How Long Will You Bleed When You Have Ulcerative Colitis

The UC disease is one which makes its sufferers ask all kinds of questions.  This is one that most everyone asks themselves from time to time.  How long will the bleeding go on for with UC?  It’s a great question.  A few weeks ago I received an email from a newly diagnosed ulcerative colitis patient asking me these exact words.  I replied that I would someday write a post trying to answer his question.

Let me start off with making it clear, I am in no ways a doctor, and this post like most others is based off my experiences and opinions regarding the ulcerative colitis disease.  I’ve been diagnosed now for about 18 months, and have a family history of IBD.

Bleeding is one of the most common symptoms in ulcerative colitis patients.  For me, it went on for years before I was pushed into the urgent care center in my local town(by my wife) to get my problem fixed.  I had no idea what the bleeding was from.  But one thing that was for sure, the bleeding had been around for quite some time, and it was acting like it was here to stay.  So, as you already guessed, the doctors recommended a colonoscopy to look inside, and I was diagnosed with UC right away.  And like many of you, I was diagnosed with severe ulcerative colitis at the time.

So everyone’s personal bleeding with ulcerative colitis might be very different.  Probably no two of us have the exact same bleeding scenarios with our UC disease.  But, it is possible for the bleeding to STOP, and that’s what is important.

One thing that is for sure, just because you might be bleeding for months and months, or even years and years, doesn’t mean that you are a lost cause.  I don’t count my life as a loss, and I was bleeding for years.  And if you are a lucky UC patient, you might just start bleeding for a few days or weeks or months, and then get your disease resolved, lucky you for sure if that’s you.

Can the Bleeding Stop?

The answer is yes.  For sure yes.  Bleeding from active colitis can 100% for sure stop.  It does not always just go on forever and ever.  No way!

This is where there is no cut and dry answer.  No doctor out there can prescribe a single medication and tell you 100% that your bleeding will stop in 3 days, or 2 weeks.  Everyone is different.  That is for sure true.  In my own theory, there has to be an amount of time for the insides of our digestive system to heal themselves to the point where there are no more open cuts bleeding into our gut.  Depending on how severe someone is, I feel is a factor in the healing process.  For me, I eventually came out of a very inflamed and severely bloody looking colon, all the way to a colon that was no longer bleeding at all and working pretty darn good.  That process from being at it’s worse to working great again was about 20-30 days, and I was able to see positive gains almost from one day to the next.  Of course there were a couple of days where things went backwards, but not by much.

If you can do one thing when you are feeling bad symptoms, just imagine your colon and what it looks like inside.  And then imagine it being totally inflamed and bleeding like crazy.  And then finally imagine that there is a really, REALLY, REALLLLY good chance that it can someday be working properly once again.  It’s truly amazing to be feeling so bad, and then a few weeks later to be feeling well again.  And to then know that there is no more bleeding with your colon, and it remembered how to work properly afterall.  Even after you were starting to think it totally forgot how to operate as a colon.

Finally, if anyone has their own opinions on how to answer the question of how long you bleed when you have UC, please share them.  You can email and it can be added as a new post, or you can leave a comment below.  Thanks either way.  Adam

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  1. My bf is in the hospitial right now and has been bleeding like crazy. They are starting steroid therapy. I really needed to read something positive. Thank you and best wishes for you and your health!

  2. Hey Teri,

    So sorry to hear about your BF. You can tell him that I (and many others) literally feel his pain!!! I had been bleeding non-stop… and then my Doc put me on CrAzy high doses of Vitamin D, and I started seeing results in 4 days. It kept tapering down after that, slowly, but… I saw results 4 days after Vitamin D.

    I’m about 5’7″ and weigh 120 lbs. My Doc had me on 100,000 IU of Vitamin D per day for a week (25,000 IU 3x per day). The week after that, I went down to 50,000 IU per day… and then 20,000 IU. I am still at 20,000 IU per day and he’s going to keep me at that level for a couple of months.

    My Doc decided on the Vitamin D after reading a study in the BMJ (British Medical Journal). The article is about a study of Vitamin D and inflammation.
    It says that a 175 lb. person can take up to 160,000 IU of Vitamin D per day for a week when sick (or bleeding)…

    Sending positive thoughts and vibes to both of you!!!
    Hang in there! Hugs!

