Having Trouble with SCD Allowable Foods – What in the world can I eat?


I am a thirty-six year old mother of three young children. I was diagnosed with UC back in college around the age of twenty-one. I have flared after college when looking for a job, after the stress of getting married (my husband isn’t stressful to me – just the planning!), and then during each of my three pregnancies, and again now this past November.


November started the worst flare for me to date. I was having bloody diarrhea all throughout the day along with terrible stomach cramping and pain, lots of mucous, and lots of urgency even when I wouldn’t have anything to go. I was afraid to go out anywhere in the morning because I never knew when my “bathroom attack” would come on. Sometimes my son was late to school because we had to wait to leave to bring him. I was concerned I was going to end up in the hospital due to loss of blood. I went on prednisone (along with my usual Colozal) in December, but saw no improvement from the 40mg/day I was taking. My doctor wants me to go on Imuran, but I would like to avoid that if I can. I will go on that if necessary so I don’t end up in the hospital. My symptoms have drastically improved since January when I began the SCD diet.

Colitis Experience:

I am having trouble with the SCD diet. I have been on it now for about one and a half months. I made it through the intro diet and was about ready to give up by week three when I really wasn’t seeing ANY improvement. Then, all of a sudden, one day the bleeding stopped and the diarrhea became more formed. That was the encouragement I needed to keep going. I started taking a supplement that same day that contains only aloe and licorice. Perhaps that’s what made the bleeding stop??? I’m not sure, but I’m definitely taking that every day in my morning smoothie. I have remained mostly symptom-free, with an occasional problem here or there based on introducing something too soon or finding I can’t eat some of the legal foods.

Right now my colon can handle chicken, fish, seafood, turkey, pork, squash, green beans, carrots, bananas, cooked apples, pears, and that’s about it. I can’t do dairy, which eliminates a whole world of the SCD foods, it seems I can’t handle eggs, and it seems I can’t handle the almond flour/butter which pretty much seems like it eliminates the rest of the world of SCD foods.

What in the world can I eat for breakfast and lunch? I have a morning smoothie that contains bananas and maybe some apples or spinach. It tastes good, but I need more food than that to keep me going. I’m sick of eating meat and veggies for lunch as well as dinner, and I feel like I have no other options. Anyone have any brilliant advice on what to try?

My doctor is supportive. He would like me to take Imuran, but he said that he’s willing to work with me if I want to try altering my diet first. He said most people who try that end up turning back to the conventional medicine in a year or two. I’m hoping to buck that statistic and have the SCD diet work for me. Although with the restrictions I’m finding based on what my colon can handle, it seems I’m going to have to determine my own SCD diet and perhaps introduce one of the unallowable grains in order to have some sort of flour that I’ll be able to use. Has anyone done this? I’ve never had trouble with rice/rice flour in the past. Or at least I think I haven’t. :-) I have an appointment with him again next week, so we’ll see what he has to say about the improvements I’ve seen.

Colitis Medications:

Colozal (between 8-12 pills a day)
Prednisone taper (done to 5 mg/day)

Prednisone always worked for me in the past within a couple days of starting to take it. This time it didn’t start working at all. I was on it for about six or seven weeks already when I started to see improvement, and I believe that came from eliminating all the starches/sugars from my diet and cleaning out my colon.

written by “Hungry”

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  1. Now my biggest concern isn’t that I can’t find anything to eat, but rather the fact that I have pneumonia and I’m on day 6 of a fever higher than 102. Today is spiked up to 102.9. So my choices are pretty much take an antibiotic and stay out of the hospital (hopefully) or go to the hospital and be forced to take an antibiotic. I’m loading up with probiotics hoping this will aid my digestive system through this next rough patch. Anyone have any advice?

    I REALLY don’t want to go right back into a flare with obscene amounts of blood and diarrhea and mucous. Otherwise I might end up in the hospital for that. It’s pretty much a lose-lose right now.

    1. Hi Hungry!

      I wish I had some magic answer for you but don’t, sorry! Kudos to you for trying diet first b/f meds. I’ve had uc a year and half soon and I’ve never done the meds. Maybe I’m taking a chance but overall have done well. And like you, I hope and pray I’m gonna be a lucky one (if there is one)with this nasty dis-ease. I eventually quit scd 8 months into it because I hated preparing meals..etc. I developed my own diet that I’m still trying to figure it out. I feel I can always return to scd if I can’t do this any more. Bought a vitamix started blending leafy greens and fruit and havent looked back. My bleeding and mucos vanished. Before vitamix, I tried amp, juices (21 day juice fast) supplements, enemas…every kind, retention enemas…other diets….you name it. Meditation and stress less helped me huge. Best to you!

    2. OMG! You know, I had pneumonia this past year, and taking that awful antibiotic AVELOX threw me into the worst flare I’ve ever had. I am still ‘in it’ , 8 months later. I refuse to take steroids, imuran, or remicade, but have loaded up for the first time in my life, on probiotics…and it took two months, but the bleeding has stopped, and my bms aren’t liquid anymore!! Hurrah!

      Now, you have a problem, because I believe that pneumonia absolutely requires the dreaded antibiotics! I feel terrible for you. Take all the probiotics taht you can, although I’m not certain that won’t counteract the antibiotics??? You’re right….lose/lose…man, what are you to do? My worst nightmare is ever getting an infection and having to take those nasty antibiotics again!

      I’m so sorry…you have to ask your doctor the big question…can I take pros, before or while taking antis?


      Good luck, my friend. I am pulling for you for sure!


