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You can read other ulcerative colitis patients detailed stories here.

Afterwards, you’ll realize you have many options to treat your colitis, and that should make you feel ALOT better.

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Questions, Answers, and Experiences with Ulcerative Colitis

This information is for the Ulcerative Colitis Group around the world to learn about the disease from many different patient’s first-hand experiences.  There are over 400 different stories ranging from medication side effects to great diet ideas, to ideas on recognizing and getting out of a colitis flare.  Some of the UC patients who have contributed first hand stories are recently diagnosed all the way up to 30 year UC veterans.  The goal here is to answer as many questions as possible about ulcerative colitis from other UC people’s first hand experiences.   Also, there are some videos about foods and drugs for ulcerative colitis, nothing which has won an Oscar yet. We are not doctors, diet specialists, or medical students, just average folks who have UC and for me(the guy chopping wood below,) I am doing better with making diet changes.  I have just recently come out of a flare without using any medications. If you are wondering on where to start reading on this site, you are free to go here, where there is the background of me(Adam, the guy in the videos) prior to being diagnosed with UC and then details of why I finally went to the doctor and became a diagnosed ulcerative colitis patient.

You Can Add your Story to the “Stories” Section of the website and receive replies via comments from the rest of us below:

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How did this website start?…here’s the deal.  A group of us, all who suffer, struggle, and in many cases are beating ulcerative colitis, have decided to share our stories with the rest of the colitis world.   When you read something and have further questions, please make comments on the site!  I recommend you also join the newsletter group at the top right.(You will get an email when new stories are added to the site.)


The best would be if everyone who visits adds a little to the website with your own ideas and advice or questions. You can email me at ihaveuc@ihaveuc.com whenever you like.  Leave comments at the bottom, and make sure to join the mailing list(top right, you will get a notification when there is a new story added to the site!)

Colitis Bathroom

Let’s say you are here but don’t have UC…well…that’s OK too.  We still like you…:)

This site  is also meant for family members, nurses, doctors, and anyone else who knows ordinary people who are dealing with Ulcerative Colitis too.  The website is based off of personal experiences, feedback from family members, and real life medical records.  Your comments are always welcomed, and we would be happy to try and answer any questions you have.  Ulcerative Colitis was/is tough on our lives, but it is possible to get back to a normal life again.  For me, it used to always be “How are your feeling?” when I would meet a friend, co-worker, family member etc… those days are finally over.


14 thoughts on “I Have UC”

  1. Wow, I was shocked to read your recent blog….I never really put together all the problems I was having until I saw the mirrored aliments you described. The bumps on the head that itch, my back and legs break out and itch from time to time, elbows and joints hurt etc.

    I have had UC since 1997 and take asacol. I have lived with the aches and pains and until I moved and found a new doctor didn’t know all the other things were common in UC also. Now I too am trying to find the fix. Keep me in mind if you find yours.

    1. Hey! I have had the same bumps that itch. Didn’t put it down to the UC meds. I am on pentassa and predisone at the moment. Am 72 and been diognosed 6months

  2. Hello,

    Thanks for your website. I too have UC. I tried cutting out gluten and milk for 3 months last year but it didnt make a difference. I also got tested for being allergic to gluten and it was negative. My doctor is so arrigant regarding diet making a difference. If it is an immune responce to various foods its prossible its different in everyone, so I’m confused. Do u have any thoughts? Should I download this book you mention? Thanks

    1. Hey Johnny,
      Thanks a bunch for your posting. I just wrote you back a private email you should see in your inbox soon. Anyways, that’s too bad you haven’t seen any good results yet. I understand what you mean about your doc tossing diet out as a solution to the problem, way too common on our planet. Some of the questions I wrotein the email were to understand more the gluten free and dairy free diet you tried before. The book from the website has a much more detailed diet than just gluten and dairy free, but I wanted to make sure of exactly what you have done previously on the diet side as you may have already cut out things like refined sugars too?…
      Either way, I am so happy you put up some of your personal details with Ulcerative Colitis, this is what is needed to make this website more well rounded. Hopefully together we can all come up with good solutions for everyone. If anyone else reading has someideas for Johnny, please post them here.

