Help! I Want To Get Pregnant

The Background: I am a 35 year old female. I have had ulcerative colitis for the past 17 years. I have been on Salofalk tabs and suppositories for about 15 of those years. Over this time I didn’t take my medicine regularly and I have had many flare ups. I have been hospitalized two times. All my scopes have been really good and my UC has not spread in 17 years. It is in the first 6 inches of my colon.



The Story: My husband and I are trying to conceive. I stopped taking my current medicine 2 months ago, which I did take religiously, because the research recommended that I shouldn’t take it while pregnant. The medicine is called Mezavant. I am currently just on the 500 mg Salofalk suppositories, at night.

I figure that it must be the safest way because it isn’t directly going through my system like pills would and therefore better for the fetus. I do not have a specific diet and my UC is currently taking a turn for the worst, sooner than I thought.  I have spoken to my specialist and he has not been overly helpful. The first twelve weeks of a developing fetus is crucial. Eight years ago when I was pregnant with my son I didn’t take the Salofalk for the first three months and ended up in the hospital on prednisone.  He turned out fine.
I am not to sure what to do? Stay on the pills, go off the pills, change my diet (at one point I did track my diet and nothing helped)? I really want to know if anyone has been in my position and what you did. Thanks

(anonymous UC’er)

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  1. I cannot comment on your medications, but I have been pregnant twice while on the SCD. PLEASE consider dietary change. It is the least invasive treatment, with no side effects (unless you count fantastic nutrition as a side effect!). Get a copy of Breaking the Vicious Cycle and do some online research and just start. Even if you do face continuing your medications or a round of prednisone, a healthier body will handle them better.

  2. Since my main prescription was a “category B drug,” I was allowed to stay on it throughout both of my pregnancies. I believe that while pregnant with my first daughter I was on Asacol. With my second daughter, I was on Lialda, which I am still on now. Since (at first) my Colitis was contained in the sigmoid colon, it had been easier to control with enema meds. I was also allowed to use these should I have needed them during pregnancy, but surprisingly, I did not.

    My doctor told me that whatever state you are in (with your UC) when you become pregnant, is where your body tends to stay. That seemed the case for me. I was pretty much in remission throughout my first pregnancy. I was not as well, but still, totally controllable throughout my second.

    Best of luck to you!

  3. Hi,

    I miscarried during the year before I had conceived my daughter. Be it my age of 38 or my UC at that time I am not sure. I did get my UC under control on 12 400 mg asacol twice daily and watching my diet. At the time I had no idea I was allergic to gluten and ate pasta alot, so there is a miracle. I conceived at 39 and had my Peanut at 40. She is 100% healthy. I suggest talking to your specialist and a new specialist for a second opinion about class B drugs. Also, I suggest the SCD Diet. These ladies are right on target.

    The first three months I was on the SCD diet I was in wonderful shape. Then my gall bladder was out and I missed my meds for 2 days because no one could get me any asacol. I wound up in a worse flair, despite the fact that my husband who was stuck in a hotel alone with a 15 month old(this was an emergency) had to get nmy own personal stash to me. It could have also been the antibiotics, but I have heard going off your meds before you are ready could cause a worse flare. I had been on a 14 month flare that is now subsiding because I found the right doc. In that time I have miscarried twice. I am on SCD, which I went off of 9 months into the flair. That turned out to be not so helpful. Start that diet TODAY, you should start to feel better after doing the beginners diet for 3 days. Check out and buy the Breaking the Viscous Cycle book. Go to or to look at books and foods. For support on the SCD diet join the BTVC-SCD group on yahoo.

    I wish you well. I am trying again myself and know how frustrating it could be. It is hard for me to accept just one. I feel like I was cheated. These feelings don’t help the UC, so I look to be thankful for what I have in my daughter and husband and friends. I thank God for the people in my support system. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. And yes, I believe I will kick this and hope I can have another before the clock stops. At 35 you have a really good shot. Get a handle on that gut. I am not sure if that stopped me from having successful pregnancies or not, but starting a pregnancy off in the best place possible is the way to go.

    My Christmas wish to you is health and a baby!!

    From one woman to another, I am here and sending out my hopes and prayers for you.

    Merry Christmas,

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