Hi I’m Karina – My Colitis Symptoms Vary Everday


I am 30. I was diagnosed when I was 9. it was very hard for them to figure out what was wrong with me. in and out of the hospital , i also developed anxiety issues. I lived in Chicago when this all happened. it was horrible and scary to deal with as a child. luckily i have parents that care about me enough to help me . I’m 30 now and live in California i have a 3 year old daughter and am happy but would like to not worry about ulcerative colitis and would love energy.

My Symptoms:

Varies everyday going to the bathroom more than 4 times a day, headaches joint pains stomach discomfort the usual.

My Story:

UC didn’t change my life it is all I have ever known. I believe it has made me very strong in some ways but also a little scared child is others. I just moved to Los Angeles so I am not sure how I feel about my doctor but doctors usually don;t check my butt since I have had this for so long. My family helps if I need it i still don’t think they fully understand even though they have seen the worst of it. I am most concerned about not living my life to the fullest. i am also concerned that this might be passed down to my kids. No one in my family has this or any stomach issues. so not sure if it will be passed down or not but regardless i feel my kids will be effected by me being sick which makes me sad. i want to know if any of you have kids and how you handle it. if they are sad you get sick sometimes and what you tell them. i also want to know what everyone who isn’t able to work does about insurance in there area. also if anyone is in an y clubs or support groups.especially if anyone lives in Los Angeles area. i also want to tell people that uc isnt always the end of the world. and to stay positive I’ve been able to do almost everything ive wanted to do in my life sometimes i have to leave early and there have been mishaps but i think uc makes u a better person. if you have a kid you don’t mind if they poop on you jk.  But it also makes me want to help people more and to let people know about us. trust me since i was 9 we’ve come a long way. research and so many people are coming out to find they have uc. sad but true.

Where I’d Like to be in 1 Year:

I would like to have another baby and be healthy!!(everyone be healthy) for me meaning not in the bathroom or worrying where a bathroom is all the time I leave the house. I would also like to be anxiety free and able to run around and just have enegry period and be the best mom I can be for my children, I would like to not be on medication at all and just be happier than I already am. Maybe even get a part time job .
Colitis Medications:
I am on asacol now I think it gives me headaches. and i started taking probiotics and will start taking fish oil soon. And i dont know if any work really i mean they do but then they seem to cause a different problem well sometimes

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7 thoughts on “Hi I’m Karina – My Colitis Symptoms Vary Everday”

  1. Hi Karina…

    Please make sure that you give the probiotics time to work. At least two solid months. I was on 12 asacol per day, and it wasn’t helping, and I think it was also making me feel sick and have headaches, like you. Anyway, after taking a good probiotic for two months, my symptoms pretty much disappeared! All of them! I took myself off of the asacol, and am now on NO meds. Just probiotics. Forever…I will never stop probiotics, now. I think that’s how we get into this whole colitis mess in the first place. For some reason, we lose our good bacteria, and things just go from bad to worse.

    I am not advocating anyone stop their colitis meds, that’s just what I did. If you can, that’s great, but if you can’t, keep taking a probiotic forever. We all need that healthy bacteria in our guts and colons! It will definitely help.


  2. Hi Bev…just wondering which Probiotic brand and what strength you are taking. I am currently on probiotics, but they don’t seem to be doing much good anymore. Also, I read so many different articles on probiotics and am confused as to which is better … refrigerated or non-refrigerated.

  3. hi karina , my daughter has UC since she was two years old, now she is 32… still going. still with cortizone someyears, with asacol, but now she has pcs… still with a lot of energy and cheerfull. today she had a colonoscopy… she will continue with predinisone. she also started with immnosupresor.

  4. Right now I’m just taking the children’s probiotics that you put in your drink like a mix and then I’ll start on a oil probiotics it’s kind of hurting my stomach but I hear that’s normal at first . So I’ll do it for the rest of the month and probably switch in July to a adult dosage.

  5. hi Karina

    I am so Inspired to know that there people who where diagnosed @ an earl age like that i thought i was the only one myself i was diagnosed when i was 3years but now i am 26 years that real shows me that you can still have a normal life just like all other people am happy to know that you also have a kid.

    i wish you all the best in life & a happy life.

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