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I’ve been trying another sort of diet thing the past couple of weeks.  I have tried every diet possible and none have ever worked for me… but lately I’ve been eating really bland, boring foods… think soups, chicken sandwiches, turkey sandwiches, pasta… basically anything that is soft and easy to digest.  So far it’s kind of worked, and I’m feeling a little better!! Now having that boring of a diet for extended periods of time isn’t something I want to do, but when I’m having a bad flare, maybe there IS hope for me. :)

on a second note, I think the company you keep can make a difference in how you feel and how your UC responds to you.  Being around positive, uplifting people can help make your mood and your attitude better – and attitude can be everything.  believe me, when you take away the foods and the medicines… and you’re sitting in the bathroom doubled over in pain all by yourself… you realize all that’s left is yourself and your attitude.  so if possible, cleanse your life of those that bring you down and always keep a smile on your face… UC isn’t the end. :)

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