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Help on Emotional Stress


HI, I’m Lynsey 22, from Ireland, engaged to a great fiance, looking to travel the world, start a family, and beat this disease. hope you enjoy reading my story!


Emotional Stress:

I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in november 2011. I was a lucky one and only have it in my lower bowel. And when I say “only” I still wish I hadn’t got it at all.  I see some people on this with severe cases it’s just so sad.
The doctors reckon I’ve had this around 8-9 years from my medical history (I’m so annoyed there was plenty of opportunites for the doctors to notice it).  It was over a year ago I was booked in for a colonscopy but that week the blood and muscous had stopped so I decided not to go for it as I was too scared and suffered from severe panic attacks and depression.  Eventually in November last I got the courage to go and lucky enough I did.  When I heard what I had I didn’t know what to do, I was told so casually you have a type of bowel diease, we have no cure, and I was sent out to the waiting room to wait to see a nurse.  I was terrified.
A couple of weeks later I was then diagnosed with a brain tumour. It’s treatable but going to be a hard road.  Its left me infertile for now.  When I actually thought it was the UC making me infertile.

But back to the UC, I’m basically wondering

other than pain relief and stuff,

how do people cope with the emotional side of it?

How do you deal day in and out being sick and wanting to do what you see your friends do? My friends are great but use the phrase “your strong you’ll be ok” alot and it really gets me because I dont feel strong.  In fact I feel I’m struggling and fighting everyday. I’d just like a few tips on how to keep my spirits up and stay positive because I do know it’s so important to stay positive through all this or else we just let the disease take over us.. thanks for reading, sorry if hasn’t got enough information.  I’ve never done anything like this.thanks.


I’m only on asacolon suppostitaries for now until the doctors decide my permanent meds. Im always getting a weekly vitamin b12 injection too which has helped a little for energy but not as much as id hope maybe in couple months.

written by Lynsey

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5 thoughts on “Help on Emotional Stress”

  1. Hey Lynsey,

    You are totally correct about staying positive. it’s super important! maybe the most important thing related to being diagnosed with UC and living with active symptoms.

    For me, and what I think many other people find really helpful, is simply talking about some of the details of the disease with others who don’t have the disease. We as UC patients can’t really expect others to “Get It” completely, especially if they don’t live with you. But, I’ve always found that friends and family members are very interested in learning more about the actual symptoms and what it really looks and feels like. And once I’ve explained thaose details to others, everyone seems to feel alot better(me, them etc…)

    One thing you shoud always remind yourself of is that the horrible times of a UC flare up DON’T last forever. Although it may seeem that its gonna never end, its most certianly does. Back when I was really severe with the bloody symptoms and the cramping and the pain, I thought it was maybe just going to be like that until I died, BUT, my uncle who also had IBD and struggled with it for years and years always would tell me that it was most certainly going to end and get better, he said it always does.

    HANG IN THERE! You’re going to be feeling better soon. And once you get past this, you’ll get your life back on a roll once again!


  2. Hi Lynsey,

    I remember how I felt when I first diagnosed even though it was 15 years ago. I felt like my life was basically over and I became depressed for a very long time. Over time, I finally came to realize that I could live a normal and HAPPY life – I just had to make some adjustments and learn what works for me to keep my UC under control. If you haven’t done so already, look under “Happy Stories” on this site and read about what works for me to maintain my remissions. There are lots of other positive stories there as well. This website and Adam’s newsletter will provide you with lots of help with the emotional stress you are going through. It really helps to know that you are not alone. All of us colitis peeps understand what you are going through and we are here for you!


    1. hi kathleen, thanks, your completely right this website is brilliant i think its great it was set up it has helped me a little bit so far to see other peoples stories and really has made me feel like one of the lucky ones so Im going to keep reading stories it might make me feel little more positive about things :) thanks for the reply means alot.

  3. glad to see some more irish folks here!

    Hi Lynsey,

    I’m Jamie, I’m 17 and also from Ireland, and we were diagnosed around the same time, so high 5! (I was diagnosed in September 2011)

    The emotional side, I found easy to deal with because I realised long before I had been diagnosed that I had this disease, HOWEVER, it still didn’t fully prepare me for the road to recovery.

    Unfortunately, I’m not one of the lucky ones who only has it in the lower bowel, I have “pancolitis” which basically means that the entire 4ft of large intestine is affected, so it was a struggle, and because of my anxiety and depression relating to my condition I was perscribed Lexapro 2.5mg tapering up to 10mg.

    I’m on 10mg for just over a month now and it’s made a huge difference, so if things get too much for you PLEASE give it a try! if you attend beaumount hospital you can ask to be linked in with their phych team at your next GI appointment or over the phone, alternatively you can ask whatever hospital you’re with for more information.

    you might just need someone to talk to, maybe a bit of councilling but whatever you need, the doctors are there to help!

    also, if you ever want to email me or add me on facebook my email is

    nobody really knows what this disease is like unless they have it, and i understand that, the whole colitis community does, so you should try talk to us :) we wont bite!

    1. hi, aww thanks for the reply, i didnt know that about beaumount hospital my next appointment is next week so ill ask then :) im also on lexapro 15mg there kinda working for me but most days ill have to take xanex aswell too keep calm. I feel like a mental patient! haha..just scary to think simply cause of stress it caused my hormones to go bit mad an cause a brain tumour.. sorry to hear how bad yours was,its good to know people know what you go through tho thanks for replying :)

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