    1. Hey Polly,

      First of all thanks for sharing your sollution with bleeding. It’s now completing 1 year and a half that i’ve been diagnosed with UC and before that, I was bleeding for months nonstop. Since I was diagnosed, my doctor kinda saves me and destroys me at the same time with crazy doses of steroids (wich i already took 3 long periods of time). The thing is besides it’s colateral effects, wich makes me feel terrible and not only phisically speaking, I really want to feel like I will never take steroids again as well as I will beat this desease by understanding it and taking good care of my colon and digestive system. It’s making now 6 months that i’ve stoped my last steroid therapy and i’m starting to bleed again, and feelling awfull cramps again. Do you think your sollution of vitamin D could work with me? Could you tell me wich one you bought to take? Is it natural? Or is it a pharmacy product? I’m from Portugal, so probably i won’t find the same you take, but i can try to find some similar product and try to carefully deal with this, once i’m determined to stop steroids for good. They make me feel like sh**, trully… And for that I already have UC, wich is more than enough… =P

      Once again thank you so much! I’ll whait on your answer, even though your small post is here for one year already.
      best regards and hope you’re doing fine =)


    2. Wow that’s awesome! I’m going to see what my GI says Tuesday cause it’s getting kind of scary bleeding so much. I know there isn’t a fix it now med so I’m trying to just stay positive. Thanks and good luck to all of us with this stupid disease.

  3. I was diagnosed a few months ago and it all started with just really severe pains in my back and abdominal area..I notice bleeding once during that whole period before being diagnosed, which was about a year..the past week I have been going to the bathroom like 4-6 times a day and noticed blood when wiping a couple of times and like once there was blood that came friend at church was hospitalized because she kept bleeding when using the bathroom and came close to bleeding out and dying..but she had severe bleeding, so my advise would be if you’re bleeding a lot, go to a doctor or the hospital to get it checked out. Anyways, I like the post and btw..God can heal!

  4. Can I have advice on what to feed my husband while he’s bleeding. He is taking a asacol but we’re going to talk to the gastrointestinal Dr about switching. The asacol was prescribed by a regular doc. My husband is still at the beginning stages of getting things situated with docs & meds. Anyway the past few days he’s been having bad abdominal pain & as he calls it “specks here & there of blood in the stool” but today the blood was ALOT. As in it scared me, he doesn’t appear worried. But that much blood scared the daylights outta me. We’re waiting on a call from the doc right now. But I really want advice. Should he be going to the ER? What can I feed him to help heal all this bleeding?

  5. Hi Tina,
    I have had UC for years and tried everything.when I was first diagnose,my doctor put me on asacol and the bleeding never subsided it just took control of my system to make go more frequently.I believe asacol is a form of aspirin that gets digested in the colon to keep the inflamation at bay so if you take it all the time it should keep it there but it almost impossible for me to keep up that regiment and for me it did not solve the problem.I have found that Cortifoam,(a foam enema) which is simply hydoscortisone acetate (read up on it),using it after every movement stops the bleeding in its tracks faster than anything I have come across.UC in its simplest form is simply a bleeding wound that needs to heal.He needs to avoid fruits sugar dairy wheat coffee and red meat entirely while bleeding…lots of bran flakes (2-3 times per day) rice baked potatoes fish and chicken baked vegetables only Vitamin and Mineral suppliments.Absolutely not 1 drop of alcohol ever….if you have UC….alcohol just brings the bleeding up like a faucet.He must learn that he can never drink again if he has this condition….It never goes away…you just have to put it into a state where the bleeding has gone and keep it there. If you can do that then you will become a normal person again but you have to understand that this condition is part of you and not try to take advantage of it by thinking you can eat anything and party,because it will come back 100% if you do.Good Luck.

  6. Tina,
    Also the good thing I found about the foam is it is going directly to the affected area and travels up the area on its own by natural contractions.All pills need to go through you system and your organs to get to the affected area and this is to time consuming on anyone’s system. especially when it is the last point of contact in your body.

