I have UC.

I was diagnosed 2 yrs ago , all I am taking right now is Pentasa.

I started with out on prednisone and now just take pentasa. I took myself off of red meat and just eat chicken and fish.

My thing is that no doctor has told me anything other than you have ulcerative colitis and it is through your whole bowel. I dont know what I’m doing other than reading on the internet and most of it that I found was for Crohn’s. I don’t know anyone one else with this and my family doesn’t understand . I just feel that I’m alone in this.  There is no place around me that has meetings or anyone I can talk to. Don’t know what else to do. So glad that I found this website.

-Mammy Sue

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  1. Hi sue,

    I was diagnosed with uc in 2007, I have been on a variety of meds, tried them all, worn the t shirt and had the horrible side effects, sometimes worse than the UC itself. My family struggled to cope at first, it’s natural to push people away, I did, I found it easier than explaining myself all the time. I was isolated at work, and felt alone. I am currently in remission (fingers crossed) thanks to careful diet, remicade, and a good GI doctor. Use this site Sue, ask as many questions as you need and don’t be afraid to talk about it, people can’t understand I they don’t know, UC is still widely unknown as an illness amongst people in the street, we need to raise it’s profile to get the support we need such as free prescription meds. It will get better, I wish you lots of luck.


  2. I can understand how you feel Sue we do feel alone and isolated. It is only we who are going through the trauma that really know the feeling.
    Hang in there and good luck.

  3. Hey Sue

    We all know what you are going through. We have all been at that point when we ask the question “Why do I have to suffer with this illness?” and “Where is the cure?”. I was diagnosed with UC IN 2008. My condition has not gone into remission since. My social life is now non-existant and I am afriad to go anywhere that doesnt have a toilet. You are absolutely right when you say that no on understands what we are going through. I am glad that I found this site, as it has allowed me to realise that there are others out there that are fighting the same battle as I am. However, I have learnt that the only way to live with this disease is to successfully manage it. Diet is the most important aspect. Eliminate foods that do not agree with you. You may find yourself with a longer list of what you cannot eat as compared to what you can eat. Stay positive and beleive that you are getting better..It will happen sooner than you think…

    Good Luck…and remember that you are not alone…

  4. Hey Sue, so glad you wrote! That is the first step–asking for help! I suffered with Crohn’s for years and years–got fired from a job in fact!–before I really asked for help. My doctor once said, “You have been throwing up all weekend long and didn’t got to the ER to get an IV fluids?” He added, “don’t wait all weekend next time, okay?!” I took his advice that’s for sure.

    Keep a food journal, try to eliminate stress in your life, too, along with SCD diet (I did loose tons of weight the first few weeks, but stay on top of your weight, and learn about the food you eat–no sugar, no red meat, etc…. We all love the movie, FOOD, Inc (my neighbor is the one who talks to the Walmart exec in the film….)!

    I went to a psychologist–still go see him, and that was really helpful! Then, I started a food journal; alternative lifestyle stuff like yoga. One thing that really helped was daily exercise–get your heart rate up, sweat, run jog bike–whatever–this releases some good brain chemicals, like serotonin, etc. that seem to help. I also love working with my GI doc and a naturopathic doctor. Good luck, post questions, get tons of sleep too ; )

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