Help Me Now with my Colitis

Meet Mr. Patil:

I am Gangadhar Patil having Ulcerative colitis since Aug 2013 and I admitted to Ruby Hall clinic for 5 days and now I am in house taking rest. recently I have colonscopy and biopsy but nothing much serious. but during morning time I used to go to motion 2-3 times but in second time blood is going along with stool with very less quantity. I am get out of this also…what’s the best solution.

Some more details:

I am pure vegetarian and frequently I used to go to US for 15-20 days, this time I got this disease. I am staying in Magarpatta city, Pune. I am not even taking food outside also.

Why the reason its still continuing. some doctors suggested to have Remicade injection so I am bit confusion and also got afraid to have this. what is the best solution for this


Daily I have to go to 3 times motion in morning and 1 time at evening or at late evening.
morning 2nd time when I used to go for motion little blood will go along with stool. after that 10am I am completely ok. some time I used to get cramping in stomach. no nervousness and nothing.

Help Me Now with my Colitis

Dear Sir,
I am Gangadhar Patil 34 Year old and working with one of TCI in Pune. Frequently I used to go to US and Europe for business purpose. this time when I went to US in the month of Aug 2013 for 20 days its been started and after returning from US I admitted to hospital and they have given me treatment in Hubli, Karnataka, India but its didn’t come to control and I got admitted to Ruby Hall Clinic in Pune. after my discharge the bleeding was completely stopped for 15 days and again its started during morning time only. I have this disease since Sept 2013 and it was very serious ulcerative colitis. but now its under control and daily 2-3 three drops of blood will go along with stool during morning time. I don’t feel nervousness and fatigue. after 10AM am totally normal and I used to go to office other half day to work. I am purely vegetarian and not even taking outside food also. what is the best suggestion and diet for me for ulcerative colitis.

As usual I consult doctor he has done again colonoscopy and said there is mass inside and has taken sample for Biopsy test. in biopsy report its nothing like anything but active ulcerative colitis doctor suggest me to go for next level treatment that’s Remicade injection so shall I go for next level injection or any other best remedies do you have please suggest.

1) what’s the best solution or diet for me to get out of UC and how much time needed?
2) I am purely vegetarian and not even having anything outside now days so what’s the best food I have to?
3) shall I go for Remicade injection?
4) I am going for only 5-6 hours of sleep and after that I woke up as usual shall I increase my sleeping time?

Medications / Supplements:

Currently I am having Mesacol 800 mg for three times in a day, mesacol enema an omnocortil 20Mg in morning and 10 mg in night and iron content tablets.

written by Gangadhar

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6 thoughts on “Help Me Now with my Colitis”

  1. Hi Gangadhar,

    Thanks for sharing your story, and I’m sure there’s still alot of getting used the diagnosis as it still hasn’t been even a year since that took place. (Things will most certainly get better and more manageable soon, and you’ll even be back to a very normal life someday as well).

    You have several questions concerning diet. For me, I am not vegetarian, maybe the polar opposite some days, but nearly everyday I do eat meat. And much of the meals and recipes I have written about in my cookbooks are not going to work out well for a vegetarian like yourself. That said, I wonder if you eat fish? If so, that is a great source of protein and is often much easier for people to digest. I have started eating fish at least two times per week in the past six months, and I’m really liking it.

    If you don’t eat fish either, I am unfortunately out of suggestions in terms of diet. I just don’t think I’d be in remission and healthy if I wasn’t eating meats and fish. The alternatives such as soy, large amounts of nuts, and grains just work for me and my UC.(The same goes for many other UC’ers as well)/

    But, you also asked about Remicade. A blockbuster biologic (immune suppressant as I’m sure you’ve already learned about.) I’m not big on suppressing/altering the immune system, but it does work for some. Here is a review page that other UC’ers have used to document their specific experiences with Remicade:

    best to you and happy new year,

    – Adam

  2. I am vegan so maybe I can help a bit. I avoid all gluten. I eat a pretty low fiber diet. You probably want to avoid beans for now. Tofu is great for getting low fiber protein. Pretty much anything but very well cooked vegetables and grains like rice or rice pasta will set me off. I’m still recovering from my first major flare which started a year ago.

  3. Dude,
    Talk to doctor regarding Prednisone. Sounds like you have it pretty mild so a few pills might nip it in the bud.

  4. Hi Gangadhar,

    What is interesting is the rise of IBD in India. Most ‘western industries’ seem to have a large number of IBD cases, I wonder if what we are eating has a large part to do with this. I understand you are a vegan, can I ask what you use to eat before you got UC?

    I can only really suggest then what I think you should do. I could suggest the standard protocol but if you are eating something that is provoking your UC then firstly that needs to be addressed.

  5. Hi Gangadhar,
    I am Dilp Jogdand fron Pune and from Magarpatta city Trillium biulding but leaving in US last from 6 years. I travelled india for 2 weeks in Aug, 2013 and returned back to US with severe UC, was addmitted in hospital couple of times, did colonoscopy 3 times in 3 months, on Asocol, Steroid, and 6MP tabs…but there was no improvement.
    So i contacted Dr. Verma from Delhi speacialized in UC, Dr. Vasant Lad from Pune, and Dr. Tambe from Pune and finally decided to go with Verma’s medication and i see lot of improvement. Now after 2 months i have only 2 bowl movement and that though solid. Stopped Steroid and 6 MP. US doctor suggested Huimera but due to side effects i declined it. So please go for Aurvedic for permanent cure as there is no permanent cure in Alopathy on UC.
    Here is website of Dr. Verma for medication as well as diet and you can call him directly.
    let me know if you need any further help but please follow Aurvedic….

    1. Hi dilip jogdanadI just read that u have taken treatment from Dr verma I. Am.planning the same
      As for u it has been a year now can u.olz give me more information and di ir worked completely for u

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