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MY name is Amelia, Mia for short.  I have had UC for 4 years now! I don’t know what to do. I Work full time and have a 3 year old son, I’m Married and need some help with this UC!!!!!!!!

My Ulcerative Colitis Experience:

I’m 20 years old and had ulcerative colitis a couple months before I had my son in 2008.  I work full time and I’m married.  I don’t have a support group. I’m actually having my grandmother buy scd books for me!!! I have terrible bathroom problems, i go on a really bad day at least close to 20 times.  Night time is the Worst.
It seems like I can’t eat anything at all.

I believe I’m lactose intolerant which

sucks because I love diary products.

It’s sooo bad all the time everybody at works knows about my problem and sometimes I have to leave work cause I didn’t make it, I work at a gas station so it is really hard to use the bathroom when you have other people using it and to clean up after them. It just embarrassing!

I cant go on trips, can’t go to a friends house without using their bathroom, can’t go out and eat, Just can’t do anything! I keep telling myself that I can get health But I Cant.

I love Caffeine I love Junk food!!!

I know my husband is getting tired of it. Sometimes I can’t even have (sorry) sex my stomach always hurts and every time I lay down I get right back up and run to the toilet. GRRRR. I want to become a CNA, that’s hard when you can’t even take care of your self! I looked into everything and how Scd Diet is going to help. I’M TIRED OF CRAPPING MY SELF!! I want to be healthy I really do!!! It’s just so hard for me! I just need some support in this i really don’t have anybody besides my husband and grandma that just doesn’t seem to be enough! Maybe YOU can help me? Just maybe!

Colitis Medications:

I’ve tried sulfasalazine some type of cholesterol powder crap! And pred. that worked the best

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  1. Hey Mia. Sorry to hear about your UC and your struggles to control it. It is super frustrating isn’t it!? I have the same struggles with dairy, caffeine, and sweets….I grew up on a dairy farm. Nuff said? I have a super packed schedule and used to rely on coffee to get me through. Having a “sweet tooth” in my family is a prideful mark. “You’re just like your father. Your grandpa could sniff out chocolate anywhere in the house.”

    Since being diagnosed last Spring and having had symptoms and being medicated since 2008 I knew these things were not good for my gut. I could correlate the symptoms to these foods (especially the dairy and coffee). All summer and fall I enjoyed coffee and rockstars and string cheese and cheese and cheese and cream cheese. Oh yeah and yogurt! Milk? That was bad, way bad. I could get by with cheese and so I did. And candy candy candy candy yum yum. My shit was never normal but normal enough I could turn a blind eye.

    Well now I’m in week 4 of a flare on medication. Refilling 3 tomorrow to try and nip this in the bud and getting blood tests to rule out/in food allergies (celiacs, dairy, and rice). I’ve given up coffee (switched to sleep, tea, and exercise. Exercise may seem counterintuitive however after getting a routine down you become stronger and therefore have more energy). Totally gave up on dairy. Just no good. Sweets? That’s a tough one. I’ve had a couple popsicles. No candy. I’m sure I will eventually sneak a piece here and there but not ever the mow-downs of the good ol’ days. How? That is your question and was mine for a long time too.

    I looked at my life and my goals. How/why can I let a few foods stand in my way? How/why can I sabotage myself and loved ones (cuz we know the people around us suffer too)? I don’t think it matters what your religious or spiritual views are when talking about our time in this life and this body. It is special. I mean wow, even if a person believes life is futile and worms will digest the body….it’s a damn incredible experience and if dairy, caffeine, and junk is all that is standing in the way of my full potential?? Then screw it. Sorry cows, you’re still super cute but your milk makes me sick.

    It’s a big change but if it makes you feel better then you should tell your brain, “NO! We don’t eat that anymore, just forget okay? It’s over! Over. We’ve got bigger and better things to think about and accomplish than trying to make me break down and eat that (whatever ‘that’ is).” It’s just a habit that needs to be broken. No big deal. Not the end of the world.

    Good luck, stay strong, you’re a fighter.

  2. Hey Mia!

    Just wanted to send some support and positive energy your way, you are NOT alone! I was diagnosed in ’07 and still I struggle with some things (coffee!) so don’t kick yourself if you can’t kick everything right away. A good thing that helped me was keeping a food journal of everything I ate and writing down the way it effected my BM’s (bowl movements) Also, my theory is, If I just don’t buy it, it’s not there for me to eat… It may be hard for you with your son but try not to think of the way your eating as a diet rather than a lifestyle, and try getting your whole family involved! Be open and honest with your friends about your bathroom trips, try laughing it off a little because as we know, everybody poops.

    Also, NEVER let this stop you from doing what you want!! If anything these experience will make you a stronger more well rounded CNA, you can relate to people and have true empathy.

    Hope you can find what works best for you and your flare calms down soon, just keep positive thoughts going…”If you will it, it will be.” GOOD LUCK!


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