  2. Do you know your blood type? Look up on the computer “Eating Right for your Blood Type” I don’t know if this is the answer but I try to follow it with the scd diet and known foods I know I can tolerate. I stay away from corn, cantaloupe, potatoes, eggplant, eggplant, and avocadoes for example. I’m type O. I have a smoothie every morning, too, with my supplements, still love them. I really hope you find some relieve with your diet. I, too, have UC, but this site has really opened my eyes more to how bad UC can be. Best of luck to you.

  3. My husband was able to do white rice and the udi’s gluten free bread- and the rest scd. I can’t remember if coconut oil is scd- but my naturaoath recommended coconut oil in the smoothie- he could do up to 3 tablespoons a day( worked his way up to that by gradually Increasing it in his smoothie). It takes tine to heal the gut….sounds like u r on the right track.

  4. You’ve hardly been on the SCD any length of time, Hungry – give yourself a chance! But you can start introducing foods very gradually, one at a time. However, what it seems to me is happening is that your body is craving the grains that the disease feeds on. It’s the same with sugars – the craving can be awful. However, if you ignore it, it will eventually disappear. Make sure you eat every three hours – every two hours if you need to; don’t get hungry. Load up on veg in the fridge – cook a big batch at any one time, then nibble on them throughout the day. You CAN do masses of baking using almond flour and other nut flours, but it’s advanced stuff, IMHO, and doesn’t suit everybody, as nuts are so massively high in fibre. I eat occasional almond-flour biscuits on the SCD but don’t bother with the breads, etc, as they stopper me up by flaring my proctitis. But do try it – Lucy’s recipe book from Lucy’s Kitchen has very good bread and pizza-base recipes. Do you have the actual SCD book Breaking the Vicious Cycle? This has lots of suggestions for breakfasts but my personal favourite is apple compote with SCD yoghurt (you can try making it from almond milk or soya if you can’t tolerate dairy). And wean yourself off the idea of sweet things for breakfast – there’s nothing wrong with a savoury dish instead. If you’re bored with your food, use more herbs and spices (and don’t use mixtures – use individual herbs so you get more variety). If you are used to the SAD, you’re probably hooked on flavour-enhancers and it takes a while to get those out of your system and start really tasting your food. Lots of chewy meat is good, to encourage satiation. Good luck with coming out of your flare soon – antibiotics are terrible for knocking your progress on the head. When you take your antibiotics, take a probiotic (preferably SCD-compatible acidophilus from Lucy’s Kitchen) two hours after each dose, then take another dose at night – that will help keep you straight. BTW: licorice and aloe are not allowed on SCD because they are both demulcents. Trish :)

  5. I have the same issue hungry. I have not even started to commit my self to the diet because I cant figure out what to do about the Yogurt, I can eat it and it is in a lot of the food. Breakfast is my most difficult meal to figure out, first because I don’t have time to cook in the AM, second I can tolerate any dairy and third, I am normally a little sick/upset in the AM after my first movement.

    I am have to sit down and look at this book again this weekend and see if I can map out a meal plan, otherwise I go 2 weeks feeling good and then 2 weeks praying I get to work to hit the bathroom. This sucks, really does….

  6. What about goat’s milk? I don’t do well with dairy either. I made some yogurt with goat’s milk….I think it should be okay? I don’t the Elaine did any research on it? Anyone know?

    Trish…I didn’t think soy was allowed? Only the oil of soybeans.

    Good Luck hungry!! I’m hungry too! Homemade/”legal” chicken-veggie-herbal soup and bolognese sauce over spaghetti squash has been pretty satisfying for me. And I did chow down on a block of goat’s cheese this past week… :/ hopefully it’s ok…seems to be agreeing with me.

    Wish you the best!

    1. Hi Tiernee – soy is allowed in small amounts on the SCD, if you’re able to tolerate it. I am considering a soy supplement now, as I’m in perimenopause. It was originally banned on SCD because of the GM problem, really, and because whenever Elaine unbanned any ingredient, people would overindulge and make themselves sick. But you can do SCD without the yoghurt, just taking an acidophilus supplement instead – I’ve done this myself for months at a time.

  7. Thanks for all the comments. My pneumonia has improved. I’m still really tired and have an annoying cough, but no more fever and I’m able to at least function now. And thankfully the antibiotic has not caused me to flare. I took probiotics with the antibiotics every day. I’m not sure if that’s what helped me through or not, but I’d highly recommend it to anyone who needs to take antibiotics. Here’s hoping I stay flare-free and my health keeps improving!

    And on the food front, my body is now able to handle a few more things. I’m not sure if SCD will work for me if I can’t do any dairy or almond flour/butter/etc., but I’m going to be as grain-free and whole foods friendly as possible!

    Trish – I quit taking the aloe/licorice supplement and haven’t noticed any ill-effects. Thanks for the info.

    1. Hi Hungry,

      I tried SCD strict but I lost a lot of weight on it: 15 lbs in two weeks. I dropped to 140lbs @ 6ft 2in. I started feeling weak. I could not tolerate the nuts, the nut flower, any veggies or fruits cooked or not. Finally, I decided to introduce rice to gain some weight.
      I’ve had no problems with rice. Not only that, I have found that I can eat vegetables and fruits as long as I start the meal with rice! I gained 8 lbs in one week! I started lately taking Sulfasalazine 3000mg/daily. My GI said it takes at least 2 weeks for it to take effect. It hasn’t been 2 weeks yet. I do not know if I can attribute the weight gain and tolerating more foods to Sulfasalazine or the addition of rice + some vegetables and fruits or both. With vegetables and fruits, I chew and get the juice out and then spit out the “remaining”, mostly pulp and insoluble fiber.
      Hope this helps.

  8. I can’t do dairy either but try Goat yougart it is helpful and taste good I buy Redwood Hills Farm and no problem with my stomach and believe me I can’t each much.

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