  7. I bled for a long time (few years) then went back to smoking.. it stopped. I quit smoking and then after about 8 months bleeding started again.. im on about a year now of bleeding. Although I am not a doctor, there is a difference between bleeding and bleeding out. If you have UC and you are bleeding, you will see red water. Drops of blood. Wet looking blood on toilet paper. That’s liveable If you are bleeding bad, you will see ALOT of blood. That is bad and you should be in the ER. The old saying for doctors is, unless its running down their leg and filling up their shoe, its not a lot of blood. Don’t fret unless the blood is pouring out. Mostly it will be mixed with mucus, stool etc.. it will be watery. Its really no more blood than you would lose on a regular day and your body does recover creating blood fairly quickly. The problem is that you shouldn’t be bleeding and stopping it may require a few different trial an errors. Honestly, I have done treatments for new drugs that have made things worse and others that make things better — Only way to find out is to try .

  8. I`m 27 suffering from UC since 14 yrs. I don`t smoke, nor drink, nor do i have a genetic history of UC. After several wrong prescriptions and medications, docs were able to diagnose and I finally settled on Pentasa tablets and enemas. I use pentasa enemas only when I bleed which is very effective and it stops bleeding in 2-3 days. Avoid chocolates and spicy foods.

    1. Paradise,

      Thanks for sharing what’s working for you and the bleeding! I definitely agree 100% about the chocolate, that’s never been a good thing for me either. (Dang though, cause I used to love chowing on M&M’s peanuts!!)

    2. Hi I was ten when I started bleeding but mine wasn’t a slow start it was a lot of blood this was in 1986 by the way doctors had no clue they tried everything I went through ever test known to man and everyone of those test came back with more questions then answers. They ended up starting me on a sulfur drug I think it was slufasalin and that didn’t really work then they put me on steroids now those where working a little so then they did a daily steroid flush ( it’s a better word ) I had over twenty colonoscopies and many upper and lower gi’s with imaging and a transfusion that went on for four years the pain was intense and no relief was ever given but when I turned fifteen they wanted to do a colostomy bag well as u can guess I said no I was 15 lol but it was my choice so they didn’t do it but I did suffer but am glad to say it went into remission because my awesome doctor increased the steroids and the bleeding finally stopped and I started living my normal but it never goes away you just eat right and try not to get cancer and always check your thyroid because somehow it’s linked I lost mine in 2008 and now I have lymphoma along with melanoma but I’m a fighter and will get over everything each case is different no one person is the same so everyone has to be treated differently and that’s the problem they treat us like we are on an a assembly line so my advice is tell them all your thoughts and symptoms never take anything that gives you the side effects before it helps because the side effects are hurting you more than they think and skin rashes are serious so always go to the doctor when you have an unknown rash it’s linked . Be a fighter and don’t let anyone tell you bad news without a solution and if they don’t give you one get a new doctor because it’s the doctor that will help you win .

  9. I’ve had UC for 6 years and I have noticed pretty consistently that I go into remission for about 4 months,gain weight then full flare up for a few months and lose weight. I got on a clean eating diet and that helped with the horrendous stomach pain but now out of nowhere the bleeding started again. Sometimes I feel like I can’t eat anything without it causing a flare up. Cutting out wheat, dairy, alcohol, and high fiber foods have helped. Good luck everyone

  10. I was just diagnosed with UC. I presented to the ER with bad rectal bleeding and thought I was dying! I have had frequent loose stools with lots of mucous and cramps but no blood. I am scared, don’t know what to eat and afraid to use the bathroom. I feel like all the good food I used to eat is a thing of the past. I am still in a state of shock too. Your site is comforting to read and gives me hope. Thank you

    1. Hi Deb, and thanks for joining the site. Here’s a video i made a few years ago with some details about what I do for eating when symptoms are appearing or flare type of stuff is beginning:

      There’s lots and lots of colitis stories here on the site (about 2500 now actually) so please do some reading, and some reading of the comments after each story to get some more ideas from others as well.

      wishing you and all the other UC’ers the best with getting through tuff times,

  11. Thanks Adam for the video. It helped! I will be going to Mayo Clinic on 9/4/152015 to see a GI Dr. Hpefully will get some answers. In the mean time I have been reading all the comments and suggestions from the great UCers/Crohn’s people on your web site. Makes me feel not so alone. But everyone is unique in their experience w/ the disease. The medication section was very helpful too. Thanks for the wonderful website and support you give us!!

