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Helping to Start SCD Life

Art-C-Colitis-survivorMeet Art:

“My name is Art Chobanian. I live in Ukraine and I was diagnoses with UC in 2001. I am a very active seeker of the ways to gain long-lasting remission and do my best to help people from Ukraine and Russia learn more and more about UC.”

Some more about him:

“I was a very active sportsman and colitis simply ruined all my sporting life. Now fighting colitis is my greatest challenge. I like cooking, playing mind games and walk a lot.”

His Symptoms Right Now:

“Currently on remission.”

Art’s Story and Questions:

My story is very long as I have had my affair with UC for 13 years now. I found your site a couple of months ago and read almost all stories. I’d like to thank Adam and all active contributors to the site for their insight and great deal of challenging info on how to cope with your life and UC.

I am on remission now and have searched for some additional ways to keep my remission. The most important thing I discovered on this site was all that info on SCD. I have been on standard UC diet for so many years and when I found stories on SCD I swallowed all info like a computer filling my brain with all that valuable knowledge.  I discovered a lot of interesting and benefitial in SCD and decided to give it a try.

I was lucky – my uncle sent me a copy of “Breaking a Vicious Cycle” and that became true miracle for me. I read it twice and only then my mind accepted all that info I needed and do need now to lead a healthy life.

I started from Introductory Diet, followed all instructions, as careful in everything I eat, do, think about. The beginning was not easy. My body and mind rejected everything and only in about 4-5 days I began feeling better and in 8 days and realized my body was getting used to all that new type of food and mindset.

I am now adding more types of food/products to my SCD and the only concern I have is my often visits to the toilet.
In my life before SCD I had one poop a day, rarely two. No when I am on SCD and have 2-3 visits a day and my intestine gives me hard life with all that gases and calls to defecation. The poop is OK, no bleeding, no mucus, no anything bad.

So I am here to ask for some advice. If any of you had the same experience, let me know how to handle this.

Or perhaps this is normal when switching to SCD?

Maybe I am doing something wrong?

I have not found any info on this neither in your site nor in the book. Maybe I was reading/searching bad?

I’d appreciate your assistance with this.

Thank you all and keep believing we can live a normal life!

Supplements and Medications He Uses:

I have been and still on Medrol (MetilPrednisone) and Asacol + probiotics

written by Art

submitted in the colitis venting area


8 thoughts on “Helping to Start SCD Life”

  1. I too have 2-3 per day on SCD. I had more than this before SCD but could go to 1 on a very low fiber bland diet. What sold me on SCD was the overall physical strength
    that returned with the SCD diet. I have to make sure I don’t eat too much of one thing for too many days or I may get gas or other intestinal action, Some of the items on the legal list may not be for you. It takes some time and attention to fine tune your system to any new diet so be patient. I wish you well.


  2. Thank you, Diane!
    Yes, I guess you are right and eating too much of one thing for many days may cause some unexpected results and make me feel uncomfortable.
    I will work on that and try to make my meals full of different products.

    Keep well!

  3. I just started the intro diet on 12/29, so I don’t have a whole lot of experience yet (and I’m still going to the bathroom much more frequently than you!) – but if you’re eating more vegetables and fruits (especially berries) than before it is quite normal to experience looser stools. Have you introduced yogurt yet? I’ve heard that calcium is “constipating”, so maybe that will help you get back to 1 or 2 per day. Some people also say that probiotics can help solidify and regulate things, which the yogurt would help with, or you could try some of the liquid from homemade sauerkraut or other fermented vegetables?

    1. Hi, Liz!
      Thanks a lot for sharing such valuable info :”)
      I now better understand how SCD works.
      Yes, I am taking home-made yogurt regularly and also thinking of starting making vegetable smoothies to boost my energy.
      Hope my bowel movements will get to normal soon.
      Just now when I am writing this, I do experience some constipation, so perhaps my metabolism begins to change :”)

      Hopefully I will find my way in all of the jungle of SCD :)


  4. Possible reasons(from my own experience)
    a) Too much fibre LOTS of fruits or vegetables; Almond or coconut flour
    b) some legal Food isn’t compatible with you(not easy to find)
    c) since everyone(with this shitty disease) seems to react differently on anything,
    you need your own individual amount(?a week or some years?) of time to wipe off every symptom

    1. Thanks a lot, Siggi!
      You are absolutely right. All your points are correct and true for me and many people like me :)
      I will do my best to find what is good for me and live a healthy life.

      Happy New Year to you and all!

      1. Art, does scd diet includes corn and rice? I habe been two months without wheat. I eat pasta and cereal gluten free, chicken, fish and red meat occasionally. However raw fruits and vegatables i have no idea wich one produce gas or inflmation. Can you help me? Do you have an email where I can write you?

  5. Hello, Gaspar!
    NO, I do not eat any corn, rice either.
    No pasta, no cereal. A lot of chicken, mixed meat, preferably veal, try to add fish as much as possible.
    Raw fruit is not desirable, especially in big amounts.
    You should read a lot and watch YouTube videos on SCD to see which fruit you can consume. Preferably all fruit should be peeled and added as part of smoothie or baked.
    You can contact me directly if need be at artemchobanian in Skype

    Keep well!

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