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Help Getting Better

I work as a Community Outreach worker and work with the elderly. Live in Nottinghamshire and I am married with 3 wonderful children and a lovely grand daughter of 9 months who we both adore.

My Ulcerative Colitis:

I was diagnosed either in 2003 or 2004 after having 3 months of continual going to the loo and finally plucked up the courage to see my doctor.

After being referred to the local department at one of our hospitals I was diagnosed with procitis which now appears to have spread.

Presently I am having a very miserable time of it and not sure what to do re eating foods? Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am eating chicken, plain boiled potato and the odd carrot and the odd boiled or poached egg. I understand milk doesn’t always help and as I love my cuppa have only the one in the morning which is fatal as that goes straight through.

My doctor prescribed asacol tablets at 400 mg 6 a day and colifoam which I have tolerated for the last 2 weeks and seen no improvement as my bowel is now worse so I returned to see him yesterday and stated no more medication and send me back to the hospital please!!!

I am waiting now for my appointment on 23 February and would appreicate it if anyone out there has any suggestions on how I can get better?

This is a debilitating illness which has left me living in my bedroom between snatching what sleep I can and numerous trips to the loo I don’t have the energy to do anything else.

The reason I am typing this up

is that someone else must be in the same boat as me

and I would like some reassurance

that this episode will get better.

This is the worst I have felt in the past 8 years and I can only hope nothing ominous is occuring with presently what’s left of one very irritable bowel that needs to be fixed so I can return to work and look after my elderly clients.

written by Adele

Submitted in the Colitis Venting Area