    1. Thx Deb,
      and best of luck with the Mayo Clinic. Definitely don’t you ever feel alone, I know its hard sometimes but here are many many many UC’ers all over he world:)

      Take are,

  12. I’ve been diagnosed with UC a few years ago I’m to the point anymore that I just don’t know what to do I’ve been bleeding for about a year and a half off and on was hospitalised 7 times I feel like I’m at the end of my rope trouble sleeping can’t eat anything really need to find out what can help this bleeding stopped I’m on Humera with no luck and now they want to add another drug with it the side effects are so bad that I’m really scared to do it does anyone have any ideas to help me to get this bleeding under control

    1. Hi Char,

      I would recommend looking at the doctor reviews page listed here:

      If you like your current doctor, that is great. If not, maybe there is one on that list who is somewhat close to where you live that you can see.

      If you want some ideas with regards to food and diet, I have used diet successfully for nearly six years now to control my UC symptoms. I have a short video that explains some of the foods that have helped me out. That video is on this page:

      I hope that between these two ideas, you have something to give a try,


  13. I had been bleeding for 5 yrs since the age of 13 and went to the doctors 2 years ago. After avoiding the colonoscopy for two years because of the embarrasment i ended up bleeding so much it was 24 hours a day and i was having to take time off work and college. 1 month ago i went to the doctor had the colonoscopy and was told i had uc which is pretty scary in itself but then after reading some of the stories online it really hit me. I am 18 and avoiding telling family until i have seem the specialist in two weels time. What i want to know is, is there a cure and if so what is it and also i have tried everything to stop the bleeding but nothing works. I have started smoking to see if that helped but nothing haha. I have hid the pain but many a time it has brought a tear to my eye as the cramps can feel like they go on for days. I have even tried not eating as i thought this would stop me having a bowel movement which would mean no blood, but i was wrong this just meant there was just blood coming out. After i have eaten i am having to use the loo within a half hour and this means i can not eat at work or college so up to 13 hours without food and it is really affecting my social life. Advice or any helpful tips would be greatly appreciated.


  14. Hello Adam and Merry Christmas to you! I have a question. I had my first flare late last month and was put back on Pentasa 500mg 4 pills twice daily. Was doing fine. I know stress is not good for colitis and I have had severe anxiety for the past few days which I might add am getting help for. Anyway, I’ve noticed my stomach hasn’t been feeling right and I’ve had to poop a little more often (it’s loose, no bleeding). Here’s my question, can my anxiety cause my meds to to stop working? This is all I’m thinking of!! Should I just try to relax? Any comments or advice would be lovely. Thank you.

  15. I’ve had UC since i was 15years old. I’m now 27yrs old. When I was diagnosed (during my GCSEs) I was in a really bad state, so bad that during my colonoscopy when they diagnosed me, they had blood on standby as I was losing so much!! Not great! 12yrs down the line and all was well and good until about 4 months ago, i was going through a very stressful time at work and with my mum going into hospital (shes fine now) but i started to have a bleed again. I have been bleeding on and off for the last 4months, i would go for 5-6 days fine then it would start up again, which is very frustrating, i last saw my gastro doc in december and am going to see if a diet plan works, but for the moment my meds don’t seem to do alot. I find its not a constant bleed and its not as bad as it has been, but it is always going to play on my mind. Theres no point keeping it all bottled up though, and if anyone out there is concerned then it is always best to talk to someone. Wishing you all a happy new year and hope you all have a healthy 2016. Feel free to talk to me. I find it always helps.

  16. I’ve been dealing with this for 3 years now. I am 23 years old. Reading every bodies comments has really gave me some peace of mind. My symptoms include a lot of bleeding mixed with mucus. Very soft tearing stools. Gas and abdominal pain. In flare I can use the bathroom anywhere from 10 to 20 times a day. It’s exhausting. I’ve been terrified for a long time. I was in remission for about a year then I had a prescription issue so I missed 5 days of my medicine and I went into flare. It’s hard to determine what’s “normal” because let’s be honest it all seems like it’s a death sentence. It feels and looks so urgent and scary as if your doomed. That’s how I felt. But reading everyone’s comments all these symptoms and the severity of them is the “normal” for us. I was feeling so alone and scared but now I see I’m not alone and the symptoms are what they are. Best of luck to you all!

    1. I have recently had a colonoscopy to see how my colitis is, turns out that my colitis is healed for the time being and that my mild bleed was coming from proctitis, i now have suppositories and the bleed has now stopped so hopefully that will do the trick. if in doubt always speak to the people who know!

