How Are Your Logs?

me, earlier this morning

me, earlier this morning

Ladies and Gentlemen,

How are you doing this Sunday?

I don’t usually come home from an extended weekend trip and make up a smoothie, take the clothes out of the suitcase(actually…big thx to Misa for doing this tonight(and most nights:)), put on some comfortable clothes and get on the computer ripping out a story on here, BUT I’d like to share this story with you right away, because I think some of you will enjoy it.

And maybe it will even give some of you IDEAS on how to manage your colitis.

So let’s begin.

I’ll give a tiny bit of background, some brief introductions into the different characters who were part of my weekend trip, and then MAYBE, or should I say hopefully, the rest of the story will form a semi coherent point or maybe even TIP/ADVICE on how I manage my UC when on …”VACATION..”

OK, the characters:

  • Me/Adam (you can read my official “About” page here)…but don’t do that…I’m just another guy with UC, diagnosed back in Octubre of 2008, and living now for the 2nd or 3rd time in Prague, Czech Republic where my wife comes from.  I don’t take any medications for my UC, but I do cook certain foods when home, and stay away from certain foods when on the road.
  • Misa (you can read about her in some of my original postings from several years ago…or in my ebooks)  She is from Prague, and we lived about 7 years back in California, now, were are back in her home turf.  She’s been with me before I was diagnosed, during, and for about 8 years now since.  And yes, she’s heard me bomb some super nasty farts or whatever you want to call them, and seen me thru several O flares, and done all sorts of other things when I’ve been healthy, which has been the overwhelming majority of the time
  • Mirkka (a friend I met here in Prague 2 years back, we sat next to eachother in Czech class. She’s from Finland, and a super great person.  She’s known about my UC for a long time now, and we have gone on vacations together before.  Last time was in Northern Czech two winters ago…for my inagural cross country skiing test run…HINT HINT…if you go with a Scandinavian on your first try doing nordic(cross country skiing)…be prepared to get BLOWN OUT OF THE WATER:))
  • Pavel (known him for just about as long as Mirkka..they are boyfriend/girlfriend), he’s from Czech, and as well a great guy.  Like Mirkka, I let them both know about my UC very early one.  It probably came up the first time we were at a bar and he wondered…”why aren’t you drinking beer?”  (I don’t drink beer, has to do with the whole NO GRAINS deal…)

Alright…enough with character intros.

The Logging Begins

This weekend, we drove from Prague down to a town called Kvilda which is in the Sumava Mountains of the Czech Republic.  It is about a 2 hour drive from the capital where we live.

On the way, we decided to stop at a semi-small town called Vimperk.  Pavel had done a bit of research, and they had a Pivovar(brewery) that we thought would be a good place to stop and get lunch to break up the trip.

Here’s a picture of us in Vimperk in their square which is more like a rectangle:

Me in front, then in the back...goes Czech, Finn, Czech (prior to lunch)

Me in front, then in the back…goes Czech, Finn, Czech (prior to lunch)

OK, so, we did a short walk through town, saw some old stone wall that was something like 800 years old which maybe helped the old castle stay out of harms way, then we searched for the Pivovar.

The search lasted just a few minutes as the town is quite small, but when we got to the door, it was clear that they only served a VERY FEW items.

  • Beer
  • Cheese
  • Fried Cheese
  • and that’s about it…

Right away, I knew there was NOTHING there for me.


Well, I don’t drink beer (and I was going to be driving shortly thereafter…zero tolerance in CZ BTW)

Also, cheese for lunch…NO way.  This wasn’t really a big deal for the others, they were looking for some other food as well, so we stumbled into one of the only other restaurants in town, I think it was called Marco Pizzeria.  This worked fine.  I had some chicken breast, with a chicken ceasar salat “bez kroutony” which means without croutons.  Worked fine.

This story so far…yes I know, not too interesting.  Maybe some cool pictures, but it will get better.

Let’s forget about Saturday, it rained on and off all day, was snowing in the afternoon, but a wet nasty east coast snow.

We did some small hikes, saw some wolves near Modrava, some deer (jelen they call them out here) and some other animals…and had some meals.

But let’s roll into SUNDAY FUNtabulousDAY.

Today was a BLUEBIRD Day.  Sun was shining right out of the gate this morning.  Snow on the ground from the day before.

