High Points Exist – Lialda Has Worked the Best for Me

Update: Diagnosed in January.  Now in Full Remission

Only one year ago I was battling with a severe flare up that led to my diagnosis. I had just gotten out of a bad relationship and my job was starting to put added pressure on me due to the holidays. My first hospital visit kept me from a normal new years celebration and I learned nothing about why I was feeling so horrible. My second visit kept me from school and finally explained what has kept me in the bathroom for hours upon days.

I thought it was the end of my life because I always believed myself invincible.

But none of us are. I learned that everyone is battling something terrible and no one’s life is perfect. Health is this life’s greatest concern so learning you have something that threatens our health can be detrimental to the psyche.

Today’s was my first colonoscopy since feeling a sense of normalcy. The pictures I got back were pretty and that of a seemingly normal colon! Lialda has changed my life and I am greatful everyday for Dr. Al-Assi’s care and special attention to my disease! Texas digestive disease consultants in Arlington have helped me go from a withering, depressed mess of a person to a promoted, soon to graduate, happy human being.

It can be done. I have had my battle with god. I’ve had my suicidal thoughts, and I’ve been to hell and back. Have faith and stay strong, UC’ers new and old. It will be a tough road. Learning what you can and cannot eat. Being sick from work and having to explain why. All of my associates at work know about my ulcerative colitis and they all accept it and we make jokes. I know this is likely to be a high point in the ride and there may be low points to come. However, those low points make the high points so much more appreciated. I am grabbing life by the horns and I won’t let go until I get what I deserve!


Lialda has worked the best for me. I am in full remission because of it.
written by Kate
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2 thoughts on “High Points Exist – Lialda Has Worked the Best for Me”

  1. Hi Kate,

    You Geaux Girl!! We are neighbors….I see you live in Arlington. I live in Midlothian by Mansfied. I also have UC diagnosed almost year and half ago. This site has been godsend for so many…thank you, Adam!! Best to you, KATE! :)

  2. Hi Kate,

    My doctor just put me on Lialda and it seems to be helping me. My doctor told me I have mild to moderate ulcerative colitis. I am trying to follow the SC diet. I also make smoothies in the morning. Do you have any side effects with Lialda? Kate, I wish you well.

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