  17. My name is hameed..i am suffering for uc for 3 months..i had one steroid injection but it seems not good and still bleeding..then i went for a natural treatment honey and black cumin seed…it is every effective and my bleeding is stop for now for more than a month..hope this will help..thanx

    1. Hello hameed thank you for sharing this information. Would you be so kind to tell us exactly how did you use the honey and black cumin seed? Timings and doses? Thank you again.

  18. Hi All,
    I just wanted to thank Adam for setting up this website. As a possible newly diagnosed “UCer”, yours and others stories have helped me cope and understand all about the realities of UC. I appreciate the honesty and mature nature of the boards despite the sensitive nature of the topic at hand. During the last 2 months, I thought I was a dead man walking. Since partially-diagnosed 2 weeks ago, I am still petrified of the realities of the disease and still all the unknowns and possibilities (i.e. colostomy bag) as I need a follow up in 2 weeks’ time (if not earlier due to the symptoms and level of inflammation). At points over the last 2 weeks, there has been a lot of mental anguish over the unknowns but reading the boards has helped ease some of the concerns, although at times it’s hard to overcome the thoughts of how life-altering this disease can be for some.

    My Story/Questions:
    I am a 27 yo male. After taking an antibiotic (Clindamycin) 2 months ago for a small skin infection, I began to have severe watery diarrhea (between 10 to 50 times a day) – rarely with blood, severe abdominal cramps, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, undigested food going right through me, etc. After visits to my GP, hospitals and other clinics 18 times over a 5 week period, the doctors told me there was nothing they could do to help me and that I was having anxiety/overthinking everything despite the worsening symptoms.

    As a healthy guy prior to taking this medication, I felt mentally and physically debilitated day in and day out as I often found myself not able to sleep or being on the floor in pain. I was not able to work. After losing 20 pounds (130 down from 150) and being dehydrated and in emerg twice in 3 days due the diarrhea, 2 weeks ago, I finally got an emergency GI referral. A scan also showed bowel/stomach distention with possible ileus. The flexible sigmoidoscopy and biopsies taken during this procedure showed that my bowels were inflamed – possibly by either c-diff, ulcerative colitis and/or both. However, right now that is inconclusive as my colon/bowels are too inflamed for a confirmed diagnosis but is believed to be a combo between c-diff and ulcerative colitis. As such I am on vancomycin liquid for the possible c-diff (as I have negative and positive c-diff tests) and prednisone for the possible UC diagnosis. Currently, I am on week two (35 mg) of 8 of prednisone tapered down 5mg per week as I started on 40mg. I am also on a soluable fibre diet for the time being.

    After being released from the hospital after 6 days in isolation, the diarrhea has stopped. However, I still feel mentally and physically debilitated as I got to the washroom 2-4 times a day. These bowel movements are usually really soft and malformed (with lots of wiping – way more than normal – sometimes with black pepper-like specs or black small string like specs) – prior to getting sick I was going once a day to once every few days. Yesterday, I noticed a lot of mucus again in and on my stool. What was concerning was these light red blood spots on my stool. After my second bowel movement of the day I noticed dark red (maroon like) coloured blood in my stool which has been consistent since. However, the blood has almost looked clotted – very sticky lining and inside the stool (broke it up with a qtip). Based on your knowledge, is it common during the healing stages to have large amounts of mucus and small amounts of dark red coloured blood in stool? From the reading I have done on this blog, it seems like the blood (based on the colour) may be coming from father up the colon. As I did not have much blood in my stool prior to my hospitalization, I am concerned about what I am seeing despite trying to remain calm and telling myself this might be normal with UC.

    I was told by the drs at the hospital that it may be re-inflammation but they could not confirm anything and will have to submit another stool sample on Monday. I am calling my GI Monday to try and move up my follow up appointment as I am concerned about the blood and large amount of mucus in the stool.

    I still have some mild-severe cramping in my abdomen, with a lot of weakness and dizziness. However, lately I have noticed this numb, heavy and weird sensation feeling in my stomach (below my rib cage) that makes me feel nauseous. However, I am hoping this can be attributed to gas that may be associated to the inflammation. During a flare up, have you ever felt weird heavy and numb sensations (not cramping) in your abdomen during or after a flare up?

    Much Appreciated,


    1. What you going through must ve very difficult i wish you stregnth and wellness. Please get back to us and let us know your results and what’s really causing these horrible symptoms. I hope you find relief asap.

