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My name is Cebile Abegail Mnisi I am 26year old South African with a fulltime job as an Admin Controller plus a National Diploma in Business Management


Joint pains
Diarrhea with lot of blood
Back pains

My Colitis Story:

I have been living with Ulcerative colitis since i was 3 years old now am 26years it a bit difficult for me to live with this kinder disease one day am positive the other day very depressed sometimes i feel like giving up everything just let go of everything i would like to know if here in South Africa we do have people living with the condition.

Currently am taking iron supplements & vitamins. its a bit difficult to wake up every morning & go to work any way i have to work so that i can be able to pay for my medication.

My family is very supportive ever since i was a kid until today i even feel like am still treated like a baby am not growing up. am even scared of dating all i have is my Work & family. i have been changing Doctors & hospital due to some reasons that the medical aid am use does not last me for a long time & i normally complete my budget before the the usual time.

I stopped taking prednisone,flagly,ciprobay last due to some side effects.
But once i was treat by another doctor from Cuba with a Suspension by the name of kantrexil and it was much better but now its a bit difficult.

I also tried to take probiotics but did no work for me.  I have tried lot of treatment its not helping anyone who can help he/she is welcome plus my growth is very slowly i look like a 12 years old due to the disease .  I do not enjoy long distance trips even to wake up in the morning & mid night toilet trips.

Any suggestions and help is welcome to me. Most of the stories am reading from the site they encourage me .

Where I’d Like to be in 1 Year:

i would like to find more people in South Africa & have support groups all over South Africa.
Colitis Medications:
Humic Acid

written by: Cebile Abegail

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  1. Hi Cebile,

    When you took probiotics, did you take them for at least two months to give them some time to work? I had to take them for two months time before they really worked. Now, I will take them forever.

    Also, have you taken antibiotics in your life for any infections?

    Sometimes antibiotics can cause ulcerative colitis.

    Take care,

  2. Cebile, nice to read your story. You are definitely not alone! It seems you need to find a better doctor to treat your symptoms because I promise it gets better!! I wish you luck! Also, I’ll be in South Africa in a few weeks.

  3. Hey Cebile, I am a 34 year old South African and have been living with UC for nearly 10 years now. There are a number of South Africans living with UC and we have a support group on Facebook as well as having regular meetings. Feel free to contact me if you would like any other information.

    1. hi we are battling with my 13yr old son he was diagnosed 4 months ago with uc . i need to find a support group to help us cope with this illness . i live in dbn queensburgh

      1. Hi
        I have a son of 12 that has been diagnosed with uc a year ago. He is going for his third colonoscopy this coming monday for the bleeding and diarhorea just wont stop. I also need a support group that me and my son can lean on in this tough times. It is not easy to help a child so young to understand this disease. I live in queensburgh, durban

    2. Hi Chris. I have UC since feb.2017 living in bed for two Months now. Look I am getting worse by the day. I am on Prednisone 6x30mg 2 times daly and Asacol 3x400mg in the mornings. I started to use Gravi-C for n week now. It seems to help for the immune system but do nothing for the ulcer problem. The pain is not nice. I would like to join the Facebook page.

  4. Hello, I just got back from a visit to South Africa it is beautiful by the way. I went to the hospital with UC problems and they had trouble understanding my disease, do you ladies have trouble finding good medical care for your UC?

  5. hi Brittany

    I also find it difficult to get help sometimes it looks like ulcerative colitis is very rear in South Africa only few doctors knows about it even the medication is very expensive & you will have to get a special order that’s my experience as well.

  6. I too am a SA suffering from UC(suffering is putting it mildly) I currently live in Europe and am on remicade. I’m hoping to return to SA but I’m so scared of the medical system, I’m worried that it may not be the same and obviously alot more expensive. Can you tell me how much a remicade shot would cost in SA? What is the support group called on Facebook? I can’t seem to find it.

  7. Hi
    I too suffer from UC, and I don’t seem to have a problem to get medication. I do live in JHB. I am currently on Asacol. I see a doctor in the sunninghill hospital.

      1. Sorry for the late reply guys.
        The doctor in Sunninghill is Barry Shmeizer (011) 806-1930/4
        I am very happy with this approach, and williness to listen and explain. He also provides great feedback to my normal GP. So if i see my GP he is well aware of what is going on with my UC, and the medication that I am on.

  8. Sorry for the late reply guys.
    The doctor in Sunninghill is Barry Shmeizer (011) 806-1930/4
    I am very happy with this approach, and williness to listen and explain. He also provides great feedback to my normal GP. So if i see my GP he is well aware of what is going on with my UC, and the medication that I am on.

  9. Hi Cebile Abegail

    I just came across your post. Thank you for sharing.

    I was diagnosed with colitis about 13 years ago and for a long time managed to keep myself in remission with the help of Asacol and Prednisone.
    The last 9 months have been horrible, I have been in relapse for almost all 9 months and struggling to respond to prednisone and asacol. I am determined to create more awareness around this condition and more especially reach out to others who have been diagnosed and have not access to treatment.

    If you are keen to team up please contact me:

    I have also started an awareness page on Facebook called: Life Takes Guts – Ulcerative Colitis. Please hit like and share your testimony or tips on how to live as a survivor!

    Best regards
    Nuraan Williams

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