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How I Got Off Remicade With Powerful Herbs


I’m a painting/drawing major from the California College of Arts and Crafts who also does some photography. I grew up as a child of the military and lived overseas in Belgium during my teens. When I came back to states at 16 I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and had to take insulin. I was glad to find it was manageable and painless. After I graduated high school in California I decided to pursue art. After my second year in Art school I was diagnosed with UC. I started making paintings about the problems in my life including my two health issues and then paintings of my problems being resolved, to encourage the chances of the solutions actually taking place. This became my thesis for my painting show at school last year. At the same time I never stopped learning about nutrition and herbs. I hope to then pursue an MA in nutrition after I receive my bachelors in fine art.

My Symptoms:

I use the restroom 5-8 times a day with occasional anemia

My Story:

In the beginning of the second semester of my Sophomore year (January 09) at the art school, I spent two weeks in the hospital, being on a liquid diet the first week. I was diagnosed with UC and was on prednisone for two years, then finally got switched to Remicade afterwards. The first year the pred worked and I didn’t have to alter my diet. The second year I thought I was going to die and almost dropped out of school.
The highlight of my second year with UC was I went to an art show and met a lady who told me her daughter has UC and she went on a gluten free diet, which reduced her symptoms. The gluten free diet at first sounded really extreme and I refused to believe it was the central cause of my health issues. It was around this time I discovered where I would watch all Adam’s videos. This actually helped me get started with the gluten, wheat free diet (thanks Adam!) I was able to to replace gluten/wheat/rice etc. with potatoes and corn tortillas while eating more meat, fruits, and vegetables. I also drank a lot cranberry juice (still do) and ate diary foods with good probiotics in them. This was step 1 and had cut my symptoms in half enough to where I was able to continue school!

The summer after that I was finally put on remicade I visited my best friend and my aunt in Colorado for a month. Unfortunately I was low on insulin during my last week in Colorado. I researched herbs that can help me maintain blood sugar. I found American Ginseng, Fenugreek tea, and Dandelion root tea to be the most promising, however it helped my UC more than my diabetes, by preventing my flare ups from becoming too severe. This was step 2, Herbalism.
Not long afterwards I picked up a Herbalism book at my art school library.
I discovered He Shou Wu also known as FO-TI. It was the only herb in the entire book that claimed evidence of correcting auto-immune diseases, but famous in China for preventing/reversing gray hair. At the same time I found that Psyllium herb clears the colon by turning into a mucus consistancy when combined with water. I was very skeptical of these two herbs and didn’t give them a try until my insurance shut down temperarily beginning of this summer (2012). This meant no remicade.
This leads to Step 3: trust in the plants, the natural treatments of nature. I’ve been taking 2-3 he shou wu capsules every morning from, and 2-3 psyllium husk caps before bed while on the gluten free diet, drinking gynostemma or fenugreek tea whenever, plenty of cranberry juice or grapefruit juice, and 2 turmeric capsules anytime if I feel I need an extra boost. (Turmeric is 1# arthritis treatment, and the most anti-inflammatory herb known) That is my natural treatment and haven’t had remicade in 4 months. This treatment also allows me to have 1 moderate gluten/wheat serving few times a week.

Don’t underestimate the power of nutrition and herbalism.

The End

Where I’d like to be in 1 year:

Studying nutrition to help diabetics and people with any form of IBD, while still making art.

Colitis Medications:

As I’ve mentioned:

2-3 he shou wu capsules in the morning (from dragon herbs)
2-3 psyllium husk caps in the night
2 turmeric capsules whenever for extra boost

1-2 cups of fenugreek tea and/or
1-2 cups of gynostemma tea

cranberry, and/or white grapefruit, or aloe vera
(cranberry juice and almond butter prevents anemia)
vanilla coconut milk

to invest in your health
no flare ups ever!
no accidents
5-8 bowel movements with no pain or anxiety

written by Angelica

submitted in the colitis venting area

12 thoughts on “How I Got Off Remicade With Powerful Herbs”

  1. Hi Angelica. Thank you for sharing your story. My doctor is encouraging me to go on Remicade and I have been refusing. I am a believer in herbalism and homeopathic treatment. I plan on ordering He Shou Wu. Thank you again.


