How is Life After the Colon Surgery Operation?


My name is Sherya, I am from India – Gujarat. I am 15 years of age. About 1.5 years a go my stomach was paining and I turned out that I am having UC.

My Colitis:

Hi , before 1.5 years back (Jan’10) my stomach was paining, and I told my mother. My mother took me to the doctor. Doctor gave me some antibacterial medicines. Even eating 5 days my pain was raising rather than decrease. Then after I was having blood with stool. So again we went to doctor and doctor checked me . Finally I was diagnosed with UC. I have suffered lot of pain last year. I was in SSC(10th) when my disease was diagnosed. I am from Bhavnagar, it is very small city. So my father and mother took me Baroda, where comparatively better doctors and surgery equipments are available.

We went to a doctor. They game me treatment for 10 days at hospital. The medicines are very costly and continuous I used to take medicines. Although my health was not recovered with betterment. I continuously suffered from bleeding and stomach pain. My joints and body are paining every time.

We at Bhavnagar, felt very sad.

This was my worst year in my life I thought.

In 1.5 years, for 3 months I felt a bit better, and with grace of God I could prepare for examination of SSS during this time. I taken exam in March-2011 and my papers were gone very fine. I took 85% in only 3 months exam preparation. But from the last few days I was suffering a lot from pain.

Finally, we recently we decided to do surgery.

But my mom and dad are worried as my age is 15 years only

and I will have trouble in future life, like caring of bags,

and other ladies related problem.

parents scared about kids surgery

Any one can help me to satisfy my mother and father telling that after operation problems can be reduced and bags can be removed after some months..

Please help replying about after operation patients situation


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3 thoughts on “How is Life After the Colon Surgery Operation?”

  1. Hi Shreya, I am from India too and i dont know if you have tried all the options before deciding on the surgery. You are very young and i honestly think you should wait, dont make hasty decisions. What medications are you taking. Did the doctor suggest surgery. You must take many more opinions from other doctors. Why dont you try the doctors from bigger cities like delhi or mumbai or even Hyderabad where i live. We have the Asian institute of gastroenterology. I think you must consult the doctors here.

  2. Hi Shreya, I don’t know if you’ve tried a lot of medicines and other options before this, and I suggest you do, but I am 18 and I have had my colon removed. I feel much better, and after a bit of adjustment, I am able to care for my ostomy and bag quite easily. It was a fairly easy decision for me to get the surgery after nearly three years of having ulcerative colitis and I hope that you find the right treatment for you.

  3. Hey Shreya. I would try all your options before you get your colon removed. I had mine taken a month ago, I’m really happy I did it cause I feel a lot better now. It sounds to me like your UC must be pretty bad if you’re trying to convince your parents to let you take out your colon. My Uc was bad also. I’m convinced that if I didn’t get it removed I would’ve eventually had to get it removed in an emergency situation, luckily I made the choice before my health deteriorated any more. I would try the medicine first, if you’ve done this and aren’t responding, then start thinking about surgery. It really should be your last option and I can see why your parents would’nt want this for you. If they’re worried about the bag, they should’nt be. Sure, it’s a lifestyle change, but wearing a bag is definately better than crapping your pants everyday! Good luck, let us know how you’re doing!


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