Yes, it was the making of a stellar hike to the Pramen of the Vltava river.  This is a river which is about 100 meters wide in Prague, maybe more.  And we were going to walk the 5 miles to the spring where it starts, and walk the same distance back.  And we did. It was an excellent hike.  We started off at 10:00 in the morning, after a nice breakfast.  Here is a picture of that:

me and Misa hiting dinner at the ONLY bakery open in this small village on Sunday (or any other day of the week)

me and Misa hiting breakfast at the ONLY bakery open in this small village today (or any other day of the week)

OK, in case you can’t read my writing in the arrows…

I had 3 fried eggs.  Not a typical Czech breakfast, czechs are way into breads, pastries, that type of crap in the morning.  Me…NO.  Misa..Yes….how do we solve this….easy…

She goes to the pastry counter (look at picture below), and I ask if they can make me 3 fried eggs…simple…deal.  Yes, the eggs cost about 3 dollars.  And her pastries(plural folks..) cost about a buck fifty…but still not bad, and stomach is happy.

Why no pastries for me?  Cause I stay away from all grains AS MUCH AS I CAN, which is darn near all the time, and 100% of the time when cooking at home.  I think that stuff causes my UC symptoms to get active, and well…you know we don’t like that.

Is that bread next to me?  Yes it is.  The czechs eat bread.  ALL THE TIME.  The old granny who made my eggs brought those two “roliky” out to me assuming I was going to dive in…NOPE…they might still be sitting on that table 12 hours later…but I doubt it…some big beer drinking czech guy probably gobbled them down hours ago…

Is that a coffee in front of me???  YEs it is.  OK OK, do as I say, not as I do.  I can’t deny, I love coffee.  And I am in one of the phases of my life where I’m drinking it daily.  2-3 cups per day on weekends, and 1-2 cups per day on weekdays.  Never with sugar or milk, ALWAYS with some honey, like today:)  My recommendation to anybody who has active UC symptoms….stay AWAY from coffee.  If I had active symptoms, I would be drinking water in this picture, or ginger tea. (Dangers..just clicked on the ginger tea link there…and there’s is a smooookin nice picture of Misa on that post…just saying yo, read that later though…more below….I’m trying to get to the point of this story…)

I took this picture while waiting for my eggs this morning...Misa is off to the other side of the bakery in search of her next pastry victim...

I took this picture while waiting for my eggs this morning…Misa is off to the other side of the bakery in search of her next pastry victim…

After breakfast, we returned to our pension room(hotelish room) and packed up, got our stuff in the car, and with our friends started our hike.

Here is us on the way out to the spring, maybe the first 30 minutes of our eventual 3 hour hike today in just about freezing weather, but it was SUNNY:)


it was sunny, maybe the trees are blocking it a bit..but trust me there! this was last nights snow on the ground too

We got up to the “pramen” or spring.  Chowed an apple, mine was a bit mushy…not crunchy, so I chucked it, Misa got the good one, gave me a few bites…and we headed back to town.

Like some of you, we started talking about where the heck to eat.

We had been in Kvilda for about two days at this point, seen ALL the three or four options, and had some ideas.

Mirkka and Pavel were usually 50 meters ahead of us on the trail just about the whole time, and one time when we were close to getting back from our 3 hour hike they mentioned to us one of the restaurants in Kvilda they wanted to go to.

And it sounded great.  We actually were there for dinner on Friday night, and it was decent enough.  I had roasted wild boar which was tasty.  I wasn’t able to get the Cesnicka (or Galic Soup) because they were all out, but that was fine.  I think they even had a chicken fillet which would work fine for me too.  And Pavel wanted to get Svickova, which is a traditional Czech dish.  It comes with dumplings, and a thick sauce, and some cranberries usually.  Its really good.  I used to eat it about 9 years ago before my UC, but haven’t had it since because of the flour they add…

Anyways, we walked into the restaurant, sat down at a table, and within about 4-5 minutes the single waitress gave us menus to look at.  Now bear in mind, Czech table service is way different than it is in some other countries where I have lived.  Compared to the United States, it can often be pretty awful.  Czech people are used to it, and whatever, you get used to it.

But, we were HUNGRY.

We had just hiked 3 hours in the fidgigin COLD.

And Pavel wanted his Svickova.

But wait, we wait for 4-5 minutes, the waitress brought our menus, left us to wait another 10 minutes, then came back to take our order.  (Now, to her credit, the 5 table restaurant was full, we got the last table, and there were czech moms, beer drinking dads, and young kids who were sledding on the 2-3 cm of snow all over the place.  Probably all headed back to Prague like we were…except we happened to get in after all of them.

