IRON PILLS!!!!

    But I learned something even more important. VITAMIN E ENEMAS ON THEIR OWN ARE NOT 100% EFFECTIVE. YOU MUST DRINK 1-2 PILLS OF SELENIUM (200MCG) until the flare up symptoms go away, you have normal bowel movement, and no visible blood.

    1. Hi Marine,

      Did you manage to get to a good level again with the enema’s?
      I tried your selenium pills advice without yet doing the enema’s, own their own the seem to give some benefit to me towards less pain etc etc.
      Hope you are still reading this thread

  6. Marine

    Hey Momfer and Geoff,

    Sorry hadn’t gotten a notification that a question was posted. Yes Selenium seems to be very effective in stopping the blood. And after more research and trial it seems that L-glutamine 500mg between 3-9 capsules (depending on individual needs) is very good at stopping diarrhea. When I had the flare up after iron pills it was REALLY bad.In just three days I went from normal bowel movements and no visible blood to almost only blood and uncontrollable diarrhea which I had not had before even when I was really bad at the time of being diagnosed. At first I used only vitamin E enema for a week. It was much better, went to only one bowel movement per day but still some blood and diarrhea. Then I took selenium and the blood stopped and the diarrhea lessened. With l-glutamine everything was back as it used to be.

    So suppose you can if you’re not in a very bad state take just selenium and perhaps L-glutamine and be fine.

    I assume a complete recovery will take about 6 months. And by complete recovery I mean no occult blood in the stool.

    As well as that, after tons of research (I don’t seem to get tired of it), I accidentally discovered something called AC-11 (sold by Solgar). Apparently, in chemotherapy patients, it decreases damage done to tissues and organs by chemotherapy up to 90%. I bought it and just started drinking. It’s not very cheap but I don’t suppose you need more than a couple of bottles (each has 60 capsules). I also got slippery elm which is apparently amazing for the intestines (can’t tell much difference with any of them yet because I feel fine), bilberry extract, alfalfa and bromelain.I have ordered some other things but don’t recall what hehe. Will see when they get here. I want my occult blood test to be negative until summer and if I ever do a colonoscopy again, for it to show that my intestines are healthy like a healthy individual’s. I don’t think it is impossible. I think whatever we did to get our intestines to this state, we can undo.

    Good luck everyone and research, research, research! So much information available on the web:)

    P.S. Pay close attention to your nutrition. Food matters and if you put junk in, you will get junk out. Eat healthy, eat as many raw fruits and vegetables (peeled)as you can handle. Don’t listen when your doctor tells you “you take these pills and eat almost whatever you want”. That’s what mine said…

  7. Dear Marine,

    I am have technical problem with the vitamin E enema. I size of enema is so big that while administering the enema, allot of air gets pumped in with the vitamin E. The escaping air causes the vitamin to flow out leaving me with a minimal amount of the enema. how can this be avoided???


  8. Marine

    Hey Judy,

    well if you can’t find a smaller enema why don’t you try lying on your stomach for at least 15-30 minutes after the enema or put your legs higher up (say on a wall) so that it has time to absorb a little.

  9. Hi marine,

    I was diagnosed in 2008 with very minimal flare ups if any. But since July 2011 I have been having flare up once a month lasting a week. I take lialda everyday and rowasa during the flares. I want to try the vitamin e enemas. but not sure how it works. wheres the website or link to find the instructions? Is this something I do only during flare up or everyday? Also I found a sight where a man used the themas and took the pills?

  10. To avoid air getting pumped, I use a plastic 60cc syringe. Its end is blunted so it doesn’t hurt. Absolutely 100% liquid, no air. It’s reusable and not that expensive neither.

  11. Hi Marine, don’t know if you still respond to this thread but I really hope you do :) I’ve been in desperate search for a successful treatment for my UC. I just tapered off prednisone (40mg) and am currently on sulfazaline. I’ve also started the scd diet about a month ago. Since starting the diet, I haven’t felt any better. I’ve been strictly on the diet but I have introduced some advanced foods early because the bland stuff just wasn’t doing it for me. I figured if the food was ‘legal’ it wouldn’t hurt me in the long run. Anyways, I found the vitamin e enemas solution and I tried it last night. This morning, I didn’t have the severe pain that usually accompanies my uncontrollable D, so I am hopeful today. I really am looking forward for this working cause I have tried EVERYTHING and I can’t seem to get it under control. I see that there’s a vegetable diet along with the ememas that is suggested but I can seem to find it. Can you please let me know what kind of diet needs to be followed? Also, do you do the ememas everytime you have a bowel movement, cause it would seem like a lot of vitamin e. I would appreciate any info. N sorry for this long comment, this is the first time I seek help online and am alittle desperate. Thanks!

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