    2. Hi Paul,

      I hope your well now. I was wondering if you had any update as I was diagnosed with Pancolitis three weeks ago after suffering with severe symptoms for a month leading to the diagnosis. I went from a healthy person to very sick after taking antibiotics for an UTI infection.

      I couldn’t get out of bed with severe cramps, 20 bathroom trips a day. Very loose stools with bright red blood and mucus in every stool.

      After the NHS consistently told me nothing was wrong I ended up in A&E begging for help but was only given IV fluids for dehydration and turned away, I then went home and contacted a specialist myself who booked me in for an emergency CT scan the following day and a colonoscopy two days later which confirmed the diagnosis of severe Pancolitis.

      I was started on anti biotics and anti inflammatorys for a week then moved onto 40mg Prednasolne tapering down 5mg a week for 8 weeks along with 4 x 1200mg anti inflammatorys per day.

      I’m now in week 2 on the steroids and I get cramps at night with 4-5 movements through out the night. Very soft small pieces of stool which go to the bottom of the bowl and fluffy looking bright and dark blood, sometimes blood clots that float on the surface of the water with blood when I wipe. I’m eating low fiber foods cod, chicken, rice, cooked veg, white bread, poached eggs, smoked salmon.

      My symptoms are really similar to yours just wondering how you’ve been getting on?


      1. Hey Meggan,

        Sorry to hear that you have going through that. As some one who has lived it, I know it is not easy. Your symptoms sound awfully close to mine, especially when I was diagnosed in early April and given the 40mg (tapered by 5mg every week) for 8 weeks and vancomycin.

        After I posted this I shortly went back to the hospital because the blot clot/bloody loose stools were getting worse and the doctors wanted to keep an eye on me. I was in the hospital for 3-4 days. I was then given a full colonoscopy and more stool tests. The stools test still came back as positive for c-diff despite my doctor believing it was a false positive and that UC was my main diagnosis. The colonoscopy showed that the inflammation in my colon was going down and could not explain the blood except that my colon had been through a lot as it was not treated sooner (i.e. previous doctors and hospitals pushing it off as nothing after giving me IV, much like you were) I was put back on vanco (for a few weeks) and also prescribed asocol (anti-inflammatory) taking it 4 times a day. My doctor said it would take about 6 months for my colon to heal due the damage it sustained prior to getting proper treatment.

        After I was re-released I still had tons of cramping and pain. Was going to washroom up to 4 times a day (which was a huge improvement than before going 20+ times a day). However, the pains, cramps, feelings of weakness and bathroom issues took a huge toll on mentally. I did not feel comfortable leaving the house except for work. I was in a deep depression for the longest time and eventually decided to see a counselor which helped out a lot. I just did not feel like my normal self that I was for 27 years prior as I was pretty active and that lifestyle took a pretty big halt once i got diagnosed. It also greatly affected my relationship with my girlfriend as she did not see herself at 25 being with someone who was so sick. So that also affected me greatly that the condition also was affecting my personal life more than I wanted it to.

        As the months passed, I still noticed a lot of cramping and pains. However, after I finished the vanco and have continued (still currentlyon) the asocol I have noticed the blood go away. I have only noticed blood once since May. I still have the occasional issues in the bathroom but over have improved significantly. In june and august, there have also been issues with constipation during high periods of stress which my doctor said is another possible side effect of UC. I still had significant cramping pains until late sept/early oct. But since, they are very few and far between.My dr has suggested me taking other drugs (i.e humera, etc) but I have decided to stay the course and I think it has been working out for me.

        I would definitely say mentally and physically I have made huge strides. I still have my bad days mentally and physically due to the UC. But overall, it has improved greatly. I still wish I could go back to my old self, but I have begun to adjust to my new reality which consists of 1-2+ bowel movements a day. A few months ago (july-ish), I finally stopped the low fiber diet and started reintroducing old favourites. There are still some foods and beverages (i.e. chocolate milk for some reason) that my body doesnt adjust too and causes “issues”, but its the nature of the “business” i guess.

        It may take a while, but I am hopeful you are like me and in 6+ months you start to see some improvement. I just wish it was a once step fix all drug, but hopefully, over time you see some improvements. I just hope you do not feel too debilitated. I mean i could go on and on about my experience, but please do not hesitate to reply to this message if you have any more questions or just need someone to talk to that has been there. I know I needed it when I was first diagnosed. I mean that sincerely. Please let me.