OK, waitress comes back to the table, asks for our orders, and Pavel starts off with his Svickova.  Here’s a picture of that so you can see what he was hoping for:

I’m not sure what Mirkka ordered, or Misa, but it was time for me.

I told her I wanted the same thing I had the other night…the wild boar…

“NeMame” she said.  That means, we DON’T have it…

Ok, as sometimes is the case, some of the items on the menu are SOLD OUT…or just not possible that particular day for various reasons.

So I went on to my backup, which was a burger without the bun “bez houska” (czech for without the bun).

“Nemame”  (You know what that means).

I went on to my third thing….same answer:


OK OK.  Now I was getting a bit pissed off.

“Co Mate?” (What do you have??  I asked the waitress in a peeved out American accent I’m sure)

She went on to explain that about 90% of the menu they DID NOT HAVE….

And right after Misa explained to the waitress, Mirkka and Pavel that:

“They Don’t have anything Adam Can have..”  (I’m pretty sure the waitress didn’t understand that since it was in English).

But, that was the moment I was about to hear something that was semi amazing to me…

Please consider this…

We ALL were hungry.

Pavel was talking about his damn Svickova all weekend long, and they did have this on the menu and available…

Mirkka was hungry as hell, Misa too…heck I think they all were getting Svickova…

But without any hesitation, Mirkka said:

“Let’s get out of here, and find something somewhere else where Adam can find something to eat”


Wow, I think I even said:

“NO NO, get whatever you want, let’s stay here, i’ll get something somewhere else..”

But she wasn’t having that.  Neither was Pavel.

We all ordered garlic soup (Cesnicka), mine was without croutons, and we left in search of more food.

It was pretty cool.

My UC fully dictated this strange search for our Sunday lunch.

To make this a tad bit more amazing, this was the only restaurant open in town, we walked by the other two about 15 minutes before, and they were both closed as it was Sunday afternoon.

So there’s my story.  Maybe this was boring for you.  Maybe not.

But I am really happy to have friends who understand how important it is for me to stay in line with my “strange diet” and more than that, friends who are willing to be inconvenienced and willing to roll with the daily struggles of finding food with my “limited diet”:))  yikes,…ok, its not that bad ya’ll.  But you get the idea I hope.

Of course, I could have never told them about my disease, told my wife never to tell them, and ordered some damn svickova just like them today and chowed the heck out of it (because it is GOOD), and life wouldn’t be that much different.  But instead, I made it home, drove most of the drive back to Prague, and now…I think its time to send a log down the sewage pipes.

this was me on the way back from the spring...about 30 minutes before the first restaurant incident

this was me on the way back from the spring…about 30 minutes before the first restaurant incident

Have a great week my friends!

For sure tell your friends about your UC and all the weird ins and outs of how you manage it.

It will make your life easier. :)

Best to You!,





***And…we ended up getting in the car, driving to Modrava, Cz about 8km away, and having late lunch at the Hotel Madr…nice place…and I had a burger with no bun, and also a chicken cesar salad bez kroutony…and a ginger tea with honey….to byl super! (it was good)



20 thoughts on “How Are Your Logs?”

    1. hi Bev,
      I”m happy you enjoyed, and thank yoU:)

      There was a not so awesome Adam moment, when I let a few 4 letter strings fly on the way out the first restaurant aimed at the waitress…along the lines of “what the friggggers did you let us sit down with your menus to read without telling us just about everything was OUT>>>::)))))”

      but we don’t need to be putting all details in the story now Bev do we..:) thx again Bev, great to see you, and enjoy your Sunday…you still have several hours…its time for bed out here:), Adam

      1. Oh, Adam, for sure you said some colorful words after that ordeal! Who wouldn’t? I bet I am worse than you in that department. Lol. I get damned ‘hangry’ when I’m hungry.

        Yes, its mid afternoon here. Not even supper time yet.

        Night night…sleep tight

    2. Those are true friends! i have been to Prague, beautiful city! Food, well, wasn’t the best, but the architecture, stunning. So glad you didn’t give up your search for the right food!

      1. Thx Suzanne, glad you enjoyed the city out here. Holiday markets are just starting up this week, so some nice picture taking happening once again this year.

        Best to you,

    3. I am turning 59 soon and I was diagnosed 25 years ago. It has been a challenge & I totally understand what u have gone through. My husband is also very understanding and he tries his best to find places that can accomodate my carb free diet. It is though but doable.
      I am cooking most of the time and my UC doctor wants me to start a web site with all the menus and send it to him so he can share with other patients. I have told him about ur website too. Thank you for all that u do. I enjoy ur informative articles a lot
      More power to you,

      1. I loved your story Adam and you have some great friends. ‘Old’ Europe definitely has a different concept about food and service. I experienced a similar thing in Germany when we had to rush off of our boat tour to find a restaurant because they were all going to close in 15 min – tourists be damned! I had the gall to ask for a coffee after my meal! (Coffee time is apparently only in the a.m. and in the afternoon. Never after supper!

