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September 27th 2010:

Over the weekend, had some confirmation regarding an upcoming meeting with a MicroBiologist/Immunologist from Stanford University.  The plan is to meet with this scientist in mid October to discuss a few different topics related to the gastrointestinal system, and most importantly to hear some ideas and opinions from an actual cutting edge scientists point of view.  There are so many questions that everyone with UC has, and many of them relate to the biological side of things and hopefully through this meeting which the scientist has agreed can be recorded and displayed later on the site, we will hear/see some new or confirmed ideas from a scientific setting.(Needless to say, I am SUPER exicited, and currently thinking up some questions to ask)

July 5th 2010:

Marine from Cyprus, yeah that’s right Cyprus, wrote an article about how she is getting some great results with using enemas, and not your conventional drug company enemas.  I encourage you to read about it here: Marine’s story

June 21st 2010:

Vicki from Canada who is a professional bike rider, is dealing with some nasty UC symptoms and is now trying out the SCD diet to try and get back with the remission game.  She has many concerns about the diet and her physical needs as she burns many calories while competing, but she is hopeful to find success someway somehow.  You can read more about her stories here.

April 12th 2010:

Jen from New Jersey is the newest writer on the site.  Welcome Jennifer!!

March 16 2010:

We have a brand new author from Jordan who has shared some of her story, feel free to read all about it at: Tayra’s stories

Also, Carol from the UK has UC too and is fighting the heck out of it.  Carol’s part of the site is here.

March 2 2010:

The recent survey question “Do you think diet has anything to do with UC symptoms?” answers are tallied:

27 people responded

YES————- 21 people

No————– 2 people

Not Sure——  4 people

Thanks for voting.  We will try this again in a few years.  Also, the new survey on the homepage is gathering your information right now, and when there are a few more people who have filled it out, we will post the findings.

On a side note, It would be great to find out if anyone would like to be a contributing author on any colitis-related subjects for this site.  Please email me if that might be you, thanks, Adam   ihaveuc@ihaveuc.com

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