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My name is Judi. I am from Scotland but have been living in Texas for almost 5 years.
Looking back, I have had UC for about 13 years but only had it diagnosed two and a half years ago with a colonoscopy. I initially had proctitus but now have UC. I am currently on three Lialda tablets a day.

Some more about me:

I play and teach violin / Fiddle.

Colitis Symptoms Right Now:

I am starting week six of a flare. It’s not severe, I don’t have much cramps, just some left side pains now and then, and a constant back passage ache. I don’t have much warning for bathroom trips, and always blood, but diet certainly makes a difference on the amount of times I go, and consistency also. (Between four and seven visits per day)

One of my worst symptoms is hip pain, sometimes severe. Also back and neck pain. My fingers swell sometimes too.

Hip Pain

I lived through several UC flares over 12 years not knowing what it was. I went to my local doctor at the very beginning, and was told it was probably an infection, or virus that was causing the cramps and bleeding. No blood tests were done at that time. I knew I had to do something about it eventually. and was scheduled for a colonoscopy two and a half years ago. A year after being diagnosed, and three flares later, I went back to the doctor to ask for medication. I started on Lialda (three a day) and immediately had the worst flare ever. Severe cramps, 15 plus ( lost count) trips to the bathroom, dehydration, sweats, weight loss. Put on antibiotics which made me sick, eventually stopped the flare though. After a year with no flares, the doc decreased to two lialda a day and I started getting the warning symptoms back… Such an overwhelming ‘Itch’. I’m not sure if it was the change in prescription, but within three months I flared, that was five weeks ago. I let my doctor know, and so three weeks ago she put my dose up to three a day.

I have asked and now identified a family member that may have had Ulcerative Colitis. (She never talked about it with anyone, but other family members were aware of her symptoms. Unfortunately she passed two years ago so I wasn’t able to talk to her about it. My family and friends all know about me and UC. It’s important that people are aware of this disease.

The worst was the itch. I didn’t connect it as a symptom, but it was one of the first symptoms that I had for 12 years till I started lialda. It just stopped immediately. I’ve had unexplained back pain for years but the hip pain is a first and just started with this flare


I don’t have so severe symptoms as most I’m sure, and I’m a stay at home mum. So I’m not sure how normal my life would be if I went to work and had to make several trips to the bathroom. It’s easier when you’re at home. I always talk to my doctor through her nurse. She’s never that helpful, and I have to explain thing more than once. I would like some medication for my hip back and neck pain, but not sure my UC Doctor can help me there. It would be good to hear from anyone experiencing the joint pain. I often struggled out if bed in the early hours just to try and walk off some of the pain.

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  1. Dear Judi,

    My doctor added sulfasalazine to my meds, because it is used to treat arthritis as well as UC. I ended up switching from Lialda to sulfasalazine.

    1. Hi Julia,
      I recently had hip x rays because my hips were so sore, but I don’t have arthritis in my hips. Just my shoulders and lower back. Mystery!


  2. Hi Judi…

    That ‘itch’ of which you speak…where is/was it? Do you mean a rectal itch?

    I have had that a lot of times…so annoying…and I always wonder why I get it. If it’s the UC, or a hemmie, or what? I’ve never really been sure why the itch is there.


    1. Hi Bev,
      Definitely think it’s the UC. I’ve been checked and don’t have hemorrhoids! I was free of it for a whole year I wasn’t flaring and on Lailda. It’s too strange that the itch came back just at the time when the doctor put me on 2 instead of 3 Lialda, because I hadn’t flared for a year..The flare started not long after that. (needless to say I’m back to 3 a day! but still flaring!)


  3. Hi Judi, I don’t have any cure for the pain but sometimes parts of the left side of my body hurt even though I am not bleeding rectally right now and not on medications either. It is in my left shoulder blade, left wrist and elbow, left hip and left ankle. How wierd is that? It feels like arthritis which we all know is also an auto-immune disease. The pain in my joints is much worse when I am bleeding rectally. Sometimes soaking in epsom salts helps…I think you should also check out Graham’s posts about evoo on this website. It really helped me. Good Luck!

  4. Hi Judi,
    I also live in Texas, San Antonio and was diagnosed in 2010. I had not had a flare since. I know, I’m lucky. I’ve been taking apriso. But I started having terrible hip and lower back Pain. I had to stop walking for exercise. Then I read about gin soaked raisins for joint pain and gave it a try, what could it hurt, right? After about 3 weeks my pain was gone and still is gone. If you are interested here is how you do it. Buy a box of raisins and a bottle of gin. Put raisins in a jar and cover with gin. Let soak for about a week and then eat 9 raisins a day. I put mine in my oatmeal. After doing this a couple of months I stopped and my pain came right back. So for me it’s working. Certainly better than taking pain meds.

    1. Monika,
      Like you, am on Apriso. About 4 months after I started taking I noticed a chronic pain in my right hip/groin. The pain comes and goes and isn’t bad enough to keep me from normal day life, but it does hurt. I started wondering if there was a connection between my pain and colitis. Even though I am in remission (no bleeding), I wonder if this is part of the disease or even a side affect to the Apriso. Were you ever able to establish a connection between the two?

  5. Hi all,

    I’m based in the UK. I was diagnosed with lymphatic colitis about 6 months ago. I have been doing ok, coping with the occasional flare. But now I am in mega pain. Hips / pelvis are the worst. I feel at my wits end with this as I am a very active person. My go has attributed this to the colitis and has given me budesonide steroids. Can anyone help.
    Thank you in advance


  6. I have UC since 1995, 20 years. Lialda 4 tabs per day and Azathioprine 2 tabs per day. Had experienced various side effects and to name some hairloss, pain in hands, knees, hips, pelvic, sacroliac joints and lower back. had seen a chiropractor for pelvic pains, thought hands are Heberden nodes etc and only resently read about AS Ankylosing spondylitis, peripheral arthritis etc. Yes weird the GI nurses are the last to be helpful and blame it on my age and arthritis for pain and stiffness in mornings and during night or after resting. Pain gets better with movement but more constant in mornings. I am in remission, no bleeding. Just feel so helpless when you know it has something to do with UC , so many similar comments from other people, but still run into the all knowing GI nurses pointing you back to other doctors for MRI rather than getting you to see the GI doctor

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