        Anyways, your story gave me a good laugh and brought back some pleasant memories – BTW I think we westerners can learn a lot from ‘Old’ Europe.

        So glad you’re “living” with UC and even helping me feel hopeful ~ I also think you’re one of the lucky ones who doesn’t actually need beer to enjoy their life!

        Thanks for the smile Adam and continued good health to you!

        1. What up Heidi,

          Thanks for your comment. Yes, I agree, there is much to learn from the “east”…or former East Block…or whatever/wherever you want to call some of these lands. For me, right now, its home, so I’ll stick with that.

          With regards to the beer, (nebo pivo pro cesky lidi), yeah, I am smack in the middle of beer country. With the Czech Republic being the country that has the highest beer consumption per capita in the world year in and year out. So needless to say, there is always beer being had with whomever I eat with, whether that be during work lunches, or just about any other time(sometimes I’ve seen my wife sipping beer at 10am…not uncommon at all out here. But yes, I have been fine without beer for 8 plus years now.(For sure some Czechs think that is the thing that will make me all better…haha:)

          Thx again,

      2. Hey Adam…great share, great friends and family support!
        I never eat out…easier and my family and friends know just enough to not pester me! That’s good enough for me! I still find that most people don’t want to know too much.
        Looks like a beautiful adventure.
        Happy and healthy! (And happy Thanksgiving from over here!)
        Best, Shelly

        1. What up to Shellyyyyyyy!,
          Great to hear from you, and hoping the Maine life is treating you well. (Was up there in your hood back in August for a young old man’s 65th…was super weather the “whole” week:)

          Happy Turkey bird day to you, actually hitting that up at my wife’s co-workers apartment tonight..a Canadian/Americano couple and us…will be fun. best to YOU,

      3. I want to share an amazing summit running right with Dr Tom O’Bryan titled the Betrayal Series: the Autoimmune Disease solution they’re not telling you. This is a very informative series with a wealth of information. My son was very sick and was said to have UC, he has been seeing a functional medical doctor who has been a godsend. He is in Spain on exchange and is having no problems, I strongly believe our food, GMOs has a lot to do with what is happening to people. Watch this series and pass it forward. With what we have been through and what a dear friends daughter is going through, our medical system is failing us. Adam thank you for such an amazing site.

      4. Adam–Great story! I am thankful for my husband and kids that put up with my weird diet. I recently invested in a cooler backpack to take on our trips. I load it full of peanut butter, nuts, apples, etc. and I always have a back up now.

        I am an American living in Europe now, and I was recently in Prague (loved it). We plan to return. I’d love some tips on eating out there. We cooked eggs in our AirBnB, and I had “my” food from the grocery store for lunch. Our only meals out were dinner. Most went pretty well but it is definitely stressful to find a restaurant that will work with my no-grain, no sugar, no lactose diet when you don’t speak the language.

        Thanks for keeping it real! I enjoy your stories.

        Kind regards,


      5. I love your story Adam! My 18 year old son was diagnosed with UC this past July and we have been up front with family and friends with his “limited diet too and they have been amazing with it! We have had such awesome understanding and thoughtfulness and support! Even his buddies have been great with it! I think when you have this you have to be up front with the people around you!Thank you so much for your newsletter and funny spins on UC we love reading your posts and your smoothie recipes! You have helped my son and our family so much! Thank you again!!

      6. I’m with you on this. I’ve told my friends and their flexibility has often made it so that I don’t stress about trying to go out with a group. They know what I can/can’t tolerate and are happy to work around that. Glad you are out, about and enjoying life!

      7. This is great, thanks for sharing. I’ve been using this site since being diagnosed, and it has changed the entire course of how I’m handling UC – I’m forever grateful (Bev’s probiotic – one of many examples). I’ll continue to use the site and share it.

        A question for Adam and those who are using natural treatments to stay in remission –

        How often are you doing colonoscopies to screen for colon cancer? Or how often do you expect it will be?

        Thank you!

      8. Great story Adam. I don’t travel, but my grandfather passed away in Oct. and with the help of the internet was able to find places to eat even though the motel had breakfast it was nothing I could eat.

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