        Best wishes Meggan


  19. I was diagnosed December 2012 with uc. Hospitalized 4 days. Went into remission. May of 2014 had another flare up. Treated with asclol. No problems. April small flare up. November 2016, my troubles began. I was in tx for a wedding and my uc started acting up. The next week I called to get appt with dr, the put me on antibodics and a low dose of steroids. Took for two weeks. I wasn’t improving at all. Call dr again, the want me to take another round of meds. I did. Still not getting better. Called dr off on a tues morning, asking for nurse to call me. Wednesday rolled around and I went to er. I realized I wasn’t urinating. Long story short, caterer and I went home. Said it was caused by my colon swollen pressing on bladder. Went back to er on Friday. Took Cathere out. While in er. Dr office finally called me back. Told them I had been waiting three or four days for them to call. There response was “was not marked urgent”. I was so up set. Anyway I called there office after New Years and was told no one would be in until next week. I asked why they didn’t tell me that two weeks ago. Anyways, I was able to connect with a different dr. Test were ran, colonoscopy was done. Said I had pancollitis. And had signs of disease colon. Stage 2. Put on steroids. It’s been almost three weeks, pain is mostly gone. Yes have. Gained weight, round face too. I can deal with the side effects, but the bleeding has not deterred. I go see dr on Monday afternoon to get all test results. It’s seems that everything I eat, gives me bloating and gas. Any suggestion on what foods to stay away from?

  20. Adam I just got news I have colitis is that different then uc? I don’t know how to reed my reports but I had a ct scan everything came out good but my question is long segment colitis the same as uc? I’m scared because I have lost wight bleeding in my stool constipation intestine craps or hurts I was reading on Colon cancer and it’s the same simptons I have but reading on colitis I has the same simtons of colitis as well so this is why I’m scared I don’t know what to believe on what I have I know I have had about four colinoscapys and all had polyps but always came out to be nagitive I have to see a doctor for another colinoscapy I do take pills cipofloxacin and took only one dose of buspirone for for my nerves could my pills be the problem? I’m a nervous reck please put all what I said together and tell me what you think. Thank you.

    1. Hi Tino, from what you have described, it does sound like UC symptoms to me. I’m surprised that a gastroenterologist doctor hasn’t given you more details. Please talk with your doctor about this next time you see them. Just knowing the actual diagnosis can somehow bring relief inside.

  21. Hi all I’m fairly new to this . I was diagnosed with proctitis last November after a sigmoidoscopy and prescribed asacol suppositories but at my follow up in April this year taken off them due to my biopsies being normal . After pestering my Dr due to bleeding on and off since then I had another sigmoidoscopy 2 weeks ago and told again I have proctitis and prescribed pentasa enemas . After 2 days of using them the bleeding stopped. I was told to use them for 14 days which I did . I ‘ve now finished the course but I’m worried about the bleeding returning . Is it possible that the inflammation has been healed in just 14 days ??

  22. I’ve had UC for over thirty years beginning I believe from excessive stress at work, and the first GI guy I saw prescribed high doses of Prednisone (60 mg per day) for over six months. It stopped the bleeding, but brought on Type 2 Diabetes that I am blessed with for life!. A subsequent GI guy took over my case, did annual colonoscopies, discovered a potential pre-cancerous condition called dysplasia and recommended surgical removal of about 10 inches of my colon. No fun there! Things settled down after he put me on four 1200 mg Lialda tablets a day. But in a few years he detected more dysplasia in a colonoscopy, and recommended another 10 inch colon surgery (our bodies only have about 36 inches of colon). Things settled down again, but would routinely flare up with much bleeding whenever I encountered high stress at work. I retired in 2006, but got bored so I started another consulting company which I enjoy and it gives me much pleasure. However, from time to time high stress including the recent Presidential Election fiasco, I would experience flare-ups and would put myself on 10 to 20 mg of Prednisone for a day of two to stop the bleeding and then get off as soon as possible. I’m 80 years old, and haven’t had a colonoscopy for five years (my last GI guy left his practice, but is still accessible), but I’m not looking forward to another diagnosis of dysplasia and surgery. I will probably get one this year to be sure. The Prednisone seems to work well and have no problems dealing with each flare-up that way. This is great website for sharing information, as even the best of doctors don’t have all the answers!

    1. Have you ever tried allimed? Made a huge difference in my condition. Greatly reduced the bleeding and pain associated with UC.

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