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My name is Krasimir and I am 37 years old.  I was diagnosed with UC 3 years ago.  I travel a lot mainly at sea and have 2 lovely daughters to take care of.

My Symptoms:

Bloody stools and 2-3 visits to WC per day

My Story:

Since January 2012 I have started SCD and I quit slowly all medicines except “Mesalazine” which I am receiving 3 g per day. When I started the SCD I was in remission due to the Prednisolon. I was on SCD for 6 months and I was feeling OK first time normal stools and once per day and no blood. At the 6 month I had some sloght blood coming and I was horrified because before after the blood coming as first symptom of UC for one or two days the intensity was increasing upto 10 times per day and the blood was a lot this time continuing following SCD I was not having any cramps the stools were a bit of loosen but with 2 times to WC that was not a problem,the only problem was the blood which even a few but it was not fading away. After 2 months like that I went for yearly Colonoscopy and the doctor said UC in moderate stage/ second degree on endoscopy scale / , after the colonoscopy the situation got worse I start visiting the WC more often and the blood increased , I agree with the doctor and start Prednisolon again 30 mg per day. What I can conclude and kindly asking for your experience is that only with SCD I am not able to stop the blood. I think that I failed on SCD because I start going to restaurants and allowing myself cashew nuts with not known origin and preparation, I think that I am sensitive to bananas and dairy products as well, I wonder is SCD youghurt is must to keep proper SCD or if can not tollerate it must avoid.

About doctors I have already 3 of them and all are born from one mother.

No one has even said that know about SCD which is obviously helping a lot of people which the same doctors failed.  My family start eating more or less the same things as me and now I dream to come back to original SCD with the bakery and pancakes of almond flower as now I am keeping some basic foods which I have seen I am OK – fish,beef,chicken, carrot.
I am most concerned about the blood which I was not able to stop only with SCD and even after 1 week on prednisolon is not fully going away.

Where I’d like to be in 1 year:

In my home eating SCD and enjoying a life with no blood and cramps.

Colitis Medications:

For the best are working prednisolon but with the side effects they are not
very pleasant partner as had a lot of muscle cramps and pain in the joints.

written by Krasimir

submitted in the colitis venting area

3 thoughts on “Hope For Better Tomorrow”

  1. Krasimir,

    You’ve got some really great SCD questions. As you are probably guessing, SCD and the experiences people have with it to treat colitis is in every single case unique, much like the rest of life. But we can learn from others none the less.

    As for SCD and yogurt, most SCD followers will tell you that it is a major part of their diet, or at least a big part… But not with everyone. I stopped making the yogurt about 1 year ago, and have had great success without it. If you are finding that its not something you can tolerate, you’re not alone and its not a requirement to get massive benefits that diet can offer. As for the cashew nuts…DAMN they are tasty aren’t they. Well, again, you might have a problem with them, or maybe not. It all depends, so I’d say tread lightly with them or cut them out until you are feeling much better. I myself pretty much only eat peanuts & peanut butter, but again, some other UC’ers can’t tolerate them. Trial and error, and re-trial and error again is key. Things change, gut flora changes, people change. I wish it was easier and there was a definitive rule book, but its not out yet.

    One other thing to think about for you and the rest of the UC’ers, Colonoscopies are notorious for exacerbating colitis symptoms. Its unfortunate but true. Too many people have written to me about their symptoms getting much worse after their butt probings for me to think otherwise. So if you experience/ed this, again, you’re not alone. I’m getting probed in 2 weeks and hoping that i don’t get set off from the anal violations.

    Second to lastly, don’t feel bad if you need to pull out the prednisolone white pills to help out with stubborn flares. I’ve done it before, and if it works and gets you back on your game, things could be much worse. I went 17 months medication free after starting SCD and was bummed out that I had to pull out the prednisone, but you know what, so be it. Life goes on.

    So finally, where’s the boat at? Do you need some crew?

    THanks for sharing and very much hoping you the best moving forward,

    Adam Scheuer

    1. Hi Adam, Thanks a lot for your friendly answer, I am happy that there is somebody with whom I can speak
      open and to meet his full understanding, I wonder how you manage to answer to all UC’s and carefully
      to read all of their stories, I wish you to continue to be so positive which is the real help to all of us.I my self hope that with my experience will be able to ease the symptoms of any of you.

      Luck on the colonoscopy and stay tuned.

  2. Hi Krasimir,

    Adam is the best, no?! He does help us all out, reads all of our stories, and talks to us like we matter. Great great guy. Lucky us, right?!

    Anyway, like Adam said, whatever works for you, that’s what you do. Don’t ever feel bad about it. We have to feel good, after all. Whatever gets you there, my friend.

    Loved what you said about 3 doctors, all from one mother! How can that be? That’s a very small town maybe…lol?


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