  3. Hi,

    Thanks for the responce, I havent got your email yet. I saw my consultant at the hospital today and he wanted to give me steriods, infliximab or Tacrolimus. I declined these after taking ciclosporin nearly ruined my kidneys I didnt want a repeat event. I said to him whats the point of helping one thing and ruining another. He also wanted to admit me into hospital which I also declined. I didnt fancy being stuck there for another 6 weeks like last year. Sterioids are not an option as they have depleated my bones and they made me go crazy. So I am at a loss, the doctor doesnt know what to do with me other than throw a load of drugs at me or surgery which I would never do. Its like a shopping list of drugs and u have to pick one. No thanks. Ive started a food diary yesturday with no diary, wheat or refined suger. I hope this works. If not I will have to endure.

    Kind regards,


  4. This is looking good, A-Dog. I think that the more you get across the concept that you are not a doctor or any sort of diet specialist or a medical specialist of any type – but, just a guy with UC telling his story … the more people will open up with theirs. Put simply: “… I ain’t selling or advising anything. Just telling my story, which seems to have a happy ending”.

    Another 2cents from ol’ UB

  5. Hello room I hope everbody has a great weekend and is able to chill, hang with there loved ones and forget about life for a while. You know from the outside looking in one could say that Justins life well he lives a life trapped in hell. And you know what from there vantage point there, but from my eyes man this has …made me one strong SOB. Now some of have are not as advanced surgical as i am and I want to say to you, I know flare ups suck but cherish the good times. Guys if you got a good women hold her tight sometimes its hard for loved ones to fully understand our situation but they will overtime i promise. I am open to anyone who wants to talk I like in myself to the Howard Stern of the UC/Crohns community I tell rough and uncut. On that note good night and much love carpe deam.

  6. I am a 40 years old male. 4 months ago I did an annual checkup that contained a stool sample test. The lab result showed some blood traces in the stool. My primary physician asked me to go for a colonoscopy. The colonoscopy with a biopsy result confirmed that I have mildly active UC in the left side of the colon. Even though I never had any UC symptoms, the Gastroenterologist suggested that I take mesalamine (Lialda 2 tablets a day 1.2 g each). After taking Lialda for about two months now, I started to see some blood in my stool, and I feel minor pinch in my lower left abdominal. I asked the doctor if Lialda could be doing more damage that a help since I never seen any blood or have any symptoms prior. However, he strongly recommended that I stay on Lialda … and he thought that unless I get bad flare ups that I should continue the medication.
    Currently I do not suffer from the symptoms, do you think I need to continue the medication? Do you think Lialda is doing more damage? Please advise!

    And by the way, I noticed that eating hot peppers made me see more blood.

    1. Hi Reyad,
      You have a tough question for me, I don’t really know. Hopefully some others who follow the site will have some better ideas for you with your question regarding Lialda. For me, the 5-ASA drugs did not seem to do me any good. And now that my symptoms are gone, I don’t take them. But it always hard to decide if they are doing more harm than good. Hopefully some others will have some more ideas on this question. What type of hot peppers are you referring to when you noticed more blood?

      1. Thanks Adam.
        Hot pepers such as jalapeno, also hot spices made things worst.

        My point is since UC is not a curable disease, and the purpose of medication is to keep symptoms in remission, then why should I take the medication if currently I have no symptoms!

        1. Hey Reyad,
          My GI doctor as well would like me to be taking 6MP right now, but I chose not to even start it. My doctor’s thinking was that this will help in the event that a future “flare” tries to occur. That thinking I understand and think is great, but with one major condition- A guarantee of NO side effects from medication(which nobody will ever make that claim)(No cost too would be nice…)
          So, I think you and I are in the same mode of thinking, “If we’re not having symptoms, why take any medications?”
          And also, why not rather just start taking medications if we decide to in the future IF symptoms come back?

          I’m still puzzled about the jalapeno’s for you, I chow those things several times a week in the carne asada tacos down at the local hole in the wall mexican shack across town. But of course everyone’s GI system is different to some degree. Hey, if you’re ever out this way, I’ll fund the scientific test, 3 tacos for you 3 for me, and we wait and see how it all goes down.
          have a good weekend,

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