How hardcore?

Well guys it looks like the diet works for me as today I had my first proper bowel movement with not one trace of blood and mucus. I didn’t need the loo at all yesterday and only once so far today. I just find it amazing that in a week a diet did what usually takes months for medication to do. Unbelievable! I will let you in on a little secret though. I didn’t stick with the full week diet when having a flare up I got bored and decided to try a smoothie and make banana muffins. The smoothie was AWESOME! banana,strawberries,grapes,honey and oj(nfc). Now going to be my daily treat. As for the banana muffins? think I need a bit of practise on them didnt really go as planned. But overall none affected me so Im going ahead with more recipes from the diet now!

I am full on head first into now and there is no going back,well except to try potatoes when i feel comfortable (cannot help it i’m Irish) and maybe if i am really, really comfortable dark chocolate. But it wont be for a long time. I am sticking with being hardcore for now. And wowie did I have myself one heck of a challenge yesterday! Our family had a get together at our house yesterday so it was party food galore! What made it worse was I had to help with most of it starting with sandwiches. There was chicken salad, egg salad and ham sandwiches in white and brown bread. They looked amazing. Then there was strawberry buns,chocolate buns and lemon buns (cupcakes) and biscuits. Then I had a mind battle over the fact that I was making rice krispie buns…” oh jen you have melted chocolate all over your fingers you must lick it off” “no I won’t” “But it smells so good” “no no NO!” It was tough then to make it worse my cousin arrived with not one but TWO of my favourite cakes, chocolate fudge cake and strawberries and cream cake. Sooo nearly caved in but again i just kept thinking of the end results. That those yummy looking cakes made the  end results look nothing like yummy! So I battled on serving all these goodies to family and poured out wine and spirits. Smiling away! Funnily enough nobody noticed I didnt eat or drink a single thing as they were so busy munching away themselves. So by 3am i was pooped and ready for bed. When I woke up this morning I realised for the first time that I did not have to lep out of bed and leg it to the loo. But I relaxed patted myself for being so good after last night and treated myself to a glass of orange juice(nfc) and scd bacon and eggs! It was goooood! Followed by my first proper toilet adventure. Good day all round! So how hardcore am i? VERY!

Jen -1

UC – 0

2 thoughts on “How hardcore?”

  1. Hi Jen!
    Great work on sticking to the diet. I have noticed too that after saying a polite “No thank you” people tend to leave you alone and not even notice that you aren’t eating. It certainly does pay off as you noticed by feeling good the next morning. All too easy to indulge one night and pay for it the next day..

  2. That’s great Jen!
    My favourite at the moment for breakfast is banana pancake (just 1 very ripe banana mashed and 1 egg beaten in) fry in a little butter like a pancake , flip over and then I add fruit either in or on and drizzled with a little honey, YUMMY! Next time you have a party , try making your own carrot cake or muffins, just don’t tell anyone and see how fast they go . A good recipe book I’ve found really useful is Raman Prasad ‘Recipes for the Specific Carbohydrate Diet’.
    I too cannot believe the results I’ve had after only 4 weeks on the SCD diet, still not doing the yoghurt thing yet, but take ‘nature’s biotics’ from
    It’s truly great, I said to Adam, everybody should be on this – we should run a ‘Cut the Crap’ campaign!
    Carol :-)

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