  2. well,m happy i finaly found pple who understands uc n what i went through, right now i gt flareup n siting n writing ds mail on m bloody pot:-))i jus visted m doc it gts serious since saterday nite now its monday i kp myself hydrated wt salt n suger mix water.d amazing part is dat m mum whom i lost in 2010 cm in m dream on fri n toldme to visit m doc n idid jus dat n bfor i could meet m doc i usualy try diffrent thgs by myself n visit him ten days after flareup but since sunday its only blood wt mucus i pray dat il not hv to tk remicade again m 34 now but since i hv uc since 16 yrs old n flareup evry two or three yrs cant really save money n hv to bank on m dad n in india u cant trust any insuarance n thy dont usualy provide to pple who has disease.n where i cm fr dats in d eastern part of india manipur pple r ignorant about uc n gosh!whn i was in icu bk in 2008 pple talk about me having hiv or internal bleeding due to hvy drinking n i party alot in mumbai so. .blahblah conservative…phew i drink red wine or baileys like once or twice a year…m i writing too long?!overwhlem to find ds sites

  3. opps i wrote m problem n m feelings n what i went through in comment. ..!well angelica here turmeric n pomagranat r also very common anti try d other tea herbs n gluten free u mention m drinking lemongrass as of now

  4. After being on prednisone and other many drugs the last 3 1/2 months, I to am trying a natural alternative as well. Tumeric is amazing. After 3 days, feeling very balanced in the belly. I have remicade in my drawer but have not taken it, and hope not too. I am taking fish oil caps, probiotics, bromelain and drinking aloe vera juice. Also take multi vit every day. I have cut gluten and sugar. I already ate very healthy, so other than my bread and chocolate, not too many radical changes. I feel good. I am managing. I am terrified of some of the side effects of biologics and other meds. I hate that my docs think pills are the only option. Acupuncture has helped as well. I love that you took control and researched and are managing your health. I hope others will try as well. I hope you have many years of health and happiness.

  5. loved reading your story and am glad you are getting things under control. i had 5 remicade infusions but once they became ineffective, my doctor wanted to double the dose. i didn’t want to get into the habit of doubling and tripling and all that until i was so drugged up that i couldn’t think. i decided to get off of it and am now doing the paleo diet. my bm’s have gone down to 5-7 a day but i still have a lot of pain with them. i am going to add astaxanthin to my supplement plan of probiotics, l-glutamine, and vit D. hoping this will put me in remission!

    keep up the remission!

  6. Thank you for this. I’ve been on Remicaid for one full year now. With my insurance not covering treatment I am in need of finding alternative methods of control. I’ve not gone gf though, with a house with children gf gets even more pricey and picky eaters make life challenging.
    I will try some of the capsules and teas, and cross my fingers.
    Thanks again!

  7. Hi to all just to confirm the best and most efficacious way of taking termaric isnot capsule form but the ground termaric powder which can be added to foods as well as liquids and combined with fresh ginger root or ground +spoonful of organic active honey added to boiling water is a wonderful healing drink which helps with inflammation. Worth a try for me to stay as natural as possible is much healthier than invading one’s body with toxic medication. Be kind to yourself our bodies can heal with gentle stimulation. Mother nature is a divine gift.
    Good luck to all

  8. Thanks for the share Angelica and others. My child has US and has been on Remicade for four months. I would like to take him off as soon as possible. We have been Paleo for years but he never stopped gluten containing foods while he was out until 2 months ago. He is already on several supplements but I will add these teas and excited to dry the He Shou Wu! Thanks again!

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