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Help With The Colitis Diet

I was diagnosed with UC 21 years ago right after the birth of my son. I was put on Rowasa right away and that did the trick! Then I was put on asacol. Eventually, Cortisone enemas, then Colozal. I am currently going through a flare and I am on 9 asacol a day and 6MP. Watching Adam’s cooking on YouTube alot and listening to what he has to say.

Is there way I can get more info from you as far as diet is concerned? I know for a fact I cannot tolerate dairy and I do stay away from it, as well as wheat.  I take Culturelle every day. Hints, please!!

(Thanks for writing in 21 year UC’er!  first off, I hope you have had a chance to check out the colitis diet page I wrote way back when this site was started.  Also, have you already got a copy of the SCD book?  If a family member of mine came down with UC, I would be handcuffing myself to them until they read that book and at least gave it a try, I think i’d probably end up in jail if I was handcuffing myself to everyone, maybe not though…   So some more hints, well, the diet is hard as heck to get used to early on, ordering food in restaurants and even walking the grocery story is difficult at first, people’s results vary wildly, often people still get flares(myself included, feel free to read my post about my colitis flare) But, in the end, I am darn happy with the diet as my current longterm treatment for my UC symptoms.  Its gotten my life back to a relative normalness, and that’s pretty good.  I’m hoping some others who follow the site will comment in with their own comments on the diet and what it has or hasn’t done for them.  As for tonight for example, here are a few pictures of what the kitchen currently looks like, maybe this will give you an up to the minute idea of whats being cooked up over here at this SCD shack.

cantaloupe and pineapple

cantaloupe and pinneapple

oven roasted chicken

oven roasted chicken with vegetables soon

Nothing too crazy, cantaloupe and pinneapple, and the chicken is a roasting, salt, pepper, papricka, and some vegetables going in the roast later, squash, zuchinni, red pepper, and some onion.  Wife will be chowing on some potato, but not me on the taters tonight..

Please read some more of the site, and specifically stories from people who are trying or doing the SCD diet or have tried it.  The stories don’t lie, for sure some people have tried the diet and it did NOT work out perfectly for them.  That happens, but for others it does.  Best of luck for you, and thanks so much for being interested in this type of stuff.  I really appreciate it.  Now time for chicken..!  -Adam)

chicken dinner specific carbohydrate diet

here is the pre din shot. please take note that the beer is not mine, and my plate has no mashed potato, still pretty tasty though and super cheap

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  1. Hey, were you able to find some more information here that was helpful to you with regards to the SCD diet? I really hope so. And best of luck with everything!

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